BD Max system for molecular diagnostics launched in Europe

23 June 2010

BD Diagnostics has launched the BD MAX Automated Molecular Diagnostic System and the BD MAX GBS Assay in Europe, the first in a planned broad menu of infectious disease assays.

The BD MAX System is a fully automated workstation designed to offer on-demand and batch testing to accommodate varying workloads and designed for maximum lab efficiency and flexibility. The system enables users to develop their own fully-automated assays on the open-architecture system.

“The increasing prevalence of infectious and drug-resistant organisms and their migration into healthcare facilities warrants faster, easier and more comprehensive testing with flexible workflows that accommodate each institution’s unique needs,” said Philippe Jacon, President, BD Diagnostics — Diagnostic Systems. “The BD MAX System will help hospitals and laboratories meet their expanding needs for screening and testing for these pathogens.”

The BD MAX System offers a unique combination of simplicity, flexibility, scalability and lab efficiency. The system can be operated by any lab technician and does not require specialised molecular skills or lab facilities. It can concurrently process different assays for up to 24 patient samples typically producing results within two and half hours. It can also provide on-demand processing of up to four samples in under 90 minutes.

With hands-off operation and true walk-away time, the system frees technicians to perform other tasks during a run, improving laboratory efficiency and productivity. The open platform design and general purpose reagents offer maximum flexibility for implementation of fully-automated laboratory developed assays for DNA and RNA testing. The availability of the CE marked BD MAX Assay for detection of Group B Streptococci in pregnant women will help enable clinicians to take appropriate action to colonized patients to minimize the risk of infection to the mother or infant at childbirth.

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