Signature Genomic Laboratories makes Genoglyphix microarray visualization program available to full-service clients

November 2008

The Genoglyphix microarray visualization program was previously available only to laboratories that analyze microarray results using Signature research-use-only microarrays in-house. The HIPAA-compliant Genoglyphix service allows users to visualize microarray test results for their patients over a secure online server.

For each patient, the Genoglyphix Genome Browser shows the syndromes and genes in the affected region, and links to the RefSeq, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM), and PubMed databases provide access to the latest research available online. Through the browser, users can also access the Database of Genomic Variants to identify common copy number variants.

“One of our primary objectives is to provide medical professionals with the greatest amount of useful information for the medical management of their patients,” said Bassem Bejjani, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Signature. “Microarrays give us an unprecedented amount of information; the Genoglyphix service allows our clients to access and analyze that information in a user-friendly setting.”

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