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March 2007

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Hand-held computers analyse patients' vital signs, improve patient care and reduce costs
VitalPAC records, stores, and analyses a patient’s vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate, etc) allowing clinicians to effectively monitor the condition of their patients in real time throughout a hospital stay. 30 March 2007

Tunstall celebrates 50 years in telecare
UK company Tunstall is celebrating 50 years of providing healthcare solutions that support older people and those with long-term needs, by effectively managing health and well-being. 30 March 2007

New alliance to help MS sufferers make the best use of technology
The MS Technology Collaborative is an alliance of leaders from three specialty areas — pharmaceutical, technology, and patient advocacy — to improve the way technology may help people with MS maintain their health and independence, have support for their life choices, and stay connected with their families, friends, and communities. 29 March 2007

ECG can predict cardiovascular problems in women
Postmenopausal women without symptoms of cardiovascular problems who have minor or major abnormalities on an electrocardiogram are at increased risk of future cardiovascular events and death. 29 March 2007

CT screening for lung cancer does not increase survival
A US-Italian study of the use of computed tomography (CT) to screen current or former smokers for lung cancer has found that screening did not reduce deaths from lung cancer. Screening found more than three times as many lung cancers and ten times as many surgeries were performed, but there was no effect on survival rate. 29 March 2007

Lack of transparency in healthcare raises costs and prevents innovation
A new study from the US National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has found that the lack of real competition for patients has a profound effect on the cost and quality of healthcare. It also found legal, regulatory and cultural barriers barriers to competition, innovation and transparency. 28 March 2007

3M Health Care launches diagnostics unit for rapid detection of infection
3M Health Care has created a new Medical Diagnostics business unit to develop and commercialize rapid diagnostic products for detecting key infectious pathogens such as MRSA and other treatment-resistant microbes. 28 March 2007

Siemens presents new lithotripter for mobile urology platform
Siemens has added the Modularis Variostar lithotripter to its Modularis urology platform. The module is suited to both overtable and undertable procedures and a complete range of new ergonomic features simplifies operation and daily work with the unit. 27 March 2007

Computer-aided detection for CT colonoscopy
CADCOLON im3D is a computer aided detection (CAD) system from iM3D SpA designed to support radiologists' diagnoses of suspect polyps in the colon and rectum, using high and low dose CT. 27 March 2007

Memmingen cancer clinic first in Germany to offer image-guided radiotherapy
Klinikum Memmingen in Bavaria has begun treating cancer patients with a new, more precise form of radiotherapy using a linear accelerator and special on-board imager accessory from Varian Medical Systems. 26 March 2007

Synergis invests in PET camera for cancer detection
Synergis Technologies Ltd. has led a venture capital syndicate investing into Petrra Ltd, a developer of an new positron emission tomography (PET) camera that can diagnose heart disease and cancer more accurately and faster than current cameras, and at a lower cost. 26 March 2007

Nanosys and Bruker Daltonics collaborate in technology for fast analysis of small molecules. 21 March 2007

Carbon nanotube coated with platinumPlatinum-coated nanotube biosensor detects glucose in near real time
Researchers at the University of Arkansas have fabricated a novel biosensor that detects glucose in close to real time and with much greater sensitivity than other comparable, biocompatible sensors. 21 March 2007

Sectra launches low-radiation MicroDose mammography system. 16 March 2007

EC tender for study on exposure to electromagnetic fields from MRI equipment. 16 March 2007

MRI of the heartCombined MRI and echocardiography improves stroke diagnosis
Using both MRI and echocardiography to image the heart greatly enables physicians to identify the cause of strokes, especially cardioembolic strokes. The technique could revolutionise patient care.14 March 2007

EaglePicher releases world’s smallest implantable medical battery
The battery is based on proprietary new cell construction. It’s small size enables devices to be deployed via a minimally-invasive catheter procedure rather than traditional implantation surgery. 14 March 2007

B-K Medical introduces prostate transducer with two ultrasound functions
A new transrectal prostate transducer from B-K Medical combines the functionality of simultaneous biplane and endfire transducers in one. It enables urologists to examine any prostate in any plane with control and ease. 13 March 2007

Redsense blood loss detection device gains EU approval
Redsense Medical’s fibre optic device for blood loss detection during haemodialysis has been approved for sale in Europe. 13 March 2007

Osteoporosis measurement software for PACS
Medstrat has announced the integration of CompuMed's OsteoGram bone mineral density (BMD) measurement software for osteoporosis screening, diagnosis and monitoring with its echoeSYSTEM PACS software suite. 12 March 2007

