Laboratory news


New light microscope gives faster 3D images of living organisms
A new type of light microscope can image living things at the cellular level in 3D at very high speeds and can capture both cellular structure and function and behaviour. 20 Jan 2015

New pathology software improves cancer diagnosis
New software developed jointly by the MedUni Vienna and the Vienna-based firm Tissuegnostics helps pathologists to identify cancerous tissue with greater accuracy and remove some of the variability in current methods based on visual analysis of tissue samples. 14 Aug 2014

Alere launches 15-minute genetic test for influenza A and B in Europe
Point-of-care diagnostics company Alere Inc. has launched in Europe the Alere i Influenza A & B test, a molecular test that detects and differentiate influenza A and B virus in less than 15 minutes. 20 Feb 2014

ValiRx granted European patent for genetic-based cancer test
ValiRx Plc has been awarded patent approval by the European Patent Office for its cancer screening test NAV3, which uses a gene biomarker to detect specific cancers. 20 Feb 2014

Bubble trapped in graphene enables unprecedented imaging of hydrated protein molecules
A tiny water bubble trapped between two layers of graphene provides the key to taking nanoscale images of liquid samples in an electron microscope. 5 Feb 2014

Gamma ray imaging visualizes bio-metals and molecules simultaneously
Researchers from the RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies in Japan have developed a new molecular imaging technology that can visualize bio-metals and bio-molecules simultaneously in a live mouse. 10 May 2013

Origin to develop new injection device to improve animal welfare in research
Origin has been selected to deliver a new project for a Government-funded scheme seeking to improve the accuracy of injections given to rabbits used in research. 20 Mar 2013

Pathology image analysis software improves certainty of cancer diagnosis
Scientists at the University of Oslo have developed pathology image analysis software that can determine the seriousness of a cancer prognosis with 80% certainty, halving errors. 8 Feb 2013

bioMérieux launches antibody test for hepatitis C
bioMérieux has launched the new CE-marked VIDAS Anti-HCV test for the detection of antibodies to the hepatitis C virus (HCV). 31 Oct 2012

Erasmus Medical Centre speeds up cancer research with digital pathology system
Erasmus MC is the first hospital in the Netherlands to switch to a digital system for their laboratory analysis of cell and tissue samples. 24 Sept 2012

UK-developed growth hormone test is new tool for sports anti-doping agencies
Scientists from three UK universities have developed a new test to detect blood proteins that show that an athlete has used growth hormone. 17 Sept 2012

Life Technologies takes benchtop genome sequencer on tour of UK in a Mini
The company is taking a fully functional benchtop Personal Genome Machine (PGM) DNA sequencer nestled in the boot of a Mini on a tour of UK universities. 13 Sept 2012

Definiens Tissue Studio supports  detection of spot-like signals from in situ hybridization assays
Definiens Tissue Studio 3.5 now supports the automated analysis of in situ hybridization assays, including SISH, CISH, FISH and dual-ISH.

New drug testing method could reduce need for animal testing
Scientists from the University of Southampton are to develop a laboratory-based system to accurately predict immune responses to drugs based on bio-active proteins. 12 Mar 2012

Southampton and Oxford chemists to develop cheaper DNA building system
The scientists hope that their research could enable the production of useful DNA and RNA molecular structures more efficiently and on a larger scale than is possible using current enzyme-based technologies. 23 Feb 2012

LGC Standards announces ATCC SDO release of ground-breaking standards for human cell lines
The ATCC Standards Development Organization, has published its second voluntary consensus standard, ASN-0002: Authentication of Human Cell Lines: Standardization of STR Profiling. 23 Feb 2012

Thermo Fisher Scientific launches fully automated test to tell IBS from IBD
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has announced the availability of EliA Calprotectin, the first fully automated test for faecal calprotectin. 19 Jan 2012

Life Technologies introduces $1000 human genome sequencing in a day
The company is taking orders for its  new sequencer, priced at $149,000. that is based on proprietary semiconductor gene sequencing technology. 10 Jan 2012

IBM contributes massive chemical database to US NIH to speed drug discovery
The database of chemical data extracted from millions of patents and scientific literature will allow researchers to more easily visualize important relationships among chemical compounds to aid in drug discovery and support advanced cancer research. 9 Dec 2011

Leica Microsystems acquires Labindia’s Microscopy and Histopathology Divisions
Labindia Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is a leading solutions and service provider in India that has successfully distributed Leica’s products in India for over 20 years. 28 Nov 2011

ruker introduces PRIME multidimensional solution for unravelling the proteome
PRIME leads to integrated approaches for modern proteomics and harnesses the strengths of MALDI and ESI mass spectrometry technologies. 20 Sept 2011

NuGEN and Advanced Liquid Logic to co-develop digital microfluidic cartridge technology
Advanced Liquid Logic will provide instrumentation, software and digital microfluidic cartridge technology to NuGEN for commercialization. 20 Sept 2011

