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Nikon unveils Coolscope II microscope

30 May 2007

Nikon Instruments has launched the Coolscope II, the latest version of its eye-piece-less microscope with digital camera and web server capabilities.

The new Nikon Coolscop II

The new version has faster frame rate, up from 7.5 fps to 12 fps, providing a smoother and more continuous movement when panning across a sample. USB functionality enables images to be saved and viewed on a PC.

The Coolscope II has improved macro image illumination, faster display update and enhanced colour rendition, especially in the red end of the spectrum. This ensures the images have more natural colour. A revolutionary ‘fly-eye’ lens array provides consistent illumination across the entire field of view. The microscope is also compatible with PictBridge software, allowing a direct connection to a printer without going through a PC.

“We are confident that the updated Coolscope II will be as well received by our customers as the original model,” commented Chay Keogh, Marketing Manager, Nikon Instruments UK.

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