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Viscotek releases new dynamic light scattering software for chemical characterisation

21 November 2006

Viscotek have announced a new version of their OmniSIZE dynamic light-scattering acquisition and control software for the  characterisation of polymers, proteins and nanoparticulate materials,

Purpose designed for use with the Viscotek Model 802 DLS the new OmniSIZE 2.0 software sets a new standard for operational flexibility, versatility and ease of use in dynamic light scattering software. To deliver the full potential from the unmatched high resolution and signal-to-noise attainable by the patented Model 802 DLS single-mode fibre technology, OmniSIZE 2.0 includes a new high-resolution size distribution algorithm with unique 'L-curve' optimisation. To enhance the precision of measurements the new software release continuously monitors sample scattering intensity and temperature.

Built for use by both light scattering experts and first time users OmniSIZE 2.0 combines' powerful operational versatility with ease-of -use. New features of the software include rapid experimental set-up, automated data filtering, multiple experiment overlays and an automated data acquisition utility that includes temperature profiling.

Offering superior sensitivity, resolution and accuracy, born out of Viscotek's exclusive single mode fibre (SMF) technology, the Model 802 DLS delivers leading-edge results for applications including screening protein constructs for crystallisation, characterisation of colloidal and nanoparticulate drug-delivery systems, protein conformation analysis and measuring the stability and size of lipids and conjugates.

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