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BD Biosciences releases flow cytometry system for in vitro diagnostics use

27 Sep 2006

San Jose, Calif., USA. BD Biosciences, a segment of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE:BDX) , today announced the U.S clearance and release of the BD FACSCanto II flow cytometry system for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use.

This new benchtop analyzer supports the first six-colour flow cytometry IVD application for routine HIV/AIDS monitoring using a highly efficient one-tube test. Health professionals regularly use flow cytometry to obtain CD4 test results to make important treatment decisions in HIV-infected patients, most notably when the disease has progressed to the point where initiation of antiretroviral treatment (ARV) would be beneficial.

The BD FACSCanto II system offers a range of turnkey IVD applications, as well as the flexibility and cutting-edge performance required for complex life science and clinical research applications. The BD FACSCanto II system demonstrates BD Biosciences' continued commitment to the growing need for IVD products. The system is also CE-IVD marked and was released in Europe earlier this year.

The BD FACSCanto II system assists laboratories in achieving quality data quickly and efficiently, offering users high-fluorescence sensitivity, industry-leading low sample contamination of less than 0.1% between tests, and processing speeds of up to 10,000 events per second. Due to its unique performance characteristics, the BD FACSCanto II system greatly facilitates rare event analysis, an important feature for laboratories of all types.

Whether used for clinical research or IVD testing, the BD FACSCanto II system is designed with many automation features that increase laboratory efficiency and productivity. Its integrated fluidics cart holds all fluids necessary for routine operation and maintenance, facilitating automated system cleaning, startup, and shutdown routines to help laboratories focus on what's important — analysis and reporting of data.

"For more than 30 years, BD flow cytometers have paved the way for state- of-the-art cell analysis, becoming the method of choice for researchers and clinicians who measure and chart characteristics and properties of cells, particularly cells of the immune system," said Bill Rhodes, President, Cell Analysis. "The design of the BD FACSCanto II system brings all of our expertise to bear, providing the latest tool to advance potentially lifesaving research and meet the complex needs of the 21st century clinical laboratory market."


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