The NASA Aquarius underwater habitat and laboratoryNASA undersea mission to test space medicine
The NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) scheduled for May this year will include a variety of advanced medical technology experiments, including robotic telesurgery on simulated patients. 11 March 2007

Cambio Healthcare Systems launches in UK
Cambio Healthcare Systems, the largest healthcare administration software provider in Scandinavia, has set up office and won its first contract in the United Kingdom. 11 March

New electronic devices and  nanogenerators created from zinc oxide nanowires
Researchers used the unique semiconducting and piezoelectric properties of zinc oxide nanowires to create a new class of electronic components and devices that could provide the foundation for a broad range of new applications, including devices safe for implanting in the body.
8 March 2007

First implants and EU approval for Sorin REPLY pacemakers
This new pacemaker line is designed to deliver automatic, physiologic pacing adapted to patients who have bradyarrhythmia. 8 March 2007

New partnerships to trial optical coherence tomography for cancer identification
Two UK hospitals have teamed up with Michelson Diagnostics Ltd to test the use of optical coherence tomography (OCT) for the rapid identification of cancers as an alternative to biopsies. 7 March 2007

ART gains European clearance for SoftScan device. 7 March 2007

Nanotechnology research neglects world's poor
Nanotechnology has the potential to generate enormous health benefits for people in the developing world, but there is little incentive to develop suitable products. 6 March 2007

Agfa integrates clinical data into RIS/PACS
Agfa HealthCare has launched the IMPAX Clinical Module that brings disparate clinical data such as lab results, pharmacy and pathology to the IMPAX Radiology Desktop. 6 March 2007

Sun expands healthcare IT portfolio
Sun Microsystems has introduced the Sun B2B-enabled Electronic Master Patient Index (EMPI), and two picture archiving systems, iPACS and uPACS aimed at manufactureres for building their own PACS systems. 6 March 2007

German medical technology companies grow 4.3% in 2006
The medical technology sector in Germany increased its turnover by 4.3% in 2006, according to a survey of the 200 member companies of BVMed, the German Medical Technology Association. 5 March 2007

Siemens' Reinhardt awarded International Neurobionics Foundation prize
Erich Reinhardt, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and president and CEO of Siemens Medical Solutions, has been awarded the International Neurobionics Award 2006 by the International Neurobionics Foundation. 5 March 2007

Nanotube membranes pumping waterElectrically controlled nanotube membranes produce powerful water filtration device
Low voltages can precisely and selectively control the flow of water through nanotube membranes. This could lead to a novel way to produce drinking water, new biomedical research, and advanced circuitry. 2 March

iSOFT Germany to provide laboratory systems to Dr Reising-Ackermann labs. 1 March 2007

February 2007

InforSense launches clinical decision support solution
InforSense's HealthSense is a workflow-based decision-support solution that enables clinicians to analyse large patient data sets to identify key risk factors for better decision-making in patient care. 28 February 2007

Averion expands European operations
Averion International Corp. a clinical research organization (CRO) specializing in oncology, medical devices, dermatology and nephrology, has opened four European-based offices. 28 February 2007

Robotic exoskeleton helps regain limb function
A robotic exoskeleton controlled by nerve signals could help people with partial nervous system impairment regain limb function. 27 Feb 2007

Medtronic Experience Stealthstation combines spinal surgery navigation with minimal access
The new system improves treatment of spinal conditions by enabling spinal surgeons and their patients to experience less invasive procedures, smaller incisions and less exposure to radiation. 23 February 2007

Philips unveils networked patient monitor combined with defibrillator
The Philips HeartStart MRx can serve as a wireless transport monitor/defibrillator or cardiac bedside monitor/defibrillator with built-in pacing, synchronized cardioversion and defibrillation capabilities. 23 February 2007

Computer model of brain's visual processing could lead to better image analysis and robot vision
A new computer model of how the brain processes visual information has surprised researchers at its power. Developed as a tool for neuroscientists it could now have applications in surveillance and automobile driver’s assistance, visual search engines, biomedical imaging analysis, and robots with realistic vision. 22 February 2007

BioLED lab-on-chip technology to be demonstrated at Imperial College, London
A demonstration version of the BioLED Lab On A Chip platform combining microfluidics, organic semiconductor diodes and photodetectors will be presented to a selected audience. 21 February 2007

Tecan and Applied Biosystems develop automated analyser for forensic DNA. 21 February 2007

Misonix expands distribution of ultrasound surgical devices in Europe. 21 February 2007

