Bruker expands Ascend series of NMR magnets

20 April 2011

Bruker has announced new models for its Ascend series of higher performance and compact NMR magnets, now covering a range from 400 MHz to 850 MHz.

The Ascend product line builds on the key advantages of Bruker’s well-established UltraShield Plus magnets, with further innovations for superior performance and greater convenience.

Ascend magnets feature advanced superconductors and proprietary magnet technology which together enable the design of smaller, lighter magnet coils, resulting in  reduction in physical size, weight, magnetic stray field, drift and cryogen consumption. Ascend magnets are therefore even easier to site, even safer to run and less expensive to operate.

Bruker’s improved External Disturbance Suppression (EDS) technology provides outstanding suppression of external magnetic field disturbances, making Ascend magnets ideal for challenging urban environments and space-restricted laboratories. In addition, Bruker’s proprietary superconducting joint technology yields improved drift behaviour with now only 10 parts per billion (ppb) drift per hour. The previous generation of magnets had 50% higher drift specifications. These new lowest drift rates translate into the best overall magnetic field stability which is very important for demanding NMR experiments.

With their reduced physical size and weight, the new Ascend magnets make important contributions to environmental sustainability and reduce operational costs due significant reductions in Ascend Helium consumption of up to 50%, compared to previous generations of Bruker magnets.


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