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March 2006

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Postdoctoral fellow Jean-Francois Masson holds a microelectrode modified with a biosensing layer capable of measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP) release on cell surfaces.New cellular sensing tool aids cystic fibrosis research
A new microelectrode that combines an atomic force microscope with a biosensing layer has been used to investigate the cellular energy transport chemical adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and its role in cystic fibrosis. 31 March 2006

Continuous glucose monitor accelerates development of artificial pancreas
US government approval of another medical device that continuously monitors glucose is an important step in the development of an artificial pancreas. It also has the potential to greatly improve the quality of diabetes care and lower the risk of complications. 31 March 2006

Electrical stimulation of brain boosts stroke recovery
Sending tiny electric pulses to a part of the brain controlling motor function helps ischemic stroke survivors regain partial use of a weakened hand, according to a study by Oregon Health & Science University. 30 March 2006

Dräger Medical receives award for wireless patient monitoring technology
Dräger Medical has been awarded the 2005 Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology & Innovation Excellence in the European Markets for Wireless Patient Monitoring in Hospitals. 30 March 2006

International Congress of Nanobiotechnology & Nanomedicine call for papers. 29 March 2006

X-ray diffraction algorithm solves Sudoku puzzles
Cornell physicists have discovered that an algorithm they have developed to give clear images from X-ray diffraction microscopy also solves all forms of the internationally popular numbers puzzle Sudoku. 29 March 2006

A Barnsley patient using the Docobo hand-held device

Barnsley telehealth service monitors heart failure patients in the home
Barnsley Hospital is trialling an innovative telehealth service that will monitor the health of 40 chronic heart failure patients in their homes over 12 months. Patients use a hand-held device to answer a range of pertinent health and quality-of-life questions, supplemented with medical parameters including blood pressure and weight. 28 March 2006

First UK installation of Draeger Infinity shared network and ECG management system
Draeger Medical UK Limited has installed the first Infinity OneNet shared network and Infinity MegaCare ECG management solution in the UK at Southend Hospital, Essex. The system lets hospitals run wired and wireless patient monitoring systems on the hospital's existing network infrastructure. 27 March 2006

Biosense Webster to distribute Siemens' cardiac ultrasound catheters
Biosense Webster has been given exclusive worldwide rights to distribute Siemens' ACUSON AcuNav ultrasound catheters to electrophysiologists. 27 March 2006

New Georgia Tech research institute in Ireland to focus on medical devices and RFID
The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) will establish its first research enterprise outside the USA in Athlone, Ireland to focus on research and development needs of industry. It plans to build up a portfolio of research programs and collaborations with industry valued in excess of $24 million. 26 March 2006

Anton J. Schmidt re-elected as chairman of BVMed board
Anton J. Schmidt, executive chairman of Ethicon GmbH, was re-elected as BVMed chairman of the board at the German Medical Technology Association’s annual general meeting in Berlin. He has headed the association since March 2004. 24 March 2006

EU should invest more in medical technology to benefit economies
EU Member States should invest more in innovative medical technology and diagnostics, as this will increase efficiency in healthcare and reduce the burden on society of disease and disability, according to Eucomed and EDMA. 24 March 2006

Central control system for operating rooms
The CONDOR Control System for operating rooms is a surgical command centre that puts medical staff in control of the devices, patient information and even the lighting and temperature of the operating room. 17 March 2006

Service for outsourcing scientific instrument sales in Europe
Anachem-S3 is offering a ready-made service solution for scientific instrumentation suppliers wanting to grow their sales in Europe.  Outsourcing can help build business faster and exploit new sales opportunities. 17 March 2006

The 6th Nordic Conference on eHealth and Telemedicine — call for abstracts
NCeHT2006 will be held in Helsinki, Finland, on August 31 and September 1, 2006.  The deadline for abstracts is March 31 2006. 17 March 2006

GOLLUM unifies wireless technologies for mobile devices
An EC-funded project has developed a programming interface to unify the different methods used to access the many wireless and wired technologies currently in use. It should reduce the development time and cost of mobile multimedia platforms, and improve their functionality and interoperability. 15 March 2006

Rapid avian flu detection kits for sale in in Europe, Asia, and Africa
Applied Biosystems has released its TaqMan Influenza A/H5 Detection Kit  for sale in in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is capable of rapidly and reliably detecting multiple strains of avian influenza in laboratory samples. 14 March 2006

