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August 2008

Handys werden zu Gesundheitsberatern für Kids (Mobile phones as health advisers for children. Article is in German — you can translate text online). 27 August 2008

Tepnel and SoftGenetics to offer rapid analytics for congenital disorders
Tepnel Life Sciences plc and SoftGenetics will market and distribute SoftGenetics GeneMarker genotyping software for use with Tepnel’s Elucigene QST*R products for prenatal detection of common chromosome abnormalities such as Down syndrome. 27 August 2008

DNA technology shows high sensitivity for colorectal cancer from stool sample
EXACT Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: EXAS) has announced the results of a study that showed that improved 'BEAMing DNA' detection technology demonstrated 92% sensitivity for detecting colotectal cancer from stool samples. 27 August 2008

Online resource for diabetes self management
A complete online diabetes self-management education program, has been launched by the University of California, San Francisco Diabetes Teaching Center. 27 August 2008

New prostate cancer molecular test ready for commercialization
US company Health Discovery Corporation has announced the completion of a Phase III double-blind clinical trial of a new gene-based molecular diagnostic test for prostate cancer. The company says the test is ready for commercialization to be used by physicians on their patients at risk of having prostate cancer. 27 August 2008

Prostate cryotherapy treatment available in UK
Prostate cryotherapy has recently been approved by the European Association of Urologists (EAU) and has been used widely in the United States for many years. It is now available in the UK at both NHS and private hospitals. 27 August 2008

University of Twente awarded €2.4m grant for research into point-of-care diagnostics
The University of Twente in the Netherlands has been awarded a grant of €2.4 million euros from the European Research Council for its eLab4Life project that will research lab-on-a-chip systems for point-of-care diagnostics. 21 August 2008

Reliant Technologies and Philips partner to develop laser products for skin treatment
Reliant Technologies Inc., developer of the Fraxel laser systems, has announced an agreement with Philips to develop skin care technologies for use in the home. 21 August 2008

Bruker AXS to acquire microscopy company Surface Imaging Systems GmbH
Bruker AXS GmbH, a subsidiary of scientific equipment supplier Bruker Corporation, has signed an agreement to take over German atomic force microscope manufacturer SIS Surface Imaging Systems GmbH. 21 August 2008

St Jude Medical's HIFU cardiac ablation system gains EU and US approval
St Jude Medical has received European and US clearance for its Epicor LP cardiac ablation system that uses HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) to surgically ablate cardiac tissue to disrupt abnormal electrical impulses in the heart. 21 August 2008

Medtronic shows strong growth of 19%
Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE:MDT) has recorded a revenue of $3.706 billion for the first quarter of fiscal year 2009 (ended July 25, 2008), an increase of 19% over the same period last year. 21 August 2008

Lab21 to market deCODE genetic tests for  common diseases in UK
Cambridge company Lab21 Limited has entered into a partnership with Icelandic company deCODE genetics, to offer deCODE’s tests for predisposition to a growing number of common diseases. 13 August 2008

World's first transplant of both arms
The Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich has successfully completed the world's first transplant of complete arms. The 15-hour operation was performed by a team of 40 people headed by PD Dr Christoph Höhnke and Prof Edgar Biemer. 13 August 2008

Covidien acquires CardioDigital patient monitoring technology
Covidien has announced the acquisition of technology assets from CardioDigital Inc, a company specialising in the development of advanced signal processing for patient monitoring. 13 August 2008

Call to make sudden cardiac arrest a national health priority in USA
The US National Medical Association (NMA) has called for changes in the prevention and treatment paradigm for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). It has released a white paper that outlines directives for elevating SCA to a national health priority and bringing it to the forefront of the policy discussion. 13 August 2008

Sony supports Operation Smile
Sony Electronics is helping the worldwide children's medical charity Operation Smile as part of a promotion for a new camera range. 13 August 2008

