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October 2006

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Coronary plaque characterization software from Toshiba and Vital Images
The new software features include improved integration, colour coding of vessel walls, noncalcified and calcified plaque, and improved visualization of lesion boundaries and plaque types with automated measurement and quantification tools. 31 October 2006

Philips appoints new CEO of Medical Systems division
Royal Philips Electronics has appointed Stephen H. Rusckowski as CEO of Philips Medical Systems, effective November 1, 2006. He currently has global responsibility for Imaging Systems. 31 October 2006

Software to perform MRI scans online by remote control
Software that enables an off-site medical imaging expert to operate a magnetic resonance imaging machine by remote control has been developed jointly by UCLA radiologists and Siemens Medical Solutions. 31 October 2006

Detecting skin cancer by sound waves
Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have developed a technique to detect the spread of skin cancer cells through the blood by listening to their sound. The minimally invasive technique uses a laser to make the melanoma cells emit ultrasound noise. 30 October 2006

Misonix expands high intensity focused ultrasound business to Spain
30 October 2006

Radi Medical Systems sells 1200th RadiAnalyzer patient monitor. 29 Oct 2006

Combination of radiation therapies more effective treatment for prostate cancer
Studies have shown that a combination of different radiotherapeutic methods are able to increase the efficacy of radiation for prostate cancer at an early stage. Combined hormone and radiation therapy has also been shown to benefit prostate cancer patients if they have a high risk of disease progression. 27 Oct 2006 Español Francais

Philips introduces non-invasive foetal monitor for triplets
The Philips Avalon FM20 antepartum monitors and Avalon FM30 intrapartum monitors use three channels of high-quality ultrasound tracing and check coincidence between the heart rates of the mother and all foetuses to help ensure each foetus is being monitored. 27 Oct 2006

Roche Diagnostics launches insulin pump system in USA
The Roche Diagnostics ACCU-CHEK Spirit insulin pump system for diabetes self-management includes an insulin pump, a blood glucose monitor, and software with a bolus calculator. 24 Oct 2006

Akubio wins £800,000 grant to develop electronic hand-held disease detectors
UK nanotechnology firm Akubio, has received a £826,000 government grant to help develop its electronic technology for the rapid detection of viruses and bacteria such as avian flu, E coli, malaria and meningitis. 24 Oct 2006

Electronic sensor to detect E coli
A sensor that can detect E coli bacteria within minutes by measuring changes in frequency of vibration of the detector is being developed at Drexel University in the USA. 24 Oct 2006

Dräger Medical opens new subsidiary in Argentina. 23 Oct 2006

GPS-based disaster victim tracking and tracing system demonstrated in Germany
A new system using RFID tags and a GPS location system to simplify the registration and identification of casualties affected in a disaster situation was demonstrated in Landstuhl in Germany. 23 Oct 2006

Sorin Group introduces advanced defibrillation therapy to Japanese market
Sorin Group subsidiary ELA Medical has launched its ALTO 2 line of implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) in Japan and announced the first implants. 23 Oct 2006

Integrating patient-care devices with information technology
ECRI, a nonprofit health services research agency  will present an audio conference on November 15, 2006 to provide guidance on navigating some of the stumbling blocks associated with the convergence of medical devices and information systems. 19 October 2006

Diagnostic Ultrasound Corp changes name to Verathon Inc.
The name change reflects additions to and successes of the company’s brands, including acquisition of Saturn Biomedical Systems and its innovative GlideScope video laryngoscope (GVL) brand. 19 October 2006

Computer-aided detection of mammograms improves breast cancer screening
In screening mammograms for breast cancer, the performance of radiologists using computer aided detection (CAD) was superior to double reading, according to a recently published UK study. 18 October 2006

First European implants of Ramon pulmonary artery pressure monitor
The Remon ImPressure hemodynamic monitor offers on-demand, non-invasive, wireless self-monitoring of pulmonary artery pressure by the patient at home. 18 October 2006 Deutsch Francais

Personal ECG heart monitor on sale to public in UK
Medick Healthcare has launched what it claims is the world’s first intelligent personal ECG (electrocardiogram) heart monitor. It monitors the rhythm of the heart in real time, and allows users to directly see the impact of everything from smoking and caffeine through to exercise on the heart’s performance. 17 October 2006

Elekta wins order for 3-D brain mapping MEG technology from Max Planck Institute
The Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science (MPI CBS) in Leipzig, Germany has ordered an Elekta Neuromag magnetoencephalography (MEG) system. MEG offers functional mapping information and measurement of brain activity in real time. 16 Oct 2006

St Jude Atlas heart failure devices gain European approval
The Atlas II ICD and Atlas II defibrillators are the newest of the company's high-powered devices for treatment of patients with potentially lethal heart arrhythmias and heart failure.  13 Oct 2006

Cardioscan reduces unnecessary cardiac referrals by primary care physicians
The Zargis Cardioscan can reduce rates of unnecessary referrals by primary care physicians regarding heart murmurs by an average of 41%, according to a recent study. 13 Oct 2006

EnBW acquires interest in ehealth specialist ICW
German company Energie Baden-Württemberg AG has acquired a minority interest in ehealth specialist InterComponentWare AG. The investment will enable development of networking solutions and increase its international presence. 12 Oct 2006

FDA will be overstretched by need to monitor medical nanotechnology
Developments in medical nanotechnology are advancing at such a rate that the US regulatory body, the Food and Drug Administration is unlikely to be able to cope with the requirements to monitor them, according to a new report. 12 Oct 2006

