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November 2007

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CT angiography highly accurate in detecting coronary artery disease
Computed tomography (CT) angiography is as accurate as an invasive angiogram in detecting coronary artery disease, according to two 64-slice-scanner trials. 29 November

Through-wave ultrasound for image-guided breast biopsy
Advanced Imaging Technologies has announced that its ARIA ultrasound breast imaging system is now equipped for image-guided biopsy. 29 November

Corbis offers royalty free medical illustrations
Corbis is offering an extensive collection of specialised royalty-free medical illustrations covering subjects including microscopic organisms, human anatomy, disease states and medical devices. 29 November

Saphire combines patient monitoring with clinical decision support
The EU-funded Saphire project is developing an intelligent healthcare monitoring and decision-support system on a platform integrating wireless medical sensor data with hospital information systems. 26 November

Brain scans show gene therapy normalizes brain function in Parkinson's patients
PET scans of the brains of Parkinson's patients given an experimental gene therapy to improve muscular control showed that the treatment worked and had lasting results. 26 November

A 3D image of the heart from the Philips Brilliance iCT scannerPhilips unveils rapid 3D CT scan system
Royal Philips Electronics' latest CT body scanner, Brilliance iCT scanner, allows radiologists to produce high-quality images with exceptional acquisition speed. 26 November

Neurotechnologija releases face-matching software for smartcard security systems
Smartcard Face-Match stores and verifies biometric facial information on a smartcard, allowing individuals to maintain and protect their own information. It provides an extra level of security compared to either smart cards or face identification alone. 23 November

Electronic growth hormone injection device gains US approval
EMD Serono, Inc. has received US FDA approval of its easypod delivery system for the administration of Saizen, a treatment for growth hormone deficiency. 23 November

New clinical studies confirm Mauna Kea Technologies’ endomicroscopy system in a range of procedures
Mauna Kea Technologies (MKT), a supplier of in vivo cellular imaging systems, has reported on studies related to the company’s Cellvizio GI system by leading European gastroenterologists presented at the 15th United European Gastroenterology Week (UEGW). 23 November 2007

Boston Scientific settles 8550 patient claims over faulty Guidant defibrillators
Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE:BSX) has reached an amended agreement to settle claims associated with a series of product communications issued by Guidant Corporation in 2005 and 2006. Boston Scientific acquired Guidant last year. This agreement amends a prior agreement Boston Scientific reached in July 2007 to cover additional unanticipated claims. 22 November

New medical device profile for Bluetooth wireless technology
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has developed a Medical Device Profile for Bluetooth wireless technology. The profile defines how different applications use Bluetooth wireless technology to set up a connection and exchange data and ensures that devices in the medical environment can transfer data between devices in a secure and well defined way. 22 November

Siemens Magnetom Verio brings high-resolution MRI to more patients
The Magnetom Verio from Siemens Medical Solutions represents a new class of MRI technology that increases access to advanced diagnostic capabilities. It delivers high-field imaging to many patients who could not benefit from the technology before. 22 November

Maquet Critical Care introduces new anaesthesia system
Maquet Critical Care has introduced the Maquet Flow-i, an anaesthesia system that combines advanced ICU ventilator performance with state-of-the-art anaesthesia delivery. 22 November

Visage Imaging introduces new version of 3D/4D visualisation software
The software framework, amira, visualizes, manipulates, and analyzes complex 3D and 4D data sets in biomedical research. 21 November

Amsterdam hospital monitors heart failure patients at home using Philips Motiva
The St Lucas Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam is to monitor more than a hundred chronic heart failure patients at home using the Philips Motiva system. This will not only improve these patients’ quality of life, but could also prevent many hospital admissions. 21 November

Quest Diagnostics' blood and herpes point-of-care tests receive FDA clearance
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated (NYSE:DGX) has announced that its HemoCue and Focus Diagnostics subsidiaries have received FDA 510(k) clearance for two new point-of-care test kits that could speed up the time for diagnosis and allow doctors to make immediate decisions about treatment. 21 November

Simple recipe that makes human skin cells mimic embryonic stem cells could make cloning obsolete
Japanese researchers have discovered a simple chemical recipe that makes human skin cells act like embryonic stem cells. The new technique could make obsolete the cloning method that produced Dolly the sheep, the first animal to be cloned from an adult cell. 20 November

The miniature radiation monitorMiniaturised, low-cost device to monitor radiation exposure during radiotherapy
A team from the University of Granada (UGR) and the Hospital Virgen de las Nieves has developed a portable and low-cost device which can measure the ionizing radiation a patient is exposed to during, for example, radiotherapy. 18 November

The London Eye lit up for World Diabetes DayDiabetes communities unite to celebrate World Diabetes Day November 14
Diabetes currently affects 246 million people globally. For all of them and the many millions more at risk, November 14, 2007 is a highly significant date as it marks the first United Nations-observed World Diabetes Day. 13 November

Early detection is essential to preserving memory in Alzheimer's patients
Fear of  Alzheimer's disease often results in delayed diagnosis and treatment, which can negatively impact care. 13 November

The top 10 neuroscience trends of 2007
The Neurotechnology Industry Organization (NIO) has announced the top ten emerging areas of neuroscience that will impact the future of treatments for brain and nervous system. 13 November

Boston Scientific sells cardiac and vascular surgery businesses to Getinge
Boston Scientific Corporation is to sell its cardiac surgery and vascular surgery businesses to Getinge Group for $750 million as part of its plan to divest non-strategic assets and increase shareholder value. 13 November 2007

Dental x-rays made obsolete
The CarieScan from Scottish company IDMoS can detect tooth decay with higher levels of accuracy and certainty than existing techniques and without the safety risks associated with the repeated use of x-rays. 5 November

Mathematical modelling to help unlock secrets of immune system
A multidisciplinary research project, the Immunology Imaging and Modelling (I2M) Network, is using mathematics to build a common model of immune responses. Their work will radically improve our understanding of the human immune system by allowing all the scientific disciplines working on it to have a common reference point and language. 5 November

Siemens Magnetom Essenza sets trend in MRI quality and cost reduction
Siemens has developed a 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI) that is priced at up to several hundred thousand euros below the conventional 1.5 Tesla systems of this type. 5 November

Submersible keyboard aids fight against hospital infection
Devlin Electronics has launched a washable keyboard specifically designed to help health services tackle the problems of hospital-acquired infections. 5 November

Axon develops chronic disease monitoring software for home PC
Kent University spinout Axon Limited has developed a patient-monitoring system that runs on a normal PC with no bespoke hardware and enables chronic disease patients to be monitored from their homes. 5 November

St Luke's orthopaedic clinic installs digital radiology backbone
St Luke’s Hospital in Oxford, UK, has installed an Agfa Web 1000 PACS system to help improve workflow and patient care. 5 November

Varian improves brachytherapy treatment
Varian Medical Systems has the iX range of advanced afterloaders that simplify high dose rate brachytherapy delivery and optimise treatment of cancer patients. 2 November

Philips introduces mobile patient monitors for hospital and field use
Royal Philips Electronics has launched the IntelliVue MMS X2 and IntelliVue MP2 patient monitors designed for use around the hospital or for responding to an emergency in the field. 2 November

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