Siemens Medical Solutions accused of bribing Russian officials

15 September 2005

A former sales manager at Siemens Medical Solutions has accused the company of bribing Russian officials to help gain a 28.2 million ($34.6 million) contract with Moscow's Burdenko Institute, according to Stern magazine this week. The company is claimed to have budgeted 7 million for the deal.

Sam Tsekhman, the former sales manager, is reported to have sworn an affidavit that Siemens managers had on a regular basis handed him large sums of money for bribe payments for Russian civil servants. This is said to have continued into the year 2000.

The Moscow Times reported today that Ulrich Krips, spokesman for Siemens Medical Solutions, denied the report on Wednesday: "What the magazine is saying is absolutely not true," he said by telephone from Erlangen, Germany.

Report in Stern magazine (in German)

Report in The Moscow Times (in English)

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