Qualoupe LIMS features on-demand secure web reporting 
Two Fold Software's Qualoupe LIMS features secure web reporting that offers laboratory users greater flexibility by generating on-demand reports from lab data. 30 July 2011

Leica Microsystems launches SCN400 F combined fluorescence and brightfield slide scanner
Leica Microsystems' SCN400 F brings together Leica’s award-winning brightfield slide scanning capabilities and multi-channel fluorescence imaging in a single platform.  21 July 2011

Revolutionary technique for proteomics mass spectrometry
Scientists at ETH Zurich and AB SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, are working together to deliver a new mass spectrometry-based technique for quantitation for the first time ever on every peptide in a single proteomics sample analysis. 14 June 2011

Feature: Biomagnetic separation attracts diagnostics, DNA transfer and cancer therapy research
The principle behind magnetophoresis is the action of a magnetic force on particles. This is used to separate particles in a liquid, or guide particles or molecules in a wide range of applications. In vitro uses include immuno and molecular diagnostics, protein purification, cell capture, nucleic acid capture, while promising future applications in vivo include nucleic acid transfer, targetted therapeutic agents and magnetically mediated hyperthermia. 27 May 2011

Two Fold Software enhances Run Manager LIMS software
Two Fold Software Limited has enhanced the interface design and user friendliness of the Run Manager software module of its Qualoupe system. 19 May 2011

Bruker expands Ascend series of NMR magnets
Bruker has announced new models for its Ascend series of higher performance and compact NMR magnets, now covering a range from 400 MHz to 850 MHz. 20 April 2011

Biohit launches automated pipetting tool
Biohit has launched a new type of tool for automated pipetting to meet the demand for automated liquid handling in laboratories. 14 April 2011

Avacta Analytical signs distribution agreement with DKSH Japan
Avacta Group plc has signed an exclusive agreement for the distribution of Optim, its low volume protein analysis system, with DKSH Japan. 11 April 2011

Automated path lab improves diagnostics turnaround for Queen Elizabeth Hospital
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn NHS Foundation Trust in eastern England has opened a fully automated blood sciences laboratory. 28 March 2011

University of Marburg tests nanometer resolution light microscopes for Leica
The University of Marburg is expanding its cooperation with Leica Microsystems to test a new generation of light microscopes with a resolution at the nanometer scale. 19 March 2011

Structure of the needle-complex of Salmonella, embedded in a cellular contextStructure of Salmonella bacteria imaged at near atomic scale
Scientists at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna have imaged in unprecedented detail the needle-shaped extensions that Salmonella bacteria use to infect their host. Detailed knowledge of the needles’ structure may help to develop substances that interfere with its function and thus prevent infection. 14 March 2011

Two Fold Software improves data entry options for Qualoupe LIMS
The company is releasing new software that enables the company’s Qualoupe LIMS user interface to display results parameters with more clarity and flexibility. 7 Feb 2011

Caliper launches LabChip Dx for molecular diagnostics
The LabChip Dx system uses the company's proprietary microfluidic technology and is aimed at clinical research laboratories developing molecular diagnostic tests. 31 Jan 2011

Siemens launches personalized education plan for laboratory and healthcare staff
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has introduced the Personalized Education Plan (PEP), a competency-based clinical laboratory education model. 31 Jan 2011

Sepmag awarded Chinese patent for homogenous biomagnetic separation
The company's novel technique applies less pressure on particles and guarantees users consistently reproducible results in their in vitro diagnostics kits. 24 Jan 2011

NanoSight reaches profitability with support of UK nanotechnology network
Salisbury-based NanoSight, which has developed a unique nanoparticle characterization system, has recently secured its 250th sale and has reached profitability for the first time since the company was established in 2005. 24 Jan 2011

Leica extends multiphoton microscopy with integrated OPO
Leica Microsystems has matched its TCS SP5 MP multiphoton microscope with a fully integrated OPO (optical parametric oscillator) system. 24 Jan 2011

Thermo Fisher Scientific completes acquisition of Lomb Scientific
Lomb Scientific is a provider of laboratory chemicals, consumables and instruments in Australia and New Zealand. 7 Jan 2011

Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris selects Bruker's mass spectrometry biotyper
The Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris (APHP) has selected Bruker's IVD MALDI Biotyper as their MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry-based microbial identification tool. 10 Dec 2010

Breakthrough in digital pathology from GE and UPMC
The new system digitizes biopsy slides and the corresponding workflow, uniting an entire pathology department and improving collaboration, communication and efficiency. 9 Nov 2010

NuGEN enables next-generation sequencing of DNA and RNA from FFPE samples
NuGEN Technologies is making available the first commercial products using next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies to analyze nucleic acids extracted from Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissues. 3 Nov 2010

