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Amsterdam hospital monitors heart failure patients at home using Philips Motiva

19 November 2007

The St Lucas Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam is to monitor more than a hundred chronic heart failure patients at home using the Philips Motiva system. This will not only improve these patients’ quality of life, but could also prevent many hospital admissions.

The Hospital is the first in The Netherlands to introduce a remote monitoring system for cardiac patients into its daily operations.

Preventing readmission

Due to fluid retention, patients with chronic heart failure run the risk of serious complications, such as shortness of breath and cardiac arrhythmia. Therefore it is very important that they keep an accurate daily record of their weight and blood pressure. As soon as these rise above a certain level, the patient should report this to the consultant physician as action will then be necessary.

Many patients, however, inform the doctor too late and then have to be rushed to hospital either to see the consultant or be admitted or re-admitted. Home monitoring can prevent emergency hospital visits and admissions among these patients.

Using a broadband connection, the Philips Motiva system sends the weight and blood pressure data to the hospital every day from a specially adapted weighing scale and blood pressure meter which the patient has at home. In the near future this data will also be sent to the GPs concerned. If the readings are too high, the system gives a warning signal and doctors can intervene immediately.

“By continually monitoring patients at home they don’t have to come as often to the hospital for check-ups. This greatly improves these patients’ quality of life,” said cardiologist Dr. J. Schroeder-Tanka of the St. Lucas Andreas Hospital.

Through remote monitoring, patients can also receive important information on diet and lifestyle, for example, together with tips on muscle strengthening and instructions on how to deal with fluid retention.

Close co-operation

The optimum use of remote monitoring for patients with cardiac failure is being further developed by the Cardiology group of the St. Lucas Andreas Hospital in close co-operation with Philips Healthcare Benelux.

“Philips is the leading supplier worldwide of cardiology equipment for use inside and outside the hospital. This partnership fits in with our goal to extend care from the hospital to the home, where we see opportunities both for lowering the cost of such care and improving patients’ quality of life,” commented Bas Verhoef, general manager of Philips Healthcare Benelux.

This healthcare innovation in the St. Lucas Andreas Hospital is supported by Agis Zorgverzekeringen health insurers and the healthcare insurers’ association, Zorgverzekeraars Nederland.

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