Applied Biosystems kündigt kommerzielle Verfügbarkeit einer Ausrüstung zum schnellen Vogelgrippenachweis in Europa, Asien und Afrika an. 15 März 2006

Applied Biosystems annonce la mise sur le marché de kits de détection rapide de la grippe aviaire en Europe, en Asie et en Afrique. 15 Mars 2006

European clinical trial of beating heart transplant system
TransMedics, Inc., has initiated a multi-centre European trial to evaluate the safety and performance of its Organ Care System for heart transplants. There are currently two trialsites in Germany and two in the UK. 14 March 2006

VisualSonics introduces new cardiovascular features in micro-ultrasound system
New features include Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI), integrated blood pressure analysis, automated left ventricular functional analysis, anatomical M-Mode and extended measurement capabilities. 14 March 2006

Molecular imager for in-vitro imaging of protein biomarkers in tissue sections and cell clusters
Bruker Daltonics has launched the MALDI Molecular Imager for high-sensitivity imaging of the spatial distribution of protein biomarkers in biological, pathology and other clinical research. 14 March 2006

Philips acquires cardiology monitoring technology in takeover of Witt Biomedical
Philips will acquire Witt Biomedical Corporation, the largest independent supplier of haemodynamic monitoring and clinical reporting systems used in cardiology catheterization laboratories. The takeover will allow Philips to offer an integrated suite of best-in-class technologies for the Cath Lab department. 14 March 2006

Trials of GE's 64-slice CT as diagnostic tool for cardiovascular disease
GE Healthcare will sponsor a series of multi-centre, multi-patient trials to further validate the clinical efficacy of its LightSpeed VCT computed tomography (CT) system as a method for the diagnosis and treatment planning of cardiovascular disease. 14 March 2006

Hybrid sensor technology to revolutionize high-end spectroscopy
Princeton Instruments/ Acton has developedva hybrid sensor technology that combines the key benefits of both CCDS and CMOS sensors to yield a dedicated spectroscopy detector, that has unparalleled sensitivity and speed. 13 March 2006

Siemens to distribute iCAD TotalLook for digital mammography market
Siemens Medical Solutions will offer TotalLook as an option for use with its Mammomat NovationDR full-field digital mammography system. It compares breast images to detect subtle changes that may be indicative of breast cancer. 9 March 2006

Cyberknife robotic radiosurgery systems to be installed in three French cancer centres
The French National Institute of Cancer (INCa) has selected Accuray's CyberKnife robotic radiosurgery system for its programme to promote innovative treatments in the field of radiation oncology. 8 March 2006

Tres sistemas de radiocirugía robótica CyberKnife - Accuray se instalarán en francia. 9 Marzo 2006

Installation en france de trois systèmes de radiochirurgie robotisée CyberKnife. 8 Mars 2006

In Frankreich werden Drei CyberKnife — Accuray Robotic Radiosurgery Systeme installiert. 8 März 2006

Tre sistemi robotici CyberKnife per radiochirurgia saranno prossimamente installati in francia. 8 marzo 2006

Mercury and Acuo Technologies collaborate in hosted medical image management
Acuo, in collaboration with U.S. service providers, will include Visage PACS, Mercury's image management solution, as a bundled offering in its application service provider (ASP) offering in the United States. 7 March 2006

Particle time tracking gives breakthrough PET/CT image quality for Philips
Philips' GEMINI TF is the first commercially available PET/CT system in which gamma rays are more accurately tracked using minute time measurements, doubling effective image sensitivity compared to conventional PET. 6 March 2006. Francais  Deutsch

First HIV/AIDS medical centre for children opened in Swaziland
Operated by Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, in partnership with the government, it is funded by Bristol-Myers Squibb's Secure the Future philanthropic initiative. It is the third such centre built under the initiative. 3 March 2006

Siemens and Haifu collaborate on high intensity ultrasound tumour treatment
Siemens Medical Solutions and Chinese company Chongqing Haifu (Haifu) Technology Co. will develop a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) therapy system for treatment of uterine fibroids, cancer, malignant and benign tumours of the liver, kidney, pancreas and bone. 3 March 2006

Xograph introduces wireless mobile X-ray C-arms
Xograph Imaging Systems has announced wireless network (WLAN) connectivity on its Ziehm range of surgical imaging mobile C-arm image intensifiers. These give flexibility in demanding, minimally invasive and interventional surgical procedures. 2 March 2006

Swedish association of medical device suppliers changes name to Swedish Medtech. 2 March 2006

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