Bruker announces availability of world’s first 18 Tesla FTMS magnet

5 September 2009

Bruker Daltonics has announced the availability of the world’s first 18 Tesla (T) magnet for Fourier transform mass spectrometry (FTMS). The company says that this unique, actively-shielded, refrigerated 18T magnet system with excellent homogeneity and field stability, represents the world’s highest field FTMS magnet, providing unique and novel scientific capabilities that can be applied to some of today’s most important, complex, and challenging protein, polymer, and small molecule analyses.

The 18 Tesla capability will significantly impact a variety of research areas, including protein identification, petroleomics, metabolomics, small molecule tissue molecular imaging, and environmental sample analysis.

The new magnet system provides dramatic increases in FTMS resolution, speed, and dynamic range. Additionally, the routine observation and measurement of isotopic fine structure of molecules of interest will be facilitated and extended to larger molecules to provide another dimension of specificity for the determination of exact molecular formulae.

Bruker has a long history of magnet development with many ‘firsts’ in high field technology. The latest of these achievements has been the June 2009 introduction of the world’s first 1 GHz NMR system (23.5 tesla).

“The development of the 18T magnet for FTMS represents the next leap forward for high end FTMS,” said Dr. Gerhard Roth, Managing Director of Bruker BioSpin GmbH in Karlsruhe, Germany. “The design of this new horizontal bore 18T FTMS magnet is based on Bruker’s extensive design and production experience for ultra high field vertical and horizontal bore magnets for NMR, MRI, EPR and FTMS, combining the most advanced features and many of our key proprietary technologies.”

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