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April 2006

NanoMaterials Technology opens new US$1.5m facility
Singapore-based NanoMaterials Technology Pte Ltd (NMT), has opened new premises, which includes a manufacturing plant and pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories. 28 April 2006

Elekta receives Australian orders for Synergy image-guided radiation therapy
Elekta has announced two new orders for its image guided radiation therapy treatment product, Elekta Synergy, from North Coast Area Health Service in New South Wales, Australia. 28 April 2006

A scanning electron microscope image of an array of zinc oxide nanowires.Zinc oxide nanogenerators allow self-powered nanoscale medical devices
Researchers have developed a new technique for powering nanometer-scale devices without the need for bulky energy sources such as batteries. By converting mechanical energy into electricity, these “nanogenerators” could make possible a new class of self-powered nanodevices. 27 April 2006

Sorin Group stresses key role of pacing technology in avoiding unnecessary ventricular pacing
Sorin Group has begun a European awareness campaign on the risks associated with unnecessary pacing of the right ventricle from cardiac implantable devices. It significantly increases the risk of patients developing heart failure (HF) and atrial fibrillation (AF). 25 April 2006 Deutsch Español Francais Italiano 

Siemens syngo BEAT softwareSiemens introduces cardiology software for MRT scans
Siemens new software, syngo BEAT, reduces MR examinations of the heart to a few mouse clicks — even for patients suffering from arrhythmia. It enables faster and more accurate diagnostics and increases efficiency in cardiology. 25 April 2006

Mass spectrometry used to detect norovirus pathogen in clinical samples
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have demonstrated that proteomic mass spectrometry has the potential to be used to identify viruses in complex environmental samples. It has potential for use in biodefense and public health preparedness. 25 April 2006

A doctor examines the MRI of a newborn with a malformation of development of the cerebral cortex and cerebellum in the I-space environment powered by SGI systems.Erasmus University Medical Centre develops interactive immersive 3-D images
The images are projected in an immersive, interactive environment called I-space, developed at the Center. It presents clinicians with new ways to investigate datasets from all kinds of 3D imagery, including MRI and CT scans. 24 April 2006

Cardiac Science defibrillators meet new European and American guidelines
Cardiac Science Corporation has shipped two new models of its Powerheart automated external defibrillators (AEDs) that meet new American Heart Association and European Resuscitation Council guidelines. 23 April 2006

Medtronic receives FDA approval for insulin pump with glucose monitoring
Medtronic, Inc. has received FDA approval of the MiniMed Paradigm real-time insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system, a progressive new therapy available for patients who use insulin to treat diabetes. 23 April 2006

GE Healthcare's next-generation digital mammography system approved by US FDA
The Senographe Essential is the next-generation of GE's proven Senographe full field digital mammography systems. An advanced digital detector gives improved imaging capability and it has the largest active field of view in the industry. 23 April 2006

Ten years of high intensity focused ultrasound treatment for prostate cancer
EDAP presented 10-year Ablatherm - HIFU European experiences and a review of results of treatments dating back to 1995 at a special dedicated symposium during the European Association of Urology conference in Paris, 5-8 April. 23 April 2006

Medtronic introduces cardiopulmonary bypass system
Medtronic has received U.S. FDA clearance for its Performer Cardiopulmonary Bypass System (CPB), an integrated, compact console that provides support of the circulatory system during a variety of cardiac surgical procedures. 21 April 2006

Magnetically guided catheter aids radio frequency ablation treatment of heart
A remotely-controlled catheter device guided by magnetic fields can provide a safe and practical method for delivering radio frequency ablation treatment in the hearts of patients with atrial fibrillation. 21 April 2006

Artificial retina lets patient see patterns by wireless stimulation of retina
Intelligent Medical Implants AG (IMI) claims that the breakthrough in its limited clinical study is the first time that completely wireless transmission of data and energy into an implant in the eye of long-time blind persons has resulted in pattern recognition. 20 April 2006 Deutsch

Improvements in patient-safety depend on culture change
A new study of six innovative patient-safety programs found that building a safety culture into healthcare organisations required both revamped clinical practices and “social engineering" to bring about cultural change. 20 April 2006

Purdue University engineer Babak Ziaie shows the prototype wireless device he has developed with doctoral student Chulwoo SonImplantable wireless device for measuring radiation dose in tumours
Engineers at Purdue University are creating a wireless device the size of a rice grain that could be implanted in tumours to tell doctors the precise dose of radiation received and locate the exact position of tumours during treatment. 19 April 2006

Call for medical technology industry to be more involved in outpatient care
The medical devices industry is "an important partner that has hitherto not been heeded enough", according to Horst Bölle, Director of the claims department of the German health insurance fund for salaried employees (DAK). 19 April 2006 Deutsch

US Army deploys digital medical records in Afghanistan
The US Army's 14th Combat Support Hospital (CSH) has begun using its Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) systems, marking the first time deployed medical forces in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) will have digital medical recording technology at their fingertips. 19 April 2006

The Medfusion 3500 syringe pumpSmiths Medical wins $3m syringe pump contract with Massachusetts General Hospital
Smiths Medical has won a contract to supply Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) with 1,365 of its Medfusion 3500 syringe pumps. The pumps, which have PharmGuard Medication Safety Software, are the most recent innovation in Smiths Medical’s infusion technology. 6 April 2006

Clinical trials of SoftScan optical breast imaging system at Toronto hospital
Advanced Research Technologies is undertaking clinical trials of its time-domain optical imaging technology at Toronto's Princess Margaret Hospital as part of its North American pivotal study to open the way for commercialization of the technology. 6 April 2006. Francais

Belfast Hospital pioneers care in the home for young heart patients
The Paediatric Cardiology Department in Belfast Children's Hospital has been piloting the use of videoconferencing to provide care-in-the-home for babies and very small children recovering from heart surgery. The benefits have been much larger than expected. 5 April 2006

Wireless sensors for monitoring healing of fractures and performance of artificial joints in vivo
A system of wireless sensors implanted in biological tissue is being developed by IntelliJoint for dynamic measurements of displacements in vivo, in real time. The system is designed for clinical use such as monitoring healing of fractures and fusion, and evaluating the performance of artificial implants of hip, knee and shoulder joints. 4 April 2006

First installation of Draeger's Zeus anaesthesia system in UK
Draeger Medical UK Limited has installed its first Zeus anaesthesia system in the liver transplant theatre at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 4 April 2006

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