NanoString system detects hundreds of genetic copy variants in single multiplexed reaction
NanoString Technologies Inc has launched a novel solution for detecting genetic copy number variations (CNVs) associated with disease susceptibility, drug response and cancer progression. 3 Nov 2010

Plasticell launches second generation Combicult cell culture screening platform
Plasticell has launched its second generation screening platform, the Combicult 10,000-plex screen. It is capable of rapidly screening up to ten thousand cell culture media combinations. 26 Oct 2010

Accelrys upgrades Isentris lab decision support software
Accelrys, Inc. has released version 3.3 of its Isentris data access, analysis, and decision support system for displaying manipulating, and comparing spectral, chromatographic, and XY graphical data. 15 Oct 2010

PharmaDiagnostics launches SoPRano assay kit for in-house assay development
PharmaDiagnostics NV has launched the SoPRano CA1 assay kit. The new kit allows users to couple their own proteins to SoPRano gold nanoparticles and build and run their own assays. 15 Sept 2010

Leica educational microscope wins Worlddidac Award 2010
Leica has been awarded the Worlddidac Award 2010 for its DM500 Educational Microscope by the International Educational Trade Association. 15 Sept 2010

Accelrys releases Symyx Notebook 6.5 for process chemistry
This latest release of the electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) delivers improvements supporting chemical process development, production scale-up, and administrative compliance in pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, agrochemical, and consumer products markets. 15 Sept 2010

Akonni Biosystems’ ultra-rapid nucleic acid extraction technology gains US patent
The patent protects the company’s use of its pioneering nucleic acid binding matrix when inserted into a pipette tip, tubing or cartridge for nucleic acid purification. 18 August 2010

Tissue Studio 2.0 supports tumour profiling, multiplexing and biomarker translational research
The new version includes a full range of functionality for the analysis of immunofluorescence tissue stains and more accurate nucleus detection. 13 August 2010

iSOFT partners i-Path to add digital pathology to laboratory system
iSOFT is adding i-Path’s web-based platform as a module to its existing laboratory product suite. The aim is to deliver the solution under a software-as-a-service model. 13 August 2010

Leica slide scanners win European scanner contest
Leica Microsystems' slide scanners Leica SCN400 and Autoloader Leica SL801 have come first in two categories of the first European Scanner Contest (ESC). 12 August 2010

Gold Standard Diagnostics introduces ThunderBolt automated diagnostics platform
The ThunderBolt platform will provide laboratory customers with a single hardware solution that can utilize multiple diagnostics technologies such as EIA, chemiluminescence and multiplexing. 12 August 2010

Illumina launches compact real-time PCR system
Illumina, Inc. has launched the Eco Real-Time PCR System that offers high performance at the breakthrough price of $13,900. 12 August 2010

Ultra low temperature freezer for biobanks with backup cooling system
Italian company Desmon S.p.A has launched a range of ultra-low temperature freezers specially developed for biological banks.
The models are equipped with two completely independent refrigerating units. 11 August 2010

BD Max system for molecular diagnostics launched in Europe
BD Diagnostics has launched the BD MAX Automated Molecular Diagnostic System and the BD MAX GBS Assay in Europe, the first in a planned broad menu of infectious disease assays. 23 June 2010

Applied BioCode gains EU approval for barcoded magnetic beads multiplex testing system. 2 June

High content screening automation for Leica confocal microscopes
Leica Microsystems has released the the Leica HCS A, a high-content screening automation package for confocal research microscopes.
It is a flexible tool for automated imaging in multi dimensions. 1 June 2010

BD Biosciences launches BD LSRFortessa 18-colour cell analyzer
BD has launched an off-the-shelf BD LSRFortessa System, which uses up to four lasers that enable the detection of up to 18 colours simultaneously. 31 May 2010

Accelrys Pipeline Pilot 8.0 to enable the scientific enterprise
Accelrys, Inc's new release of its R&D informatics platform, Pipeline Pilot 8.0, supports a greater number of scientists and researchers working individually or as collaborative teams across the wider scientific enterprise. 14 May 2010

Promega LEV blood DNA kit increases DNA extraction rate in less time
Promega's Maxwell 16 LEV Blood DNA Kit eliminates the need for a buffy coat step while providing exponentially higher concentration in less time with parallel purity. 14 May 2010

BD launches advanced automated microbiology specimen processor
BD Diagnostics has launched the BD Innova Preanalytical Automated Microbiology Specimen Processor, which is designed to help increase efficiency and automate the microbiology laboratory. 4 May 2010

ChromoTek launches RFP-Trap and GFP-Booster bioimaging reagents
RFP-Trap is used to identify and pull down interaction partners of proteins tagged with RFP (red fluorescent protein) and GFP-Booster restores or increases the GFP (green fluorescent protein) signal in super-resolution microscopy. 2 April 2010

