Akonni Biosystems’ ultra-rapid nucleic acid extraction technology gains US patent

18 August 2010

Akonni Biosystems has been granted a US patent for its method for rapidly purifying nucleic acids (US Patent No. 7,759,112). The patent protects the company’s use of its pioneering nucleic acid binding matrix when inserted into a pipette tip, tubing or cartridge for nucleic acid purification.

“This patent solidifies Akonni’s intellectual property position in the nearly US$700 million nucleic acid extraction market. We believe the use of this methodology has the potential to change the healthcare industry and impact the identification and treatment of disease by reducing the time it takes to obtain PCR-ready material from clinical samples to just a few minutes,” said Dr Phil Belgrader, Vice President of Research and Development at Akonni.

“This methodology is available today in Akonni’s TruTip product line, where the more rapid extraction of nucleic acids is already accelerating the identification of influenza and cancer markers, speeding genetics research and drug discovery, and even helping solve forensics cases faster.”

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