Siemens introduces MicroScan WalkAway plus automated diagnostic systems

16 January 2008

Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics has introduced the MicroScan WalkAway plus Systems for mid- and high-volume clinical diagnostic microbiology laboratories.

The company says the systems are the only instruments in the market that offer simultaneous automation of overnight, rapid and specialty panels that test for both gram negative and gram positive bacteria.

The WalkAway plus systems also offer advanced automation features that improve laboratory productivity by decreasing system maintenance activity. The two new instrument models — a 40-panel capacity model for medium-volume laboratories and a 96-panel capacity model for high-volume laboratories — will replace the current WalkAway SI 40 and 96 Systems.

"We remain committed to addressing the challenges of today's clinical laboratory," said Jim Reid-Anderson, president and CEO, Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics. "This new innovation for the microbiology laboratory allows customers to improve laboratory workflow and productivity while helping them to continue advancing the quality of patient care in their facilities."

The Siemens' MicroScan technology was introduced as the first advanced technology based on the sound microbiology principles of true minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) testing. This principle remains the most sensitive method to determine bacteria's susceptibility to antibiotics. The new WalkAway plus Systems combine proven MIC technology with new automated features, including automated maintenance and dial-up system diagnostics capability.

Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics has nearly 60 MicroScan panels of tests, with up-to-date antibiotics including overnight, rapid and specialty panels. The Company was the first to offer an automated identification and susceptibility testing system cleared for improved detection of the emerging resistant bacterium Vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA).

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