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Roche Diagnostics launches insulin pump system in USA

24 Oct 2006

Indianapolis, USA. Roche Diagnostics has launched its ACCU-CHEK Spirit insulin pump system in the United States. This new diabetes self-management system includes an insulin pump, a blood glucose monitor, and software with a bolus calculator.

The insulin pump system has features such as three operating menus, four bolus options and five basal rate profiles to make insulin pump therapy more flexible and convenient for people with diabetes. It enables doctors and people with diabetes to adjust insulin delivery to individual needs.

"The availability of the ACCU-CHEK Spirit insulin pump system in the U.S. offers many flexible options people with diabetes are interested in using, including the selectable user menus that allow users to see the features they want to use. People new to pump therapy or those who prefer just basic functions can choose the Standard menu, whereas those who prefer more advanced features can choose from the Advanced or Custom menu options. The Advanced menu is the most comprehensive, while the Custom menu can be customized to meet individual user preferences," said Sarah Hanssen, Vice President and General Manager, Disetronic Medical Systems. "This is a milestone for our Diabetes Care business unit and for our customers. It confirms our ongoing commitment to providing people with state-of-the-art insulin pump therapy products, and help them better manage their diabetes."

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