3M takes over UK rapid diagnostics company Acolyte Biomedica
The addition of Acolyte Biomedica allows 3M to expand more quickly into the emerging market of infection prevention diagnostics, especially in Europe where Acolyte Biomedica has a commercialized product for MRSA detection. 20 February 2007

Cardinal Health joins US Dossia project to develop online personal health records for employees
Dossia is a Web-based infrastructure which will empower individuals to manage their own healthcare records and maintain comprehensive, up-to-date histories for themselves and their families, in a secure and private environment. 19 February 2007

Inverness Medical Innovations acquires assets of First Check Diagnostics
Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc. has paid $25 million in cash for the assests of California-based First Check, a market leader in home testing for drugs of abuse, such as marijuana, cocaine and opiates. 19 February 2007

Portable refinery efficiently generates electricity from trash
A portable refinery developed by researchers at Purdue University  efficiently converts food, paper and plastic trash into electricity, producing 90% more energy than it consumes. 19 February 2007

Siemens to build first molecular imaging centre for UAE
Mubadala Development has awarded Siemens Medical Solutions a 16.7 million contract to build and operate a Molecular Imaging Centre (MIC) in Abu Dhabi. This provide diagnostic services for oncology, cardiology and neurology. Expected to open in summer 2008, the facility will be the first of its kind in the region. 16 February 2007

Global molecular diagnostics market could reach $92bn by 2016
The market will be driven by the addition of new tests in high-volume testing areas coupled with the introduction of new instrumentation which will provide greater ease, speed, and quality. 15 February 2007.

Sweden donates US$42m to GAVI Alliance for child immunisation in poorest countries
The SEK 300 million (US $42 million) donation from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) reflects the country's long-term commitment to global health and poverty eradication goals. 14 February 2007 Deutsch Español Francais

Bio-Imaging acquires French neurology imaging lab Theralys SA
Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: BITI), has acquired French company Theralys SA, a leading provider of customized imaging services in the field of central nervous system disorders (CNS) and neurovascular diseases. 14 February 2007

€12m European SOPRANO project to develop technology for  independent living for older people
The Service Orientated Programmable Smart Environments for Older Europeans (SOPRANO) project will develop affordable, smart IT-based assisted living services aimed at promoting independence for older people, improving quality of life and addressing the issue of an ageing population across Europe. 13 February 2007

Medtronic begins European and US trial of MRI-compatible pacemaker system
The first patients in the trial were recently implanted with the new Medtronic EnRhythm MRI SureScan pacing system. The study will compare the electrical and diagnostic system performance, as well as complication rates of patients with and without MRI scans. 13 February 2007

Project to combine biology and engineering to create soft-bodied robots
Researchers at Tufts University in the USA have launched a multidisciplinary initiative focused on the science and engineering of a new class of robots that are completely soft-bodied. These devices will make possible advances in such far flung arenas as medicine and space exploration. 12 February 2007

Philips introduces imaging tool for complex cardiac arrhythmias
The Philips EP navigator combines pre–interventional 3D CT images of a patients’ cardiac anatomy with live X-ray fluoroscopy catheter position information in a single image, allowing physicians to navigate more easily through the heart during complex procedures. 7 Feb 2007

Chinese market for personal blood-pressure monitors growing at 33%
The Chinese market for home-use digital blood-pressure monitors will grow at over 33% per year, driven by lower prices and increased awareness, according to a new report from InMedica. 7 Feb 2007

Image-guided radiosurgery system for new Dublin hospital
The newly opened Beacon Hospital in Sandyford, Dublin has ordered Europe’s first Trilogy Tx image-guided radiosurgery system from Varian Medical Systems. 7 Feb 2007

Healthcare products should be chosen for quality not price, say German hospital directors
German medical technology companies and sickness funds agreed that competing on product quality is better than a price-based economy in the BVMed's January conference on German health reforms. 7 Feb 2007

Call for masterplan for German health economy
A cross-party "Masterplan for the health economy" is needed in Germany, with innovative medical technologies playing a key role, according to BVMed. 7 Feb 2007

Swedish Cancer Institute first to offer organ-motion tracking for precision-treatment of prostate cancer
The Seattle-based Institute is the first to offer prostate cancer treatment with the Calypso 4D Localization System for precision-guided radiation therapy with organ-motion tracking, giving the ability to pinpoint a prostate tumour's location with greater accuracy and reduced side-effects. 5 Feb 2007

Smiths Medical launches medication control software for infusion pumps
Smiths Medical, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for software that makes programming pain management infusion pumps simpler and safer. 1 Feb 2007

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