Accelrys upgrades Isentris lab decision support software

15 Oct 2010

Accelrys, Inc. has released version 3.3 of the Isentris data access, analysis, and decision support system (previously Symyx Isentris). Isentris 3.3 drives faster, better informed scientific decisions by enabling scientists to display, manipulate, and compare spectral, chromatographic, and XY graphical data.

In addition, scientists can now explore commercial and in-house information along with key chemical sourcing and reaction planning information made available via DiscoveryGate Web Service, without leaving the Isentris environment.

The Isentris system, and its precursor ISIS system, became part of the Accelrys portfolio of scientific informatics software as a result of the July 2010 merger of Accelrys and Symyx Technologies, Inc.

With R&D organizations looking for ways to reduce cost by consolidating software applications where possible, adding these new capabilities to Isentris enables customers to circumvent costs of maintaining additional third-party software and also reduces on-going maintenance commitments and training costs.

"Accelrys has made considerable progress in transitioning its ISIS customers," said Dr. Trevor Heritage, executive vice president, software products, Accelrys. "The new visualization and information access capabilities in Isentris 3.3 are further inducements for ISIS customers to make the switch, and this trend will persist as Accelrys continues to invest heavily in industry-leading decision support software. The company's planned integration of Pipeline Pilot property calculators, data analytics, and dashboards into Isentris will provide groundbreaking new opportunities for customers engaged in visualizing, exploring, and reporting research results."


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