Caliper launches LabChip Dx for molecular diagnostics

31 Jan 2011

Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. has launched the LabChip Dx system for clinical research laboratories developing molecular diagnostic tests.

 The LabChip Dx platform is now available in major markets around the world and enables simultaneous analysis of up to ten different analytes in a single sample.

The LabChip Dx system is the latest next-generation product platform utilizing Caliper's microfluidic technology and intellectual property, and delivers ease of use combined with rapid, accurate, and cost-effective testing.

It is also capable of analyzing large numbers of multiplex samples using minimal sample volume and avoids the need to further purify or dilute diagnostic PCR products. The new system includes specific identification, scoring and reporting software. The cost-effective approach of Caliper's robust microfluidics technology has contributed to its high rate of adoption among research laboratories around the world.

"The market has been evolving to run multiple tests simultaneously, and our LabChip Dx product is intended to address this trend," said Kevin Hrusovsky, President and CEO of Caliper Life Sciences. "This launch is the first step in our strategy to penetrate the molecular diagnostics market. We are currently seeking partners with unique molecular diagnostic content for validation and clearance by regulatory agencies. Long-term, we intend to combine our molecular diagnostics competencies with our recently acquired multiplex tissue imaging technology to enter the emerging field of companion diagnostics."


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