DNA Precision offers tools for healthcare research, gene discovery and analysis services

20 October 2009

DNA Precision is offering services for genetic and healthcare research. These include gene discovery, Agilent microarray processing and bioinformatics. DNA Precision is a division of EcoArray, Inc., an environmental genomics firm based in Gainesville, Florida.

John Rogers, EcoArray’s President, said, “We started DNA Precision to provide the gene discovery and analysis services we have developed for our work in environmental testing to a broader base of customers in healthcare and personalized medicine research, as well as government and academic research.”

DNA Precision offers complete gene discovery and analysis services, from library development to bioinformatics under both GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) and non-GLP standards.

DNA Precisions’ services are directed at the new field of genetic research, which has led to better understanding of chronic diseases such as cancer and is opening the way to the exciting field of personalized medicine.

Barbara Carter, EcoArray’s Research Director, said, “We developed our processes with a focus on environmental testing. Since little work had been done in genomics in this area, we built the processes for our environmental business from the ground up. It now seems like a good idea to offer these services — gene libraries, contract sequencing, microarray development, microarray processing, PCR primer design and bioinformatics — to the broader research and healthcare research community.”


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