TRaC offers safety test service for in vitro diagnostic medical systems
TRaC has received full accreditation at its UK facilities to carry out safety testing of all medical diagnostic products that fall within the scope of the EU In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Medical Devices Directive. 2 April 2010

Ultrasonic flow meter for small-bore flow metering
Dorset-based Titan Enterprises has developed a low-cost, accurate flow meter using patented technology that makes it ideal for hygienic applications. 16 March 2010

Bruker introduces novel Fourier 300 NMR spectrometer
Bruker BioSpin has launched the Fourier 300, an easy-to-use 300 MHz high-resolution spectrometer with a price tag that brings Fourier transform (FT) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy within every chemist’s reach. 12 March 2010

Taconic establishes rodent breeding unit in Edinburgh
Taconic has announced the establishment of a specialized breeding facility in Edinburgh for the production of genetically modified rodents specially designed for drug testing. 22 February 2010

NASA to develop microfluidics technology for space-based research with Raydiance
Raydiance Corporation, developer of an ultrafast laser, is partnering with NASA Ames Research Center to develop advanced microfluidics devices for space-based biological experiments. 28 Jan 2010

Los Alamos lab licences unique pathogen detector to Biomagnetics Diagnostics
Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has licensed Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corporation (BMGP) to further develop a pathogen biosensor. 21 Jan 2010

Leica releases new digital camera for fluorescence applications
The detection and documentation of low light fluorescence signals in live cell experiments is a particular challenge for digital cameras. To meet this demand, Leica Microsystems has added the new Leica DFC345 FX to its portfolio of powerful digital cameras. 17 December 2009

Sterilin to showcase single-use lab products at Medica 2009
The Sterilin range of single-use plastics comprises over 800 products for microbiology and life science laboratories and includes specimen containers, Petri dishes, multiwell plates and centrifuge tubes. 3 Nov 2009

High precision analyser for medical and military applications
Revolutionary technology for analysis of chemical and biological substances developed at the University of Delaware holds promise in multiple applications, ranging from the early detection of diseases, to monitoring for chemical weapons and environmental pollutants. 2 November 2009

Stemcell Technologies releases defined, animal-protein free maintenance medium for hESCs and hiPSCs. 20 Oct 2009

The Bioreactor remote control suite on iPhoneDNA Precision offers tools for healthcare research, gene discovery and analysis services
DNA Precision is offering services for genetic and healthcare research. These include gene discovery, Agilent microarray processing and bioinformatics. 20 Oct 2009

DASGIP launches bioreactor control system on iPhone
DASGIP AG, a provider of bioreactor systems at benchtop scale, has launched a Remote Control Suite to remotely observe and access running processes on an iPhone, iPod touch or notebook computer. 8 Oct 2009

InVitria launches Optiferrin for mammalian cell culture
Optiferrin is a cell culture supplement which supports cell growth by regulating the amount of iron transported to the cell. 23 Sept 2009

Hamilton launches ARC sensor technology for fluid measurement
Hamilton Company, a producer of precision fluid measurement devices, has announced the Hamilton ARC concept, a new sensor family for process control that includes pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity measurements. 23 Sept 2009

Sterilin secures laboratory supplies chain in case of disruption from pandemic flu
British manufacturer Sterilin Ltd has geared up to ensure ‘pandemic-proof’ production and distribution of essential laboratory testing supplies from its South Wales facility. 19 Sept 2009

Leica SCN400 slide scanner for optimal histological examinations
The new Leica SCN400 Slide Scanner offers an alternative to the microscope for the examination of histological samples in pathology, research, and teaching. 19 Sept 2009

PROdesign launches 96-well plate cell-feeding station for live cell imaging
PROdesign GmbH has launched the PROcellcare cell-feeding station  based on a 96-well plate. It supplies live cells (in vitro) under the microscope with biological nutrient and working solutions thus allowing the scientist/developer to execute efficient and automatic dispensing and controlling processes of the equipment. 18 Sept 2009 Deutsch

Birmingham Children’s Hospital completes development of laboratory system for newborn blood screening
Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH) has completed a project to improve laboratory services for screening of newborn babies in the West Midlands.  A new laboratory system is being used to manage the screening of bloodspots, taken by heelprick from 70,000 newborn infants each year. 17 Sept 2009

PerkinElmer launches multiple steroid diagnostic kit for hormone and endocrine disorders
The Child Health System steroid profiling kit and data suite software can simultaneously measure ten different steroids in biological samples for diagnosing hormone imbalances or endocrine diseases in both children and adults. 10 Sept 2009

Bruker announces availability of world’s first 18 Tesla FTMS magnet
This will open up new capabilities in mass spectrometry in a variety of research areas, including protein identification, petroleomics, metabolomics, small molecule tissue molecular imaging, and environmental sample analysis.  5 September 2009

Leica launches integrated platform to study dynamics of cellular processes
Leica Microsystems has released the first single-molecule detection (SMD) system that offers an integrated platform for the most common single molecule techniques, such as FLIM and FCS. 28 August 2009 Deutsch

