Leica launches improved platform for confocal and two-photon microscopy

17 July 2009

Leica Microsystems has optimized its confocal and two-photon microscope platform, the Leica TCS SP5 II in close co-operation with leading research scientists.

The new specific optics for imaging or laser manipulation provide the same excellent quality for both applications. In case of manipulation, a new optical module provides more energy in the confocal volume to achieve better research results.

The Leica TCS SP5 II features the broadest band of imaging speeds and resolutions ever available in one confocal microscope — from 1 to 16,000 lines per second and up to 64 megapixels per image. As a true single-point confocal, it combines fast frame rates, best resolution and deep tissue imaging with full multi-channel capabilities.

The broadband multi-spectral imaging for multi-labelled specimens is supported by the dynamic beam splitter AOBS and is further extended by expanding the highly sensitive SP prism spectrophotometer detection to five simultaneous channels.

The intelligent and intuitive user interface in combination with the new 30” (76.2 cm) monitor provides best ease of use across all Leica Microsystems advanced fluorescence systems.

A broad range of application wizards, such as FRAP, FRET, electrophysiology, single molecule detection, FLIM and FCS turns the system into the leading research tool for shared resource laboratories.

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