DASGIP launches bioreactor control system on iPhone

8 October 2009

The Bioreactor remote control suite on iPhoneDASGIP AG, a provider of bioreactor systems at benchtop scale, has launched a Remote Control Suite to remotely observe and access running processes onan iPhone, iPod touch or notebook computer.

"Users can now monitor all relevant process parameters from an office, between business meetings or even from home on the weekend. All they need is a computer and Internet access," said Matthias Arnold, DASGIP Chief Scientific Officer.

Data security is ensured through the implementation of established IT security mechanisms. Remote modifications to all process values are tracked and logged in a central database for transparency and complete documentation.

By combining optional features such as an alarm function, scientists can receive around-the-clock notifications that enable them to react promptly when deviations in the planned process occur. With the Remote Control Suite, DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems are offering unmatched bioprocess control at benchtop scale.

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