Lab21 to provide AdnaGen’s tumour cell detection system UK and Ireland
Lab21 Ltd and AdnaGen AG have entered into an exclusive service and distribution agreement for AdnaGen’s proprietary circulating tumour cell diagnostic assays in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 26 August 2009

Stanford University professor sequences own genome with 'low-cost' technology
A Stanford University professor has sequenced his entire genome for less than $50,000 and with a team of just two other people, compared to the early efforts costing millions of dollars and using teams of hundreds.  26 August 2009

Lab-on-chip device for blood cell count being developed at Southampton University
A hand-held device using lab-on-chip technology that could enable doctors to offer blood cell analysis in their surgeries is being developed by academics at the University of Southampton. 26 August 2009

Sigma Aldrich launches services network for life sciences industry
The new services network provides researchers with convenient access to a wide variety of laboratory-based services from a centralized website location. 17 July 2009

Leica launches improved platform for confocal and two-photon microscopy
Leica Microsystems has optimized its confocal and two-photon microscope platform, the Leica TCS SP5 II in close co-operation with leading research scientists. 17 July 2009

Bruker's new solariX mass spectrometer gives ten-fold increase in sensitivity
The solariX is the culmination of a number of key technology developments that deliver unique capabilities and unparalleled ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry performance and versatility. 5 June 2009

Roche launches detection kit for influenza A(H1N1)
Roche Applied Science has launched a new detection kit for the Influenza A(H1N1) virus for use in life science research. Roche is filing to get approval of the local health authorities worldwide for use of the kit in emergency situations. 28 May 2009

Bruker introduces next-generation ultra-sensitive ion trap
Bruker Daltonics amaZon series ion trap has 10-times improved MS/MS sensitivity over current platforms, novel technology for accelerated data acquisition, significantly enhanced mass resolution, and second-generation fast and sensitive ETD/PTR capabilities. 27 May 2009

Siemens offers design guide for building energy-efficient labs
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. is offering a new Life Science Solutions Design Guide written expressly for consulting engineers and other professionals who are looking to design and specify effective and more energy-efficient laboratory facilities. 22 April 2009

High-throughput screening finds chloroquine effective against lethal viruses
Two highly lethal viruses that have emerged in recent outbreaks have been found using high-throughput screening techniques to be susceptible to chloroquine. Chloroquine is a long-established drug used to prevent and treat malaria. 6 March 2009

Lab robot uses innovative information technology to find new drugs
A robot scientist that can make informed guesses about how effective different chemical compounds will be at fighting different diseases could revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry by developing more effective treatments more cheaply and quickly than current methods.  23 February 2009

Leica launches high power laser microdissection system
The new Leica LMD7000 is a laser microdissection system with a power-adjustable, high precision laser. For the first time, high laser power and high repetition rates, are combined within one system. 22 February 2009. Deutsch

Applied Biosystems' new platform enables human genome sequencing for $10,000
Applied Biosystems, has begun shipment of a new, genomic analysis platform, the SOLiD 3 System. The company says the new system delivers a roadmap that will ultimately enable scientists to sequence a human genome for less than $10,000 dollars in 2009. 16 February 2009

Cambridge University research group employs Fluidigm’s EP1 genotyping system for cancer studies. 16 February 2009

National University of Ireland, Galway and Agilent open biological mass spectrometry facility
The state-of-the-art facility at the University is fully equipped with the latest accurate-mass quadrupole time-of-flight and triple quadrupole mass spectrometer platforms from Agilent. 16 February 2009

Roche exome sequencing a giant step towards personalized medicine
A key milestone for personalized medicine has been achieved by two Roche Applied Science companies, Roche NimbleGen and 454 Life Sciences, in developing revolutionary technologies to resequence all human exons from individual genomes. 9 February 2009

Dickson launches recorder for independent monitoring of ultra-low freezers
Dickson has launched an Ultra-Low Recorder for validating freezer temperatures for storage of essential materials with critical requirements for ultra-low temperatures. 26 November 2008

Signature Genomic Laboratories makes Genoglyphix microarray visualization program available to full-service clients. 12 November 2008

Kinaxo and Boehringer Ingelheim to collaborate in drug discovery
Kinaxo Biotechnologies GmbH, a spin-off of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, has entered into a two-year collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim to study drug mode of action and target identification. 9 November 2008

Leica releases first inverted routine microscope with LED light source
Leica has released a new microscope, the DM IL LED, the first inverted routine microscope to combine high quality Leica HC optics with state-of-the-art LED illumination. 9 November 2008

IDEX Corporation acquires optical filter producer Semrock. 27 October 2008

Pfizer and UCB form new drug-discovery company with support of UK Technology Strategy Board. 27 October 2008

Caprion awarded $12.9M US infectious disease biomarker research contract
Caprion Proteomics Inc. has been awarded a $12.9 million contract by the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), for research into biomarkers with potential for clinical use against infection from diseases caused by biodefense pathogens. 14 October 2008 Francais

VWR International acquires Omnilab AG
VWR International, LLC, a laboratory supply company, has announced that it has acquired Omnilab AG, a Swiss scientific laboratory supply distributor headquartered in Mettmenstetten near Zurich. 10 October 2008

Guidelines for characterization and qualification of commutable reference materials for laboratory medicine
The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) has recently published a new document, Characterization and Qualification of Commutable Reference Materials for Laboratory Medicine; Proposed Guideline (C53-P).

