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Varian Medical Systems completes acquisition of ACCEL Instruments GmbH
Varian Medical Systems has completed the acquisition of research instrument and proton therapy system supplier ACCEL Instruments GmbH for approximately $30 million. 31 Jan 2007

sponge in microwave ovenMicrowave ovens can sterilise kitchen sponges
Microwaving kitchen sponges and plastic scrubbers — known to be common carriers of the bacteria and viruses that cause food-borne illnesses — sterilizes them rapidly and effectively, according to University of Florida (UF) engineering researchers. 31 Jan 2007

Hospitals should be designed for holistic healing not just sickness
Hospitals and other health-care facilities will look more like hotels or resorts to give a holistic environment, and less like the institutional, often inconveniently designed buildings of today, says a Purdue University construction expert. 31 Jan 2007

Rapid flu testing decreases antibiotic use
Rapid influenza testing is associated with reductions in the use of antibiotics in hospitalized adults, according to a study published on Archives of Internal Medicine online. 31 Jan 2007

Philips wins €27 million contract for digital radiography systems in China
Royal Philips Electronics has signed an agreement with Ascent Profit, a leading Chinese medical equipment wholesaler, to supply 200 high-end radiography systems for small and medium-sized hospitals. 30 Jan 2007

Home blood-pressure monitor market to reach $1bn by 2010
The world market for home-use digital blood pressure monitors is worth almost $800 million. The increase in hypertension and use of telehealth will lead to growth of 6.7% per year, taking it to $1 billion by 2010, according to a report by InMedica. 30 Jan 2007

Bulgaria pilots electronic health cards
The Bulgarian National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) is carrying out a pilot project for electronic health cards involving 1,000 patients. The  project will be implemented by ICW and Cisco. 30 Jan 2007

CT imaging locates site of bowel perforation
Multidetector CT (MDCT) without the use of contrast media can show the precise site of a bowel perforation, avoiding the need for surgeons to do exploratory surgery of the patient’s gastrointestinal tract to locate the problem, a new study shows. 28 Jan 2007

GE to acquire two core diagnostics businesses from Abbott for $8.13bn
GE is to buy the in vitro diagnostics and point-of-care diagnostics businesses from Abbott in a move that will broaden GE Healthcare’s diagnostic offerings, complementing its diagnostic imaging systems, molecular imaging, information technology, and patient monitoring capabilities. 28 Jan 2007

Siemens takes over German healthcare IT company GSD
The acquisition strengthens Siemens' position in the healthcare IT sector and gives it a large installed base of 300 customers in 14 countries. 26 Jan 2007

Definiens unveils development strategy for 4D image analysis software for cell biology
Definiens AG, has announced its development strategy for its high-content cell biology image analysis application, Definiens Cellenger. Definiens Cellenger creates much deeper insights into image data, while providing a flexible environment to accelerate the drug development process. 25 Jan 2007

Nikon to distribute Aperio digital pathology products in Europe
Nikon Instruments Europe will distribute the full line of Aperio Technologies' ScanScope slide-scanning systems and Spectrum digital pathology information management software to the clinical market. 25 Jan 2007

University Medical Center Utrecht acquires 3D surgery imaging workstations
The University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands, has signed a contract with 3mensio Medical Imaging BV for the development and delivery and of its 3surgery workstations to convert 2D CT and MRI images into 3D images for the specific needs of vascular surgeons. 25 Jan 2007

US college wins grant to develop portable device to detect bird flu and bioterrorism agents
The Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee has been awarded a five-year, $8.1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health’s Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to develop a rapid, miniaturized, automated diagnostic device to test for avian flu and the majority of potential bioterrorism agents. 23 January 2007

Pointsec solution controls copying of data onto USB storage devices
Pointsec Mobile Technologies has launched the Pointsec Device Protector to control access to data through the security weak points of computer ports and portable storage devices. The new system secures data access through a combination of port management, content filtering and optional media encryption. 23 January 2007

Global public health network funded by $20 Million Gates Foundation grant
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded a five-year grant of nearly $20 million to Emory University and  Finland's National Public Health Institute, KTL (Kansanterveyslaitos) to support the International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI). 18 Jan 2006

Advanced Neuromodulation Systems receives European approval
for pain-control device
The Rapid Programmer 3.0 allows fine control of electrical stimulation of selected nerve fibres in the spinal chord to manage chronic pain. 18 Jan 2006

