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Philips previews new cath lab

7 October 2006

London, UK. Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) previewed its Ambient Experience Catheterization Lab and other new and potential products nearing market readiness that demonstrate its “sense and simplicity” brand positioning at the Philips Simplicity Event in London.

The Philips ambient experience catheterization labThe Ambient Experience Catheterization Lab (cath lab) is designed to improve the workflow of physicians and reduce the anxiety of heart patients undergoing catheterization.

In a hospital cath lab, doctors insert a thin, flexible tube or catheter in a patient's blood vessel to allow access to the heart or blood vessels without major surgery. With the help of X-ray imaging, doctors can then examine, diagnose and treat the patients' blood vessels and/or heart.

The system has been designed to support medical staff with special lighting eliminating any shadows or reflections on monitors, and providing equal light distribution to reduce the strain to doctors’ eyes.

Additionally, the Philips voice control system makes it easier for the physician to communicate with the system without leaving the sterile environment. The system also soothes patients during preparation, examination and post procedure by allowing them to choose a visual theme that can be viewed on the ceiling.

Initial results show it is leading to faster diagnoses, lower radiation doses and calmer patients. A first system has been installed at Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven, The Netherlands and further projects are under discussion.

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