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Cardiac Science launches software to connect devices to medical records

26 Sept 2006

Bothell, Wash., USA. Cardiac Science Corporation (NASDAQ:CSCX) has launched HeartCentrix, a software solution that enables its diagnostic stress, Holter and electrocardiography devices to communicate seamlessly with electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

HeartCentrix enables physicians to maximize their EMR investment by integrating these devices into their workflow. HeartCentrix software is launched from within the EMR, allowing the physician to order a test from within the patient's chart. Once the device performs the test, the physicians can review, edit, and store the results within the EMR application. HeartCentrix also allows physicians to remotely review and confirm test results outside the practice wherever they have internet access to their EMR.

"Physicians continue to select Cardiac Science devices because they trust our brands, and value our technical superiority and product reliability," said Garry Norris, vice president of marketing. "We designed HeartCentrix so that physicians can connect their existing, clinically-trusted devices to their EMRs, creating a simpler workflow for ordering tests and managing data. We believe that HeartCentrix will help physicians provide cardiac care more efficiently and maintain state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment more affordably. We are also very excited by the reception HeartCentrix has received so far from EMR companies."

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