Bruker introduces next-generation ultra-sensitive ion trap

27 May 2009

Bruker Daltonics has has launched its next-generation ultra-sensitive, ion trap amaZon series. It has 10-times improved MS/MS sensitivity over current platforms, novel technology for accelerated data acquisition, significantly enhanced mass resolution, and second-generation fast and sensitive ETD/PTR capabilities.

The amaZon builds upon Bruker’s long experience in ion trap technologies, and is designed to enhance capabilities in research areas such as bottom-up proteomics, high-throughput and ultra-sensitive PTM analysis, metabolomics, compound screening and identification, and detailed chemical and structural analysis.

The amaZon series is offered in two versions: amaZon ETD for proteomics, and amaZon X for small molecule analysis and applied markets.

Bruker Daltonics Vice President Dr Arnd Ingendoh commented: “The performance of the amaZon will completely redefine the use of ion traps across an increasing range of application areas.

"With new, unparalleled levels of sensitivity, acquisition speed and mass resolution combined with ease-of-use, smart automation and an array of software modules for faster high-value information generation, the amaZon offers a new level of performance and confidence in many small molecule and applied market segments.

"In proteomics, the amaZon is a very powerful ESI-MS/MS system with ultra-sensitive, fully automated ETD/PTR, and represents a perfect complement to MALDI-TOF/TOF technology for the broadest array of proteomic analysis capabilities.”

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