First Arab human genome sequenced
An international consortium consisting of Saudi Biosciences, Beijing Genomics Institute Shenzhen, and CLC bio have sequenced and analysed the first Arab human genome. The sequencing is part of a large project to sequence 100 Arab human genomes to map the unique genetic variations of the Arab population. 1 October 2008

NuGEN and Hamilton increase sample throughput for gene expression analysis
NuGEN Technologies, Inc. and the Hamilton Company have assembled an automated, total target preparation solution that increases the throughput in processing large sets of clinical samples for global gene expression analysis. 18 September 2008

Data analysis methods for classification of patient samples shown to be worthless
Computer-based methods that have been used for 25 years for classifying patient samples are worthless, according to researchers at Uppsala University, Sweden. 9 September 2008

A fluorescent drug (in red) binding to an adenosine receptor on the surface of living cellsLaser fluorescence technology highlights cell surface protein receptors in real time
Researchers at The University of Nottingham have developed laser fluorescence technology that enables observation of protein activity on living cell surfaces for the first time. 9 September 2008

University of Twente awarded €2.4m grant for research into point-of-care diagnostics
The University of Twente in the Netherlands has been awarded a grant of €2.4 million euros from the European Research Council for its eLab4Life project that will research lab-on-a-chip systems for point-of-care diagnostics. 21 August 2008

Bruker AXS to acquire microscopy company Surface Imaging Systems GmbH
Bruker AXS GmbH, a subsidiary of scientific equipment supplier Bruker Corporation, has signed an agreement to take over German atomic force microscope manufacturer SIS Surface Imaging Systems GmbH. 21 August 2008

Kit for rapid assembly of lab-on-a-chip
University of Michigan engineers engineers have developed a kit for researchers to make custom microfluidic devices. The 16-piece lab-on-a-chip kit will brings microfluidic devices to researchers that don't have the funds, technology or skills to design and manufacture them from scratch. 5 August 2008

Robotic maglev system for handling pathology lab samples
A robotic sample management system has been shown to carry out complex pathology sample transport operations rapidly and with a high level of reliability. It includes a new transport system based on magnetic levitation railway technologies, a new laboratory information system and a special selective analyser. 30 July 2008

Leica announces scientific forum events in Heidelberg, the UK and France
Leica has announced the venues and dates for its lecture series, the Leica Scientific Forum — Advances in Life Sciences, with an expanded series of lectures in Heidelberg and scientific centres in France and the UK that will be held from July to December 2008. 26 June 2008

Definiens unveils new laboratory and medical image analysis platform
Definiens has introduced a new multi-dimensional image analysis platform, the Definiens XD. Software applications built on the platform extract previously unattainable levels of volumetric and morphological intelligence from digital data. 26 June 2008

iSOFT wins Moscow lab system contract
IBA Health Group company iSOFT has won a contract for its LabCentre laboratory information system with Gemotest, a Moscow-based private laboratory group. 26 June 2008

New data strengthens case to replace animals in lab tests with microdosing
The European Union Microdose AMS Partnership Programme (EUMAPP) consortium has presented preliminary results from a 30-month project. Early indications are that microdosing can provide valuable human data at the earliest stages of exploratory clinical development. 24 June 2008

Multidetector CT scan can detect dissolved drugs
The smuggling of dissolved drugs, especially cocaine, in bottled liquids can be decreased with the use of multidetector CT according to a recent study conducted at Bern University. 3 June 2008

vision4health acquires Molis lab system from Sysmex
Swiss diagnostics software company vision4health has acquired the Molis laboratory information system division from the Japanese Sysmex Group.

