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September 2005


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Screening of lung cancer with CT scans may save many lives
A new international study shows that early detection of lung cancer for the highest-risk patients could mean the difference between life and death. 97% of tumours found through CT scans, in non-symptomatic patients, are potentially curable with surgery alone. 29 September 2005

GE Healthcare to acquire IDX Systems Corporation
GE Healthcare is taking over IDX Systems Corporation, a leading US healthcare information technology provider. The merger of the two companies will create a leading healthcare IT vendor, offering one of the most comprehensive suites of clinical, imaging and administrative information systems. 29 September 2005

CAD software improves detection of breast cancer
Detection rates for small, invasive breast cancers increased by 164% and cancers were found in women at a younger age when radiologists used computer aided detection (CAD) to assist in reading mammograms. 28 September 2005

Photoselective vaporisation of the prostate shown to be effective treatment for BPH
A study on the long-term outcomes of men treated with photoselective vaporisation of the prostate (PVP) for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) using the Laserscope GreenLight (TM) laser system has shown significant and sustainable improvements in the outcomes of patients. 28 September 2005

Oxford University join with GE Healthcare to study colorectal cancer
GE Healthcare and Oxford University will jointly study the pathology of colorectal cancer, with the aim of achieving earlier diagnosis and treatment of the disease. A major goal of the two-year collaboration will be to create a coherent picture of a patient's disease and determine the most effective treatment. 27 September 2005

High intensity focused ultrasound gives new hope for cancer sufferers
Liver and kidney cancer sufferers in Europe can benefit from a remarkable proven technology from China. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) can destroy tumours without surgery. 25 September 2005

Esaote MRI systems to be distributed in USA by Hologic
Hologic, Inc. and Esaote of Genoa, Italy, have entered into an exclusive distribution and service agreement in the United States for extremity MRI imaging systems manufactured by Esaote. The agreement is for an initial term of three years. 25 September 2005

Siemens interventional cardiac technology provides 3D visualisation of coronary vessels
Interventional Cardiac 3D (IC3D) technology will provide clinicians with a helpful and important tool in the evaluation of patients prior to stenosis. 24 September 2005

Dräger Medical receives Frost & Sullivan leadership award
Dräger Medical has received the 2005 Frost & Sullivan Brand Development Strategy Leadership Award for the European anaesthesia and respiratory equipment market. 24 September 2005

Intraop Medical receives order for Mobetron from Poland
Intraop Medical, has received an order for its Mobetron, from the Wielkopolskie Centrum Onkologii Cancer Centre in Poznan, the second order from Poland. The Mobetron delivers intraoperative radiation treatment (IORT) during cancer surgery. 22 September 2005

Southampton scientists move closer to bionic hand
Scientists at Southampton University have developed a new ultra-light artificial hand that can mimic the movement of a real hand better than any currently available. 22 September 2005

Biophan to acquire rights to Myotech cardiac assist device technology
Biophan Technologies, Inc. has targeted the fast-growing cardiac device market by by entering into a Letter of Intent with Myotech to direct the development, regulatory approval, and marketing of Myotech's MYO-VAD(TM) cardiac assist technology. 20 September 2005

Retina tomography shown to predict Glaucoma
Researchers at the Hamilton Glaucoma Center and Department of Ophthalmology at the University of California at San Diego have demonstrated that measurements taken using the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (HRT) can predict the development of glaucoma. 20 September 2005

Revolutionary lung imaging technology, vibration response imaging (VRI), available in EU
A new technology for imaging lungs, vibration response imaging, has been approved for use in the EU. Vibration Response Imaging (VRI) provides a dynamic image of the lungs, delivering both structural and functional information to aid in assessing lung condition. 20 September 2005.

Agfa selected to supply digital radiology solutions for English NHS IT programme
Agfa-Gevaert has been selected by Accenture to provide digital radiology imaging management solutions to the North East and East clusters of England's National Programme for IT (NPfIT). The imaging services Agfa will provide include picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and computed radiography (CR). 16 September 2005

Computer-assisted anaesthesia for children and newborns
Dräger Medical has developed a computer-assisted anaesthesia system with a small system volume that can deliver the exact amount of gas needed for the patient, making it suitable for use in paediatric ventilation. 16 September 2005

Total imaging matrix reveals new diagnostic possibilities for MRI
Total imaging matrix (Tim) is a new method of magnetic resonance tomography that allows whole-body imaging in a single examination with excellent image quality. The first clinical experiences confirm the broad performance spectrum of this technology. 16 September 2005

