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August 2006

Seat belt to protect implanted medical devices
Pressure Products has launched the SoftTouch device for attaching to a seat belt to reduce impact forces over an implantable medical device when the wearer is in a vehicle crash. 31 August 2006

Elekta receives FDA clearance for stereotactic radiosurgery system. 30 August 2006

ETH Zurich adopts VisEn's fluorescence molecular tomography system for molecular imaging. 30 August 2006

GE and Volcano receive FDA clearance for integrated ultrasound and X-ray imaging system
Volcano's intravascular ultrasound imaging system has been integrated with GE's Innova X-ray cath lab imaging system to give interventional cardiologists and interventional radiologists a clearer view of coronary and peripheral vessel morphology. 30 August 2006

SUSE Linux software selected by Siemens for advanced MRI Technology
Siemens Medical Solutions has selected SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time operating system and NightStar application development tools to improve processing performance of their ultra-high-field MAGNETOM magnetic resolution imaging (MRI) products. 30 August 2006

Magnetic resonance imaging systems evaluated
ECRI, has published an evaluation of three 1.5-tesla magnetic resonance imaging systems from GE, Siemens, and Toshiba on selection criteria, extensive product specifications, and detailed results and analysis. 30 August 2006

Siemens introduces Modularis VarioStar lithotripsy system
The Modularis VarioStar is designed to offer the highest flexibility in patient positioning and treatment, and to provide new ergonomic features for clinicians. 29 August 2006

Medtronic launches three new pacemakers
Medtronic, Inc.,has introduced the Adapta, Versa, and Sensia fully automatic pacemakers. Recently approved by the FDA, they provide physiologic pacing adapted to the needs of individual patients. 29 August 2006

Chip-based cell monitoring system for preclinical pharmacological studies
Bionas GmbH has launched a device for in vitro profiling of the metabolic activity of cells. The Bionas 2500 measures multiple metabolic parameters simultaneously using sensor chips that give continuous readout and allow online monitoring. 28 August 2006 Deutsch

Cancer Patients in Western Australia to benefit from Varian's state-of-the-art radiotherapy treatment. 28 August 2006

Merge eMed releases Spanish version of eFilm workstation
The Spanish version of the software replicates eFilm Workstation 2.1, released in October 2005. This version included several new features. 25 August 2006 Español

Over-the-counter medicine sales give early warning of pandemics, bioterrorism
Bracken Foster & Associates, LLC has been granted a US patent for its solution that enables retailers to monitor sales of medicines that could be related to self-treatment of early symptoms of pandemics and bioterrorism and maintain commercial confidentiality. 25 August 2006

Nanogen and Fisher Scientific expand molecular diagnostics R&D collaboration
Fisher Scientific may provide up to $10 million in total during 2007 and 2008 for the research and development of infectious disease and molecular diagnostic tests. 24 August 2006

Paris University to study medical applications of NanoArrayer
The Université Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris is evaluating the BioForce Nanosciences NanoArrayer system. The University will use the NanoArrayer to pattern proteins associated with cell morphology establishment and migration. 24 August 2006

Tunstall awarded funding to develop advanced telecare solutions for the home
Tunstall has been awarded £615,000 from Yorkshire Forward to develop 'lifestyle reassurance' technology that monitors a patient's activities in the home and helps deliver highly personalised care services to older and vulnerable people. 23 August 2006

RFID tags streamline Mississippi blood delivery
Mississippi Blood Services has completed a trial using a specially tuned radio frequency identification (RFID) system to process and track blood bags. The automated system saved hours in delivery times. 23 August 2006

Viking Systems markets laparoscopic vision systems in The Netherlands, Ukraine and Korea. 23 August 2006

Respironics carbon dioxide sensors to be used in Sartorius disposable bioreactors. 22 August 2006

Heidelberg clinic first in Germany to offer TomoTherapy radiotherapy treatment. 22 August 2006

Misonix introduces HIFU prostate cancer treatment to Hungary.
21 August 2006

Fukuda Denshi to Sell Kontron Medical SAS and Kontron Medical AG. 21 August 2006

Bruker Daltonics to manufacture and distribute Isis Pharmaceuticals' biosensor system
Bruker Daltonics will be the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of the Ibis T5000 infectious organism detection system and will also be responsible for order processing, system installations and service in North America, Europe and the Middle East. 21 August 2006

