Service for outsourcing scientific instrument sales in Europe

17 March 2006

Luton, UK. Anachem-S3 is offering a ready-made service solution for scientific instrumentation suppliers wanting to grow their sales in Europe. 

Scientific Instrumentation often requires a lot of support and maintenance to satisfy the exacting demands of its users. For suppliers, this can require substantial time and financial investments when entering new markets. Whilst selling overseas may be straightforward, equipment installations, servicing and continued support are often more complex, requiring specialist knowledge of local standards and customer requirements.

Outsourcing to S3 (Scientific Service Support) enables equipment suppliers to build their business faster and exploit new sales opportunities without having to invest time and money in hiring, developing, training and deploying their own European after-sales care. Having an established, reliable, local service and support organization provides a "level playing field" against local competition, removing potential barriers to customer orders. Customer satisfaction is improved as there is no delay in establishing local calibration, verification techniques and standards. Anachem is a professional European scientific instrumentation service organisation that has been in operation for over 35 years. Anachem-S3 already has this knowledge and can work together with suppliers to quickly provide solutions tailored to European customers' needs.

"The S3 field service team is highly trained, experienced and skilled in an extensive range of laboratory instrumentation and technologies", says Roger Granville, S3 Business Development Manager. "Manufacturers can now exploit this expertise to reduce time to market, boost sales, improve profits and minimise costs."

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