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St. Augustinius Hospital, Belgium receives Mobetron intraoperative radiation therapy system

29 Sept 2006

Sunnyvale, Calif., USA & Antwerp, Belgium. IntraOp Medical Corporation (OTCBB: IOPM), has announced the delivery of its Mobetron radiation therapy system to St. Augustinius Hospital in Belgium. A fully portable, self-shielding device, the Mobetron directly delivers intraoperative electron radiation therapy (IOERT) to patients safely and quickly as they undergo surgery.

St. Augustinius, which has the first IOERT program in Belgium, will use Mobetron to treat a variety of tumours, including early-stage breast cancer. The unit will begin patient treatment in late autumn 2006.

The Mobetron allows radiation and surgical oncologists to pinpoint the exact area that requires radiation and deliver high doses directly to the affected tissue during cancer surgery. Hospitals can wheel the Mobetron between existing operating rooms without the costly renovations required to accommodate traditional radiation therapy devices. Key patient benefits of this early and powerful start to radiation therapy include: increased survival rates, better local tumour control, shorter treatment cycles, and fewer side effects.

St. Augustinius is a 600-bed hospital located in Antwerp, Belgium that specializes in treating patients with innovative high-technology medical equipment. The hospital uses a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to treating cancer, integrating surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatments, as appropriate. St. Augustinius treats about 2,500 cancer patients per year.

Donald A. Goer, President and CEO of IntraOp Medical Corporation said, "Delivering another Mobetron is always exciting, but it is especially gratifying when that Mobetron provides the first intraoperative electron radiation therapy program in the country. This is just further evidence that Mobetron is gaining greater acceptance worldwide. We look forward to working closely with St. Augustinius and to providing the most advanced medical technology available to effectively and efficiently treat cancer."

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