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Paris University to study medical applications of NanoArrayer

24 August 2006

Ames, Iowa, USA. The Université Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris is evaluating the biological applications of BioForce Nanosciences (BULLETIN BOARD: BFNH) NanoArrayer system for enabling new nanotechnology applications. The evaluation is being carried out for the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

The NanoArrayer was installed in May in the laboratory of Dr. Fatiha Nothias. "Our plan is to use the unique printing capabilities of the NanoArrayer to pattern proteins associated with cell morphology establishment and migration," said Dr Nothias. "Our end goal is to determine the consequences of the interactions of neurons and glial cells with these patterned proteins."

Other French research groups in the same institute have expressed interest in utilizing the NanoArrayer to study how cells sense their environment during the organization of the embryonic tissue.

Michael Lynch, Product Manager for the NanoArrayer, assisted with the installation and training process. "The NanoArrayer enables protein patterning in the significantly small dimensions required to study single cell growth and development important in neuroscience, cancer biology, stem cell research, genetic disease and more," he said. "This installation also provided an opportunity to introduce NanoAndMore, our European distributor for the NanoArrayer product line, to these new and exciting markets."

"This technology agreement partnership with UPMC and CNRS provides BioForce with valuable new market applications of the NanoArrayer," said Kerry Frey, BioForce COO. "Our goal is continued growth into emerging new bionanotechnology markets in Europe and this placement, our second overseas this year, continues our progress."


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