Dickson launches recorder for independent monitoring of ultra-low freezers

26 November 2008

The Dickson Ultra Low RecorderDickson has launched an Ultra-Low Recorder for validating freezer temperatures for storage of essential materials with critical requirements for ultra-low temperatures.

This 24/7 monitoring tool with built-in relays to integrate with alarm systems helps assure 21CFR Part 1271 and other regulatory compliance.

Features of the Dickson Ultra-Low Recorder include:

  • temperature recording for -100 to 0 degrees F/C;
  • quick reference digital display;
  • glycol bottles available for temperature stabilization;
  • compact, rugged enclosure suited for laboratory use; and
  • relay contacts to integrate into facility alarm systems

Nick Kovacic, Hospital Specialist for the Dickson Company, comments, "Data loggers built into ultra-low freezers should be independently verified to ensure that stored tissues and other bio-materials don't deteriorate. We've introduced the Ultra-low Recorder to give managers of laboratories and other medical facilities storing critical items a relatively low-cost tool to take this worry off their list."

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