Biofisica receives European clearance for first electric stimulation wound dressing
Biofisica LLC has received clearance to market its POSiFECT RD wound care product in Europe. It is the first device available that combines moist wound-care dressing and electrical stimulation in a disposable sterile dressing. 9 Oct 2006

Bruker and Isis Pharmaceuticals introduce cultureless microorganism sensor to Europe
Bruker Daltonics. and Isis Pharmaceuticals have introduced the Ibis T5000 automated biosensor system that enables the analysis of viruses, bacteria and fungi without any microbial culturing or genome sequencing steps. 9 Oct 2006

Radiotherapy before surgery minimises risk of recurrence of bowel cancer
An international clinical trial that compared routine use of radiotherapy before and after surgery has found that radiotherapy before surgery combined with the best surgery could reduce local recurrence of the cancer to as low as 1%. 9 Oct 2006

The Leica DMD108 histopathology system

Leica microsystems launches networked imaging solution for histopathologists
The Leica DMD108 offers an innovative solution for histopathologists that increases physical comfort, significantly speeds daily workflow without changing processes, and provides an easy-to-use network solution for sharing data. 9 Oct 2006 Deutsch

iSOFT wins four lab system support contracts worth £2.7m
iSOFT has won two contracts in Scotland and two in England for support and maintenance of its laboratory information systems. 8 Oct 2006

MRIs made safe for people with defibrillators and pacemakers
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University claim to have overcome the problems of taking magnetic resonance images of people with implanted defibrillators and pacemakers. They have painstakingly figured out how to safely perform MRI scans on men and women who have any one of 24 modern types of these implanted devices. 8 Oct 2006

Pioneering image-guided radiotherapy at university hospital of Leuven, Belgium
The hospital UZ Gasthuisberg has installed the new type of cancer treatment supplied by Varian Medical Systems. It enables patients to receive more precise radiotherapy using X-ray imaging during treatment to locate and focus beams more closely on tumours. 7 Oct 2006

The Philips ambient experience catheterization labPhilips previews new cath lab
Royal Philips Electronics previewed its Ambient Experience Catheterization Lab at the Philips Simplicity Event in London. The lab is designed to improve the workflow of physicians and reduce the anxiety of heart patients undergoing catheterization. 7 Oct 2006

Spinal cord stimulation gives significant improvement in pain relief for chronic pain sufferers
An international multicentre study shows that neurostimulation in combination with conventional medical management is significantly more effective than conventional medical management alone for patients suffering from persistent leg and back pain despite anatomically successful spine surgery. 6 Oct 2006  Español  Deutsch

ANS receives Australian approval for rechargeable chronic pain system
Advanced Neuromodulation Systems (ANS) has received regulatory approval from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for its Eon rechargeable neurostimulation system. Patients at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney are among first to be implanted with the device. 6 Oct 2006

Online learning threatens live CME events
Electronic continuing medical education (eCME) is increasingly taking over live events, but a new study by Cutting Edge Information shows that pharmaceutical companies are only slowly changing. 5 Oct 2006

Cytori Therapeutics achieves US clearance for cell concentration system
The Celution cell concentration system has received US FDA clearance as a cell saver device for medical use. 5 Oct 2006

Wearable stress-fracture detection system
Researchers have created a prototype device that could be used to monitor the formation of microcracks in bones that can lead to hairline stress fractures. This could help prevent fractures in a wide range of susceptible people who undergo regular strenuous exercise, such as military recruits and sports people such as England footballers David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen, who suffered metatarsal fractures just before World Cups. 4 Oct 2006

Belgian disaster victim tracking and tracing system demonstrated at University Hospital Antwerp
The new system, called BeViTTS (Belgian Victim Tracking and Tracing System), simplifies the registration and identification of casualties affected in a disaster situation and allows for the rapid exchange and automatic processing of data collected by emergency workers at the scene.  4 Oct 2006 Deutsch Francais

Biotronik's new Lumax ICD with telemonitoring of heart and device
Biotronik’s new Lumax implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) contains not only a defibrillator that can deliver life-saving electric shocks to the heart, but also integrates a technology that monitors the functions of both the heart and the device itself. 3 Oct 2006

Healthcare IT systems need more intelligence to cope with medical device data
Healthcare providers will need more intelligence in their core IT systems to cope with the data received from the increasing number of wireless diagnostic and monitoring devices, according to a report published by Wireless Healthcare. 2 Oct 2006

iSOFT software reduces unnecessary pathology tests
A new software application from iSOFT has the potential to save UK hospitals around £100,000 a year by preventing unnecessary blood tests. 2 Oct 2006

Bionas and Primacyt to cooperate on cell-based assay for predicting liver toxicity
Bionas and PRIMACYT have entered into a cooperation aimed at the development of a cell-based assay using primary human hepatocytes for prediction of hepatotoxic effects in response to test compounds. 2 Oct 2006

Mercury introduces advanced digital MRI receiver.
The Visage MRI receiver from Mercury Computer Systems uses advanced noise-reduction technology to deliver high quality images. 2 Oct 2006

Design award for Oxford Instruments' benchtop analyser
Oxford Instruments’ new MQC benchtop NMR analyser has received an Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) Industrial Design Award for innovation and distinction in analytical and life science instrumentation. 2 Oct 2006

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