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Respironics carbon dioxide sensors to be used in Sartorius disposable bioreactors

22 August 2006

Goettingen, Germany. German technology group Sartorius AG (GER:STR) and US medical device manufacturer Respironics, Inc. have signed an agreement that provides for certain Respironics' carbon dioxide sensor technologies to be used with Sartorius disposable bioreactors.

During the term of the agreement, and subject to certain terms and conditions, Sartorius will have the exclusive right to sell Respironics' Capnostat 5 mainstream carbon dioxide sensor and LoFlo Capnostat 5 sidestream carbon dioxide sensor with Sartorius's disposable bioreactor. The technology will be used in the measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide being generated in the fermentation/bio-reaction process in use of living cells in the manufacturing of drugs.

Sartorius plans to integrate Respironics' proprietary sensor technology into its disposable bioreactors in an effort to become the first company worldwide to offer bioreactors enabling required off-gas analysis using disposable technologies during the fermentation/bio-reaction process.

This is a critical parameter for cell culturing in the fermenter or bioreactor to obtain active medical ingredients. Together with measurements of the substances added to the cell lines and of the parameters in the bioreactor, such as temperature or pH, off-gas analysis delivers overall information on cell activity and process stability of fermentation. Until now, this analysis had been carried out with equipment that had to be sterilized after every sampling procedure and that additionally entailed a high capital outlay of up to US$25,000 dollars.

Respironics continues to offer its carbon dioxide sensor and carbon dioxide monitoring technology for use in intensive care units, emergency medicine/transport and for respiratory care.

Reinhard Vogt, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the Biotechnology Division at Sartorius said the agreement is an example pointing the way to the future in that it shows how an already established technology in medical applications can be transferred to other market segments. "Particularly in the past two years, Sartorius has built up a broad portfolio of disposable technologies with which we anticipated the market trends and have considerably set ourselves apart from the competition."

Philip Nuzzo, Vice President of OEM & Monitoring, explained the benefits of the agreement for Respironics: "Sartorius offers us the opportunity to enter an additional market for our products which further establishes our CO2 technology as the market leader."

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