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September 2006

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St. Augustinius Hospital in Belgium receives Mobetron intraoperative radiation therapy system
IntraOp Medical Corporation's Mobetron allows radiation and surgical oncologists to pinpoint the area that requires radiation and deliver high doses directly to the affected tissue during cancer surgery. 29 Sept 2006

Boston Scientific launches less-invasive visualization system for cardiac surgical ablation
Boston Scientific's new FLEXView System enables physicians to perform stand-alone ablation procedures in a closed chest environment with direct visualization of the procedure at all times. 29 Sept 2006

Philips launches new cardiology ultrasound system
The new Philips HD11 XE is designed to meet the specific needs of cardiologists through more powerful cardiac capabilities. 29 Sept 2006

BD Biosciences releases flow cytometry system for in vitro diagnostics use. 27 Sept 2006

St Maartenskliniek pushing boundaries of orthopaedics diagnosis with Fonar upright MRI scanner
The St. Maartenskliniek, Nijmegen, The Netherlands has ordered a Fonar Upright Multi-Position MRI scanner for its world renowned spine centre and for orthopaedic applications where weight-bearing and multi-position imaging are key factors. 27 Sept 2006

Molecular Devices introduces new benchtop reader for kinetic cell-based assays. 26 Sept 2006

Cardiac Science launches software to connect devices to medical records
Cardiac Science Corporation has launched HeartCentrix, a software solution that enables its diagnostic stress, Holter and electrocardiography devices to communicate seamlessly with electronic medical record (EMR) systems. 26 Sept 2006

Space Shuttle Endeavour over New ZealandNASA uses live 3D ultrasound imaging to study Space Shuttle astronaut heart mass loss
The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is using a Philips ultrasound system to evaluate the effects of space flight on the hearts of Space Shuttle astronauts and, in the near future, astronauts on the International Space Station. 25 Sept 2006

Manchester Bioimaging Facility orders three Nikon confocal microscope systems. 22 Sept 2006

High definition videoconferencing for remote neurosurgery training
High definition videoconferencing systems have been used in a ground-breaking way to deliver a trainee surgeonsí workshop based on a live operation at the autumn conference of The Society of British Neurological Surgeons (SNBS). 22 Sept 2006

Disposable glass microchip for large-scale screening of diseases
Researchers in Virginia have developed a disposable microchip that replaces space-consuming instrumentation with fast, cost-effective, lab-on-a-chip technology. The microfluidic device is suitable for large-scale screening of disease-related biomarkers. 20 Sept 2006

Agfa PACS selected by HMA regional hospital network in USA
Agfa HealthCare has entered into a dual-source agreement for its IMPAX 6.0 PACS with Health Management Associates, Inc. an operator of acute care hospitals primarily in the non-urban south-east and south-west areas of the United States. 20 Sept 2006

Varian Medical Systems to equip Genk Cancer Clinic in Belgium
A new radiotherapy centre that will provide patients in the north-east of Belgium with greater access to advanced cancer treatments will be equipped with Varian Medical Systemsí integrated and automated treatment equipment and software. 19 Sept 2006

North West Wales is first customer for AiMS image management. 18 Sept 2006

Mount Vernon Cancer Centre selects Ziehm mobile C-arm. 18 Sept 2006

Ultrasound blood flow monitor improves recovery time after surgery
The CardioQ blood-flow monitor from Deltex Medical allows clinical teams to better manage patients during surgery and reduce complications. This shortens the time patients spend in hospital and results in large savings in the costs of patient care. 18 Sept 2006

Upgrade for NHS online appointment-booking system.
Atos Origin has confirmed the successful rollout of the latest upgrade to Choose and Book, an online hospital-appointment booking system for the NHS in England. 15 Sept 2006

Pro-active approach to introducing medical innovations needed ó BVMed innovation forum. 15 Sept 2006

Varian supports new UK radiography training centre.
Varian has donated ten Eclipse treatment planning systems to the new Saad Centre for Radiography Clinical Skills Education at Londonís City University. 15 Sept 2006

Elekta to deliver latest brain radiosurgery system to University of Virginia. 13 Sept 2006

Natus Medical to acquire leading French EEG manufacturer Deltamed. 12 Sept 2006

PerkinElmer acquires Avalon Instruments for Raman spectroscopy products. 12 Sept 2006

Prostate cancer cell immediately after exposure to ultrasoundUltrasound opens cell membranes for drug delivery
Ultrasound can open holes in cell walls and the cells can repair the holes within minutes. Understanding this mechanism could advance the use of ultrasound for delivering gene therapies, targeting chemotherapy and administering large-molecule drugs. 12 Sept 2006

Drawing of nanocantilevers with molecules adhering to surfaceSilicon 'nanocantilevers' form ultrasensitive biological detectors
The tiny vibrating silicon structures created by researchers at Purdue University vibrate at different frequencies when contaminants stick to them, revealing the presence of dangerous substances. 12 Sept 2006

Computer display on glasses helps to overcome tunnel vision
A device that combines a tiny camera, pocket-sized computer and transparent computer display on a pair of glasses, may offer the most effective assistance for tunnel vision, according to Scientists at Schepens Eye Research Institute in the USA. 11 Sept 2006

Philips releases defibrillators compliant with newest guidelines from AHA, ERC and ILCOR. 8 Sept 2006

Bang & Olufsen Medicom and AstraZeneca to develop patient-compliance monitoring device. 8 Sept 2006

Bayer Diagnostics launches immunoassay system. 8 Sept 2006

Elekta signs pricing agreement with US Oncology
Elekta has signed a three-year agreement with US Oncology outlining pricing and terms and conditions for supplying intensity modulated and image guided radiation therapy. 6 Sept 2006

Touch-free life-sign monitoring by videocamera
CNOGA Inc. has developed contact-free physiological monitoring by using a simple video camera. The new technology can detect pulse rate, blood pressure, blood O2, CO2 and more from a distance by focusing on the patientís skin. 4 Sept 2006

Turnover of German medical technology companies grows 3.8 %
4 Sept 2006

Deep brain stimulation benefits advanced Parkinson's disease
Medtronic's Activa deep brain stimulation therapy combined with medication has been found to be significantly more effective than medication alone in treating motor symptoms of advanced Parkinson's disease. 1 Sept 2006

University Hospital Cologne to be certified to implant CardioWest artificial heart
Members of the cardiac transplant team will begin the first of a three-part certification programtraining to implant the CardioWest temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH-t) on 4 Sept. 1 Sept 2006

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