Breakthrough in cell-based assay development
US company MaxCyte has introduced the ITF Inline Transfection System, a validated platform for preparative transfection, based on unique flow electroporation technology. The system enables rapid and efficient transfection of any kind of cell or cell line with any molecule. 29 April 2008

Varian acquires x-ray crystallography company Oxford Diffraction
Varian, Inc. has taken over UK company Oxford Diffraction Ltd, for about US$37m, strengthening its portfolio of information-rich detection products. 8 April 2008

Dual microscope cameras simplify capture of rapid cellular event
Nikon’s new Ti Series of inverted microscopes can capture images at two wavelengths simultaneously using dual cameras, making it simpler to observe dynamic cellular events. 31 March 2008

New radiation monitor from Southern Scientific
The Inspector EXP+ is a new, low-cost, hand-held radiation detector from Southern Scientific that has an external probe, LCD digital readout and provides audible indication of each count detected. 17 March 2008

Montpellier Rio Imaging lab selects Definiens for high throughput image analysis. 6 March 2008

Leica Microsystems expands electron microscopy business
Leica Microsystems (Wetzlar) has taken over Bal-Tec AG of Liechtenstein, a producer of instruments for sample preparation in scanning electron microscopy. 29 February 2008

Nonlinear Dynamics and UVP sign image analysis software distribution agreement
The agreement covers the promotion and supply of Nonlinear’s SameSpots image analysis software through UVP’s direct sales force and worldwide distributor network.18 February 2008

iSOFT expands in Russian lab systems market
iSOFT Deutschland has strengthened its position in Russia with a partnership agreement with Moscow-based company ML Park to distribute and support iSOFT's laboratory information system (LIS) LabCentre. 15 February 2008

Axon Lab to distribute iSOFT lab system in Switzerland
German company Axon Lab AG, a service provider for diagnostics and molecular biology in Austria, Germany and Switzerland has become a distribution partner for iSOFT's laboratory solution, LabCentre. 4 February 2008

WaferGen develops SmartChip real-time PCR system and oncology gene panel assays
WaferGen Biosystems has completed development of its whole genome, high throughput gene expression real-time polymerase chain reaction platform. 29 January

Cepheid launches GeneXpert molecular diagnostic system
Cepheid has begun shipment of its next generation GeneXpert self-contained automated molecular analysis system. It automates and integrates DNA testing and can test 60 targets in a single cartridge. 16 January

Siemens introduces MicroScan WalkAway plus automated diagnostic systems
Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics has introduced the MicroScan WalkAway plus Systems for mid- and high-volume clinical diagnostic microbiology laboratories. They offer simultaneous automation of overnight, rapid and specialty panels that test for both gram negative and gram positive bacteria. 16 January

FEI joins with FOM to develop single-atom imaging
FEI Company, a leading developer of electron  microscopes, and the Netherlands-based Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM), have announced a joint nanotechnology research project to develop a new generation of microscopes. 10 January

Visage Imaging introduces new version of 3D/4D visualisation software
The software framework, amira, visualizes, manipulates, and analyzes complex 3D and 4D data sets in biomedical research. 21 November

Stem Cell Sciences wins EU funding for drug discovery from neural stem cells
Stem Cell Sciences is to lead an EU-funded, multinational drug-screening project, called NEUROscreen, using Stem Cell Sciences’ proprietary neural stem (NS) cell technology. 16 October

iSOFT launches laboratory reporting application
iSOFT has introduced a new reporting tool for its laboratory information systems from its business intelligence partner FMI Business Solutions Group. 5 October

Bionas signs service contract with Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Bionas GmbH, a specialist in in-vitro profiling of cellular metabolic activity, has signed a service contract with German firm Solvay Pharmaceuticals GmbH for the metabolic profiling of obesity drug candidates. 3 October 2007

Gene sequencing identifies virus as possible cause of honeybee catastrophe
Researchers at Columbia University, in collaboration with 454 Life Sciences, a Roche company, have identified a virus implicated in the deaths of millions of honeybee colonies using the company's genome sequencer system. 1 October 2007

New spectrometer method analyses substances on surfaces of any kind
A new and simple method of adapting a mass spectrometer enables it to analyse substances on any surface, including living tissue, rapidly and with no special sample preparation. 28 September

Nikon BioStation combines incubator and inverted microscope in one unit
An integrated ‘hands-off’ system for managing, observing and recording the growth of cells in culture has been launched by Nikon Instruments. 17 August 2007

Definiens launches new image intelligence suite for life science image analysis
The wealth of image information gathered in the various phases of the drug development process can now be integrated across and exchanged within the entire organization. 31 July 2007

The new Nikon Coolscop IINikon unveils Coolscope II microscope
Nikon Instruments has launched the Coolscope II, the latest version of its eye-piece-less microscope with digital camera and web server capabilities. 30 May 2007

The Leica DM1000 LED microscopeLeica introduces clinical microscope with LED illumination
The new version of the DM1000 series incorporates long-lasting LED illumination, which provides colour-neutral illumination and rarely needs lamp replacement. 16 May 2007

Nanosys and Bruker Daltonics collaborate in technology for fast analysis of small molecules. 21 March 2007

iSOFT Germany to provide laboratory systems to Dr Reising-Ackermann labs. 1 March 2007

BioLED lab-on-chip technology to be demonstrated at Imperial College, London
A demonstration version of the BioLED Lab On A Chip platform combining microfluidics, organic semiconductor diodes and photodetectors will be presented to a selected audience. 21 February 2007

