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Chinese market for personal blood-pressure monitors growing at 33%

7 February 2007

Wellingborough, UK. The Chinese market for home-use digital blood-pressure monitors will grow at over 33% per year, driven by lower prices and increased awareness, according to a new report from InMedica.

Hypertension is one of the biggest risk factors for cardiovascular disease in China, with over a third of all Chinese adults estimated to suffer from high blood-pressure. A recent survey by the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows that the mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases for people in China aged 35 to 64 is an alarming 22%, compared to 12% in the USA.

By encouraging better health education, raising the profile of healthcare in the home and recommending the use of devices such as home-use blood-pressure-monitors, the Chinese Government is making steps towards a health system reform.

Many large manufacturers of home-use blood-pressure monitors have recently moved production to China to reduce manufacturing costs. Many local start-ups have also emerged and many are finding success providing OEM manufacturing services for retailers around the world. The increasingly competitive market has also driven prices down significantly, allowing higher penetration into general consumer markets. Home-use digital blood-pressure monitors are now widely available, commonly found on the shelves of a variety of chain retail stores.

Steven Burton, analyst at InMedica and author of the report, “The World Market for Home-Use Digital Blood-Pressure Monitors 2006,” commented, “A particularly high proportion of the Chinese population suffer from hypertension, which is a problem that needs to be addressed. Home-use digital blood pressure monitors are a useful tool for patients to better understand and manage their condition once they have been diagnosed, reducing the need for routine visits to a doctor. For a burdened health system this is a particular bonus. Together with a raise in health awareness of the general public and increasing affordability, home-use digital blood-pressure monitors are expected to prove a popular device.”

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