EP MedSystems and Philips launch new ultrasound platform for cath lab
The new ViewMate II ultrasound system is based on Philips' HD11 XE platform and has been developed for use with EP MedSystems’ ViewFlex intracardiac (ICE) imaging catheters. 16 Jan 2007

Video game gives real-world experiences of nanomedicine
NanoMission is a PC-based game that educates players about basic concepts in nanoscience through real-world practical applications from microelectronics to drug delivery. 16 Jan 2007

Consumer electronics companies move into over-the-counter healthcare devices
Consumer electronics companies are exploiting the growing demand for devices and services that help people remain trim, fit and mentally alert, according to a report by UK analysts Wireless Healthcare. 15 Jan 2007

Roche Diagnostics launches cobas e 411 immunoassay analyzer
Roche Diagnostics has released its next generation bench-top immunoassay analyzer, the cobas e 411 aimed at the low- to mid- volume immunoassay market. 15 Jan 2007

Gemalto qualifies for Germany's 80m healthcare smartcard programme
Gemalto has been chosen to supply its secure microprocessor-based smartcards to Germany's healthcare programme. The first trial phase commenced in December 2006, involving 70,000 units in 7 regions. A larger scale experimentation of 300,000 cards is due to start in 2007, which will be followed by mass deployment. 12 Jan 2007

Boston Scientific to shed 500 jobs in cardiac product reorganisation
The move is to restore confidence in its cardiac rhythm management products, regain market share and make product development more efficient. 11 Jan 2007

Adoption of new technology needs to be evidence-based to reduce health care costs
Advances in medical technology are a main factor driving the trend of increasing health care costs. Including evidence-based decision-making in the healthcare coverage process would ensure that use of new therapy and technology is tied to evidence of clinical benefit. 11 Jan 2006

ART extends distribution agreement with GE Healthcare
ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc. has announced the extension of its current agreement with GE Healthcare for the exclusive worldwide distribution of its eXplore Optix preclinical optical molecular imaging system. 11 Jan 2007

Varian to acquire German proton therapy system supplier ACCEL Instruments
The acquisition, which will cost about $30m, will enable Varian to offer products for delivering image-guided, intensity modulated proton therapy for selected cancer patients. 11 Jan 2007

One-third of implanted heart devices may be unnecessary
A new study has found that a large number of patients with implanted cardiac devices may not benefit from them and that a simple heart-rhythm test can tell who will not benefit. 10 Jan 2007

Siemens completes takeover of Bayer’s Diagnostic Division
Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics was formed on 1st January from Bayer Diagnostics and Diagnostic Products Corporation (DPC). The new unit enables Siemens to bring together the entire medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics and clinical IT value chain under one roof. 10 Jan 2007

Carbon-gold nanowireCarbon-metal hybrid nanowires open door to new nanoelectronic devices
Hybrid structures that combine the best properties of carbon nanotubes and metal nanowires could lead to new applications in computer chips, displays, sensors and other electronic devices.
9 Jan 2007

MRI improves treatment of ankle pain.
MR imaging can make a dramatic difference in the management of patients with ankle pain, changing treatment in about one-third of the patients, a new study finds. 9 Jan 2007

Nanotechnology safety in workplace neglected
Little is known about the potential risks of nanotechnology even though there are more than 400 products on the market. A strategic plan and more resources for risk research are needed now in order to ensure safe nano-workplaces. 9 Jan 2007

Inverness Medical Innovations and Procter & Gamble in consumer diagnostics venture
Inverness will contribute its related consumer diagnostic assets, other than manufacturing and core intellectual property assets and P&G will acquire its interest for a cash payment of US$325 Million. 4 Jan 2007

Indian in vitro diagnostics market surpasses $250 Million in 2006
A new study from Kalorama Information, Clinical Diagnostics in India, estimates in vitro diagnostics (IVD) revenues topped $250 million in 2006 and will show double-digit growth rates over the next three years. 4 Jan 2007

Collaboration to develop microscopy image analysis software
The Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG) and Transinsight GmbH have entered into a  three-year collaboration to develop knowledge-based image analysis software. 4 Jan 2007

Brain imaging identifies early Alzheimer’s
A new chemical marker developed by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), enables PET scans to highlight abnormal brain proteins in patients years before Alzheimer’s can be diagnosed with current methods. 3 Jan 2007

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