BD Biosciences launches BD LSRFortessa 18-colour cell analyzer

31 May 2010

BD Biosciences has launched its off-the-shelf BD LSRFortessa system for flow cytometry analysis. The system uses up to four lasers — blue, red, violet and UV — to enable the detection of up to 18 colours simultaneously.

The system includes a number of innovative technologies, including novel collection optics that reduce excitation losses and improve light-collection efficiency. The result is optical efficiency that delivers maximal sensitivity and resolution for multicolor applications. It has a 30" x 36" benchtop footprint, allowing researchers to maximize utilization of lab space, without sacrificing system power.

“Our quest is to enhance cellular analysis by making multicolor flow cytometry analysis more powerful and accessible to life science researchers,” said James Glasscock, President, Cell Analysis, BD Biosciences. “This new BD LSRFortessa System is a perfect example of how we are offering researchers powerful, flexible, high-performance tools that will meet their needs today and tomorrow.”

As researchers’ needs grow, the new BD LSRFortessa System may be upgraded with additional or new lasers through the special order program to meet their precise assay requirements. This system is complemented by the special order BD LSRFortessa Cell Analyzer, which was launched in June 2009. The special order BD LSRFortessa is customer configurable with up to five lasers, as well as a choice of more than 11 wavelengths, 30 positional choices for detectors, and multiple power options to meet researchers’ exact specifications.


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