UTEK Corporation and In Veritas Medical Diagnostics announce strategic alliance. 21 August 2006

Personal record system for emergencies on USB memory drive
The ICER-2-GO is a record system for vital medical and personal information stored on a USB memory stick. When it is plugged into a computer's USB port it gives first responders instant access to emergency medical information. 17 August 2006

Kaiser Permanente expands online access to medical records in Georgia
US healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente has expanded its provision of electronic medical records (EMR) in Georgia. Patients can now access portions of their medical records online, email their doctor, view lab test results and view or cancel future appointments. 17 August 2006

Digitisation and high costs driving consolidation in European medical imaging market
Novel picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and moves towards digitisation are spurring growth in the European medical imaging market, but this is set against pressures from cost reduction, reduced hospital beds, lack of radiologists and a trend towards multi-modality deals. 17 August 2006

Non-invasive insulin delivery methods will revolutionise diabetes management
Innovative, non-invasive methods to deliver insulin are poised to transform diabetes management. Several methods of non-invasive delivery are under development by various companies, but there are concerns over safety, efficacy and cost. 17 August 2006

Helium atom beams may provide new imaging technique
A new system for delivering beams of helium atoms with X-ray-like waves has potential for use in diffraction imaging at the nanoscale level. 17 August 2006

Philips' new tumour mapping software paves way for adaptive radiation therapy
Royal Philips Electronics has released new software that reduces the time it takes to contour tumours and anatomical structures. This is a crucial aid in adapting image-guided radiation therapy to patients' treatment plans based on their response to daily treatment. 17 August 2006

Philips and BG Medicine form alliance to develop molecular imaging and diagnostic products. 13 August 2006

Mercury Computer Systems signs agreements with German, French & Australian PACS suppliers. 9 August 2006

Cromwell Hospital first in UK to order Elekta's new stereotactic radiosurgery system. 9 August 2006

First healthcare day for open source software at LinuxWorld
The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) will host the first ever Healthcare Day at LinuxWorld San Francisco on August 15, 2006. The event is in response to the growing role of open source software in the healthcare industry. 9 August 2006

AP-HP hospitals order Symbol mobile devices for bedside food ordering
Symbol Technologies and Solutys will supply a mobile solution to manage the order entry of patient's meal trays 40 of France's AP-HP group of hospitals. 9 August 2006 Deutsch Francais Espanol

Cover picture of UNESCO report The Ethics and Politics of NanotechnologyThe ethics and politics of nanotechnology
UNESCO has published a report that assesses the ethical, legal and political aspects of nanotechnology. It outlines what the science of nanotechnology is, and presents some of the issues facing the international community in the near future. 8 August 2006

Fractals improve detection of breast cancer
A unique software platform for the analysis and display of dynamic magnetic resonance imaging of the breast uses fractal theory to help detect tumours with greater accuracy than mammography and ultrasound. 8 August 2006

Hologic acquires Suros Surgical Systems
Hologic, Inc., a manufacturer of diagnostic digital imaging systems for women's health, has completed the acquisition of Suros Surgical Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of devices used for minimally invasive breast biopsy and tissue excision. 8 August 2006

Large differences in marketing budgets for medical devices
The average marketing investment for a new medical device is $1.8 million, according to a new report from research firm Cutting Edge Information, but can rise to as much as $75m. 8 August 2006

Philips to develop ultrasound device to stop bleeding from battlefield wounds
Philips Research is to lead a consortium that will develop a device that will automatically detect and stem internal bleeding from wounds. The proposed technology, called "autonomous acoustic hemostasis," uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to stem internal bleeding by encouraging coagulation. 4 August 2006

Report on marketing and promotion of medical devices
A new report from Cutting Edge Information looks at how top companies are meeting the challenge of maximizing the return on marketing budgets. 4 August 2006

Inverness Medical Innovations and Procter & Gamble to jointly develop consumer diagnostics products. 4 August 2006

CardioDynamics licenses patient monitoring technology to China's Mindray
The agreement allows
Mindray to integrate CardioDynamics BioZ ICG technology into its patient monitoring products in return for a licensing fee for each BioZ ICG kit purchased by Mindray. 4 August 2006

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