German institutions and companies to study early detection of heart attack risk
The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding a research project studying a new diagnostic procedure, called “Nano-Ag”, for the early detection of the risk for cardiac infarction. 16 September 2005

Siemens Medical Solutions accused of bribing Russian officials
A former sales manager at Siemens Medical Solutions has accused the company of bribing Russian officials to help gain a 28.2 million ($34.6 million) contract. 15 September 2005

Cardiac resynchronization therapy saves many lives cost-effectively
Three new studies of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) show that it offers sustained all-cause mortality improvements, is a cost-effective therapy and improves heart pumping function. It slows the progression of heart failure, reduces hospitalisations and saves lives in many heart-failure patients. 13 September 2005

Nihon Kohden and Inovise Medical in partnership to improve cardiac diagnosis
Nihon Kohden Corporation, a leading provider of cardiology equipment in Japan and China, and Inovise Medical, an Oregon-based cardiac diagnostic company, have signed a multi-year agreement to integrate Inovise Medical's Audicor heart sounds detection and analysis technology into the next generation of Nihon Kohden electrocardiographs. 12 September 2005

Defibrillators in schools can save lives — only if managed properly
Approximately 7000 children, including adolescents, die from sudden cardiac arrest each year in the USA. Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) help schools to be prepared in the event of a cardiac emergency and potentially save the life of a student, employee, or visitor. 11 September 2005

EC consultation on restrictions of hazardous substances in electrical equipment
The EC is inviting interested parties to submit comments on the new legislation controlling use of toxic substances in electrical equipment, which is due to come into force next year. 11 September 2005

England's NHS Connecting for Health  completes final contract for PACS
NHS Connecting for Health, the agency running England's National Programme for IT (NPfIT), announced today that it has agreed the final arrangements that will see Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) rolled out across England. 7 September 2005

Agfa launches new cardiology portfolio on the back of Heartlab acquisition
Agfa HealthCare Business Group has launched a new cardiology portfolio that provides a single point of access and integrates cardiology, radiology and wider clinical systems. 7 September 2005

Philips launches new cardiology ultrasound system
Royal Philips Electronics launched the new Philips HD11 XE cardiology ultrasound system at the European Society of Cardiology conference, hosted in Stockholm. he HD11 XE adds a variety of features to help physicians more accurately measure heart chambers, wall motion and ejection fraction. 7 September 2005

University of Leeds pathology unit expands tissue scanning capacity
The University of Leeds Academic Unit of Pathology has increased its capacity to scan slides of tissue samples by acquiring five Aperio ScanScope virtual microscopy systems. These will support a broad array of initiatives, including potentially enabling primary diagnoses to be made without referring to the glass slide. 7 September 2005

Gamma Medica-Ideas launches faster, higher quality imager
In conjunction with Biomolex AS (Oslo, Norway), Gamma Medica-Ideas has introduced the Biomolex 700 Direct Digital Imager, a rapid-acquisition, solid-state instrument for imaging radiolabeled genomic microarrays, proteomic microarrays, and tissue sections. 7 September 2005

Medtronic acquires Image-Guided Neurologics to improve deep brain stimulation surgery
Medtronic has acquired Image-Guided Neurologics (IGN) of Melbourne, Florida, a privately held company that specialises in precision navigation and delivery technologies for brain surgery. The IGN product line strengthens Medtronic’s leadership position in deep brain stimulation. 4 September 2005

Cardiac Science and Quinton Cardiology Systems complete merger
Quinton Cardiology Systems and Cardiac Science merged into a new company called Cardiac Science Corporation, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. 4 September 2005

Johnson & Johnson takeover of Guidant cleared by Canada and European Commission
Johnson & Johnson has had clearance of its takeover of cardiovascular product developer Guidant, but it will sell its coronary steerable guidewire business in Canada and Guidant will divest its Endovascular Solutions operations in Europe. 4 September 2005

Micro-bubbles and CPS technology improve ultrasound cancer detection
A new generation of ultrasound contrast media, micro-bubbles, combined with a new pulse sequencing technology, can enable ultrasound scanners to distinguish healthy tissue from malignant tumours and metastases better than previously. 3 September 2005

UK government hinders uptake of vital medical technologies
Only a few months after a UK parliamentary report highlighted the need to make better use of medical technologies to improve healthcare, the government is scrapping the committee that assesses these technologies for use in the National Health Service. 3 September 2005

Dräger unveils remote-access solution for monitoring cardiopulmonary status
Dräger Medical has developed a new system that enables physicians to remotely access their patients' cardiopulmonary status in near real time by using an integrated remote access solution.
1 September 2005

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