Leica launches integrated platform to study dynamics of cellular processes

28 August 2009

Leica Microsystems has released the first single-molecule detection (SMD) system that offers an integrated platform for the most common single molecule techniques, such as FLIM and FCS.

The new Leica TCS SMD Series also provides the ability to perform the newer and more precise verification methods for molecule concentrations and interactions, FCCS (fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy) and FLCS (fluorescence lifetime correlation spectroscopy).

The Leica TCS SMD
The Leica TCS SMD

The Leica TCS SMD Series integrates hardware and software from PicoQuant with the high-end confocal system Leica TCS SP5 II. Researchers can now control a complete SMD experiment via one interface, the LAS AF software from Leica Microsystems. The coordination of different hardware and software components for one SMD experiment is now a thing of the past.

Complex SMD technologies are no longer complicated due to the user-friendly design of the system series. Quick and easy operation is ensured by dedicated application wizards. They guide the user step-by-step through SMD experiments and significantly maximize the reproducibility of data. With the universal SMD raw data format, one and the same data file can be analyzed in various ways and leads to quantification with maximum content.

Field upgrades of Leica TCS SP5 and SP5 II confocal systems to any of the Leica TCS SMD systems, FCS, FLIM and FLCS, are possible.

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