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Gene sequences associated with breast and ovarian cancer identified
Three studies reported in Plos Genetics and Nature Genetics have found new DNA sequences associated with breast cancer and ovarian cancer. 28 Mar 2013

AstraZeneca and Exco InTouch to develop chronic disease management tool
The companies have announced a joint programme to develop interactive mobile phone and internet-based health tools to help patients in the UK and their healthcare providers to track and manage chronic conditions. 26 Mar 2013

Ashford and St Peter’s adopts digital writing technology for new Maternity Pathway Tariff
The Trust has installed digital writing technology and smartphones in its maternity department to help it comply with the new UK maternity payment system, which comes into effect on 1 April. 26 March 2013

Anglia Ruskin to start construction of Medical Business Innovation Centre
Construction of the first building of the new Anglia Ruskin University medtech campus will start at the beginning of April. The £6 million Medical Business Innovation Centre (MedBIC) will be built on the Chelmsford campus. 25 Mar 2013

WSD results show telehealth not cost effective for chronic disease management
Results from the Whole System Demonstrator Trial, one of the largest trials of telecare and telehealth ever conducted, show that the cost of telehealth is about three times the cost-effectiveness threshold set by NICE. 22 March 2013

Sutton Hospital invests in shockwave technology to treat kidney stones
The device uses shockwaves to break apart the stones until they are small enough for a patient to pass in their urine. This avoids the use of invasive surgery or general anaesthetic. 20 Mar 2013

Edgbaston Medical Quarter forms world class stronghold for medical technology development
The EMQ, a cluster of medical organisations and medical technology companies, was officially launched at the Medilink UK Life Sciences Summit in Birmingham this week. 20 Mar 2013

Origin to develop new injection device to improve animal welfare in research
Origin has been selected to deliver a new project for a Government-funded scheme seeking to improve the accuracy of injections given to rabbits used in research. 20 Mar 2013

Bayer HealthCare launches CT contrast dose management platform
Bayer HealthCare’s Radiology and Interventional division has introduced the Certegra Infomatics software platform which gives contrast delivery management through a touch-screen hub. 20 Mar 2013

Novo Nordisk’s insulin delivery device approved in China
Novo Nordisk’s latest device for insulin delivery, NovoPen 5, has been approved by the Tianjin Food and Drug Administration for launch in China. 20 Mar 2013

Plessey Semiconductors expands distribution network in Asia
Plessey and Supreme Components Inc (SCI) have signed a distribution agreement for the Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam markets. 20 Mar 2013

Diagnostic Healthcare secures £1m investment to expand services
The company will use the investment to expand its diagnostic services, increase community services in more locations across and expand its portfolio of medical equipment. 20 Mar 2013

Artificial pancreas improves control of glucose levels for diabetics
The trial of the MD-Logic artificial pancreas in controlling glucose levels during the night has shown it results in significantly fewer events of hypoglycemia and shortened the time patients spent with glucose levels below the normal range as compared to the use of pumps and sensors (control group). 12 Mar 2013

Health services losing the war against antibiotic resistance
The UK's Chief Medical Offiicer has highlighted the threat of antibiotic resistance and called for action to develop new drugs. Also, on health economists Richard Smith and Joanna Coast argue that antibiotic resistance “has the potential to undermine modern health systems". 11 Mar 2013

MTB Europe launches new Marcomms Service for medical technology vendors
In response to a huge rise in requests and having established a clear market need, MTB Europe has launched a range of marketing and communications services for vendors and suppliers in the medical technology sector. 11 Mar 2013

Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus offers gateway to the NHS market
The MedTech Campus is launching its Business Network Services at the Healthcare Innovation Expo on 13 March, to give companies the opportunity to access NHS clinicians, academics, industry and customers. 8 Mar 2013

Philips introduces MRI, DR and CT systems
Philips is introducing three new radiology imaging systems at the European Congress of Radiology All three systems combine the capabilities for high patient throughput with the functionality and advanced clinical imaging applications. 8 Mar 2013

Toshiba introduces new CT scanners at ECR 2013
Toshiba has expanded its family of Aquilion CT scanners with the new Aquilion One/ ViSION Edition. This has a faster rotation speed of 0.275 seconds and a wider 78 cm gantry bore. 8 Mar 2013

Horse DNA test for meat products
Life Technologies has developed the RapidFinder Equine ID Kit in conjunction with the Instituto de Medicina Genomica (IMEGEN) that detects the presence of equine DNA extracted from meat samples. 8 Mar 2013

New probes for connecting with the brain
An international project, NeuroSeeker, aims to develop new probes to measure and analyse signals from individual neurons in the brain. 8 Mar 2013

Bone cells generated from stem cells by manipulating growth surface structure
A new method to generate bone cells could lead to revolutionary bone repair therapies for people with bone fractures or those who need hip replacement surgery due to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. 8 March 2013

Atlas of the average human heart created from 3D CT images
Researchers at Pompeu Fabra University in Spain have created a high resolution atlas of the human heart by using statistical analysis of  3D images taken from 138 people. 6 Mar 2013

Breath analysis could measure stress
A study by Loughborough University and Imperial College London, has identified six chemical markers in the breath that could be candidates for use as indicators of stress. 6 Mar 2013

European Spallation Source granted patent for neutron detection technology
The European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund, Sweden, has been granted its first patent in collaboration with researchers at Linköping University for new technology that will improve the efficiency of its neutron detectors. 6 Mar 2013

Philips introduces graphical dashboard for ICU management
IntelliSpace eCareManager 3.9 health care platform, powered by Orb is a new graphical dashboard that is actuated by over 100 clinical rules, to analyze, process and visualize complex clinical data in real time. 

HIMSS establishes worldwide hub for health and health IT testing
The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society is setting up a testing, demonstration, exhibition, and educational facility in the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland, Ohio. 6 Mar 2013

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