Tecan and Applied Biosystems develop automated analyser for forensic DNA. 21 February 2007

Definiens unveils development strategy for 4D image analysis software for cell biology
Definiens AG, has announced its development strategy for its high-content cell biology image analysis application, Definiens Cellenger. Definiens Cellenger creates much deeper insights into image data, while providing a flexible environment to accelerate the drug development process. 25 Jan 2007

Nikon to distribute Aperio digital pathology products in Europe
Nikon Instruments Europe will distribute the full line of Aperio Technologies' ScanScope slide-scanning systems and Spectrum digital pathology information management software to the clinical market. 25 Jan 2007

Collaboration to develop microscopy image analysis software
The Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG) and Transinsight GmbH have entered into a  three-year collaboration to develop knowledge-based image analysis software. 4 Jan 2007

German Future Award for inventor of ground-breaking STED microscope. 11 Dec 2006 Deutsch

NuGEN launches Ovation whole blood solution and RNA amplification system. 7 Dec 2006

Part of the Bioident nanotiter plateBIOIDENT unveils lab-on-a-chip prototype with integrated optical readout
BIOIDENT’s revolutionary PhotonicLab Platform enables cost-effective disposable lab-on-a-chip solutions that eliminate the need for expensive, bulky readout systems and provide immediate test results with significant cost savings. 7 Dec 2006

DMetrix, Inc. and Definiens AG sign partnership to develop automated digital pathology system. 1 Dec 2006

Nikon launches NIS Elements v2.3 for microscope image capture and analysis. 30 Nov 2006

One million base pairs of Neandertal DNA sequenced
A project has analysed approximately one million base pairs of nuclear Neandertal DNA from a 38,000-year-old Croatian fossil. 22 Nov 2006

Viscotek releases new dynamic light scattering software for chemical characterisation. 21 Nov 2006

The winning image: Cell nuclei of the mouse colon (740x)Mouse colon photomicrograph wins Nikon’s Small World competition
Nikon’s Small World competition has been won by Dr. Paul Appleton, from the University of Dundee for images produced from his research into the development of colon cancer.

Bruker and Isis Pharmaceuticals introduce cultureless microorganism sensor to Europe
Bruker Daltonics and Isis Pharmaceuticals have introduced the Ibis T5000 automated biosensor system that enables the analysis of viruses, bacteria and fungi without any microbial culturing or genome sequencing steps. 9 Oct 2006

The Leica DMD108 histopathology systemLeica microsystems launches networked imaging solution for histopathologists
The Leica DMD108 offers an innovative solution for histopathologists that increases physical comfort, significantly speeds daily workflow without changing processes, and provides an easy-to-use network solution for sharing data. 9 Oct 2006

iSOFT wins four lab system support contracts worth £2.7m
iSOFT has won two contracts in Scotland and two in England for support and maintenance of its laboratory information systems. 8 Oct 2006

Cytori Therapeutics achieves US clearance for cell concentration system
The Celution cell concentration system has received US FDA clearance as a cell saver device for medical use. 5 Oct 2006

iSOFT software reduces unnecessary pathology tests
A new software application from iSOFT has the potential to save UK hospitals around £100,000 a year by preventing unnecessary blood tests. 2 Oct 2006

Bionas and Primacyt to cooperate on cell-based assay for predicting liver toxicity
Bionas and PRIMACYT have entered into a cooperation aimed at the development of a cell-based assay using primary human hepatocytes for prediction of hepatotoxic effects in response to test compounds. 2 Oct 2006

Design award for Oxford Instruments' benchtop analyser
Oxford Instruments’ new MQC benchtop NMR analyser has received an Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) Industrial Design Award for innovation and distinction in analytical and life science instrumentation. 2 Oct 2006

BD Biosciences releases flow cytometry system for in vitro diagnostics use. 27 Sept 2006

Molecular Devices introduces new benchtop reader for kinetic cell-based assays. 26 Sept 2006

Manchester Bioimaging Facility orders three Nikon confocal microscope systems. 22 Sept 2006

PerkinElmer acquires Avalon Instruments for Raman spectroscopy products. 12 September 2006

ETH Zurich adopts VisEn's fluorescence molecular tomography system for molecular imaging. 30 August 2006

Chip-based cell monitoring system for preclinical pharmacological studies
Bionas GmbH has launched a device for in vitro profiling of the metabolic activity of cells. The Bionas 2500 measures multiple metabolic parameters simultaneously using sensor chips that give continuous readout and allow online monitoring. 28 August 2006 Deutsch

Paris University to study medical applications of NanoArrayer
The Université Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris is evaluating the BioForce Nanosciences NanoArrayer system. The University will use the NanoArrayer to pattern proteins associated with cell morphology establishment and migration. 24 August 2006

Respironics carbon dioxide sensors to be used in Sartorius disposable bioreactors. 22 August 2006

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