Heritage Labs launches home diabetes test kit
US laboratory services company Heritage Labs has introduced a home testing kit for diabetics. The Appraise Home A1c Kit is a new at-home consumer product that measures the average blood glucose level of diabetics and potential diabetics. 13 August 2008

iSOFT wins €8.7m new business in Europe
iSOFT has announced that it has secured new business together with renewal of contracts worth €8.7 million in the UK and central Europe over the past month. 13 August 2008

Scientist discovers secret to a longer, healthier life
A British ageing-research scientist has discovered how people could extend their lives by as much as 30 years and has published his findings in an extraordinary new book. 12 August

NoemaLife acquires Ferrania UK
Italian-German healthcare software specialist NoemaLife SpA has taken over Ferrania UK Limited, the UK arm of Italian imaging and photographic product company Ferrania Technologies SpA. 11 August 2008

Cardiac Science reports revenue up 16%
Cardiac Science Corporation has announced revenue of $52.1 million for the quarter ended June 30, 2008, a 16% growth compared to the same period last year. 6 August 2008

CHAD Therapeutics receives FDA clearance for sleep diagnostic device
Dormio Tech, a division of CHAD Therapeutics, Inc. has received 510(K) clearance from the FDA to market its FloChannel Diagnostic System in the USA. It is Dormio's first product for the sleep disorder market. 6 August 2008

Discovery of cardiovascular disease antibodies may lead to immunization
Low levels of naturally occurring antibodies may represent an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, particularly stroke in men. This discovery, published in the journal Atherosclerosis, has now led to attempts to develop an immunization against cardiovascular disease. 6 August 2008

Precise low-dose drug monitoring essential for long-term kidney transplant success
The ability of blood tests to precisely measure very low doses of anti-rejection drugs in kidney transplant patients may make a significant difference in assuring long-term viability and survival, according to research presented at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) annual meeting last week. 6 August 2008

Kit for rapid assembly of lab-on-a-chip
University of Michigan engineers engineers have developed a kit for researchers to make custom microfluidic devices. The 16-piece lab-on-a-chip kit will bring microfluidic devices to researchers that don't have the funds, technology or skills to design and manufacture them from scratch. 5 August 2008

Lifenet transmits defibrillator information from paramedics to hospital via broadband
Physio-Control, a Medtronic subsidiary, has launched the Lifenet STEMI Management Solution, a combination of web, broadband and medical technology, that reduces time to treatment for heart attack patients. 5 August 2008

American diabetics fight for right to continuous blood glucose monitors
A group of American diabetics has launched a campaign to get insurance companies to allow claims for continuous glucose monitoring systems. 3 August 2008

St Jude Medical wireless transmitter for implanted cardiac devices gains FDA approval
The Merlin@home transmitter is a wireless system that transmits data from implanted cardiac devices and enables remote monitoring of patients by medical staff. 2 August 2008

GE to acquire Vital Signs for US$860m
GE Healthcare is to take over medical device manufacturer Vital Signs, Inc. for approximately US$860 million. Vital Signs shareholders will receive $74.50 per share in cash for each share they own. 2 August 2008

SonoSite and GE resolve ultrasound patent lawsuit
SonoSite has announced that a lawsuit filed against it by GE has been resolved. Following the trial court’s summary judgment rulings on July 24, 2008 the parties agreed to dismiss the remaining claims. 2 August 2008

Roche boosts RNAi capability with acquisition of Mirus Bio Corporation
Roche is to take over RNA technology company Mirus Bio Corporation for US$125m. Mirus is a privately-owned company based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, that focuses on the discovery and development of innovative nucleic acid based technologies, including a proprietary RNAi (ribonucleic acid interference) delivery platform. 1 August 2008

Nonin Medical develops cerebral oximeter
Nonin Medical has entered the clinical testing phase with its breakthrough technology to measure regional oxygen saturation, which is most commonly applied to continuous monitoring of oxygenation in the brain. 1 August 2008

iCAD records revenue growth of 73%
Computer-aided cancer detection systems supplier iCAD, Inc. has announced announced record revenue of $10.5 million for the second, quarter of 2008 up 73% over last year. 1 August 2008

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