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Leica microsystems launches networked imaging solution for histopathologists

9 October 2006

Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Microsystems has designed a new networked imaging solution for the histopathology laboratory that makes it easier to view, store and share images of specimens.

The Leica DMD108 histopathology systemThe Leica DMD108 offers an innovative solution for histopathologists that increases physical comfort, significantly speeds daily workflow without changing the process, and provides an easy-to-use network solution for sharing data. The solution has been extensively tested with pathologists to ensure that their daily requirements are met.

The Leica DMD108 system provides high-quality images directly on a monitor using a high-resolution camera and powerful image processing software. It generates high-resolution images with brilliant colour fidelity that equal those produced using a conventional microscope.

Histopathologists can use the Leica DMD108 to photograph specimen details of interest or compare tissue sections. Images are easily stored with the click of a mouse and can be retrieved at any time. Size ratios are also calculated by a simple keystroke. The histopathologist can then audio-record the diagnosis directly onto
the DMD108, and the diagnosis is ready for transmission.

The system provides an ideal link between pathologists around the world. Now, holding live discussions about specific specimens is amazingly easy with Leica’s new network imaging solution, and it is
far more convenient than conventional discussion microscopes. A second monitor or high-resolution data projector can be added to the system for training, conferences, and tumour board discussions. Images can even be emailed during the work process; whenever a second opinion is required from a colleague who is not linked to the network.

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