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June 2008

New PET imaging chemical gives 3-D image of immune response in action
A new PET marker chemical enables scientists to monitor the immune system at the whole body level in 3D, as it tries to fight some cancers or when it goes awry as it does in autoimmune diseases. The advance will allow scientists to model and measure the immune system in action and monitor response to new therapies. 29 June 2008

RFID tags could cause medical device malfunction
Radio frequency identification devices have the potential to cause critical care medical equipment to malfunction, according to a study of the effects on medical devices that included, external pacemakers, mechanical ventilators, infusion/syringe pumps, dialysis devices, defibrillators, monitors and anaesthesia devices. 29 June 2008

First prototypes of disposable insulin nanopump for continuous infusion
Debiotech and STMicroelectronics have introduced the first evaluation prototypes of a unique miniaturized insulin-delivery pump that could improve the treatment efficiency and the quality of life of diabetics. 29 June 2008

New type of ultraviolet diode could lead to compact anthrax detector
A new class of ultraviolet photodiode could make possible a compact, reliable and cost-effective sensor to detect anthrax and other bioterrorism agents in the air. 29 June 2008

Leica announces scientific forum events in Heidelberg, the UK and France
Leica has announced the venues and dates for its lecture series, the Leica Scientific Forum — Advances in Life Sciences, with an expanded series of lectures in Heidelberg and scientific centres in France and the UK that will be held from July to December 2008. 26 June 2008

Definiens unveils new laboratory and medical image analysis platform
Definiens has introduced a new multi-dimensional image analysis platform, the Definiens XD. Software applications built on the platform extract previously unattainable levels of volumetric and morphological intelligence from digital data. 26 June 2008

iSOFT wins Moscow lab system contract
IBA Health Group company iSOFT has won a contract for its LabCentre laboratory information system with Gemotest, a Moscow-based private laboratory group. 26 June 2008

Philips completes installation phase of Zambian healthcare modernisation project
Royal Philips Electronics has completed the installation phase of a seven-year project to modernize the healthcare infrastructure of the Republic of Zambia. The €25 million project included the installation and maintenance of diagnostic imaging equipment including mobile x-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasound scanners, operating theatres and dental treatment systems. 25 June 2008

Carbon nanotubes attached to antibodies kill cancer cells under infrared light
Carbon nanotubes attached to monoclonal antibodies that target specific sites on lymphoma cells can kill the cells by heating up when exposed to near-infrared light. 25 June 2008

New data strengthens case to replace animals in lab tests with microdosing
The European Union Microdose AMS Partnership Programme (EUMAPP) consortium has presented preliminary results from a 30-month project. Early indications are that microdosing can provide valuable human data at the earliest stages of exploratory clinical development. 24 June 2008

Report: United States Medical Equipment Markets Investment Opportunities, Analysis and Forecasts in Medical Devices to 2012. 23 June 2008

Johnson & Johnson acquires Swedish in vitro diagnostic technology company Amic
Johnson & Johnson Nordic AB, a Johnson & Johnson company, has acquired Amic, a privately held Swedish developer of in vitro diagnostic technologies for use in point-of-care and near-patient settings. 19 June 2008

Is low radiation good for health?
An article published in the International Journal of Low Radiation claims that short-term low doses of radiation are good for health through boosting the immune system and increasing antibody production. The author also claims that humans can be deficient in radiation. 19 June 2008

Location technology enables people with dementia to go out safely
The Keeping In Touch Everyday (KITE) project in northeast England is developing technology that allows people with dementia (PWD) to take part in the activities they enjoy with the knowledge that their family can track their whereabouts if they require assistance. 19 June 2008

Image-guided radiotherapy unveiled at Dijon cancer hospital
The Georges-François Leclerc Cancer Center in Dijon, France has installed a Varian Medical Systems Trilogy linear accelerator, which will enable it to provide image-guided stereotactic treatments. 19 June 2008

Philips and Skytron team up to provide hybrid operating rooms
Royal Philips Electronics and Skytron have entered into a partnership to supply hybrid operating rooms for minimally invasive cardiovascular surgical procedures, combining Philips’ cardiovascular x-ray systems with Skytron’s surgery room equipment. 19 June 2008

Breakthrough in antimicrobial coatings
4MED is an innovative hygiene coating developed by Stratford upon Avon-based Nano Hygiene Coatings Limited. The coating combines the benefits of the easy-to-clean properties derived from nano chemical technology with an antimicrobial additive, actively preventing the growth of bacteria such as E Coli and MRSA. 19 June 2008

The magnetic pill cameraMagnetic pill camera can be steered and stopped in body
A new pill camera developed by European and Israeli researchers can be steered and stopped where desired, even in the oesophagus, where pill cameras normally pass through rapidly. 18 June 2008

Wavelets speed up diagnosis of brain tumours
Researchers at the University of Warwick have devised an automated technique that can give a preliminary analysis of a precise brain tumour type within seconds. 17 June 2008

Scottish engineer's eye-saving device wins European inventor's award
A scanning laser ophthalmoscope developed by Scottish company Optos has won a European Inventor of the Year award for the company's founder. 17 June 2008

Superman's bicycle helps paraplegic patients keep fit and healthy
A new type of exercise equipment can help prevent serious lifestyle illnesses in paraplegic patients. The Ergys 2, which was partly developed at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, was first designed for the American actor Christopher Reeve. 8 June 2008

Brain imaging identifies ways to help stroke patients regain speech
An important breakthrough in understanding how the brain works could help stroke patients to regain their speech. The new study shows that brains of stroke sufferers may have to 'relearn' how to put together different types of information in order to understand speech by using different parts of the brain to compensate for damaged areas. 6 June 2008

IHA to assess value of medical devices and improve use
The Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) of California has been awarded a $1.3m grant to implement statewide collection of comparative data, evaluate purchasing and payment systems, and develop a new episode-based payment method for medical device purchasing. 6 June 2008

Lung cancer in Europe not prioritised despite poor survival rates
The fragmented organisation and management of lung cancer diagnosis and care in many European countries are exacerbating already poor survival rates amongst patients with the disease, according to a report from a group of leading Swedish researchers. 6 June 2008

International Diabetes Federation to set up global framework for diabetes education
The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) will begin designating centres of education globally to improve clinical outcomes, care and knowledge of healthcare providers and people with diabetes. IDF is calling for applications from institutions and member organisations that have a recognised reputation in health professional education. 6 June 2008

New report: Major world markets for stents and the economics of drug-eluting technology. 3 June 2008

New report: Cell therapy. Technologies, markets and companies. 3 June 2008

Multidetector CT scan can detect dissolved drugs
The smuggling of dissolved drugs, especially cocaine, in bottled liquids can be decreased with the use of multidetector CT according to a recent study conducted at Bern University. 3 June 2008

Nonin Medical launches wireless fingertip pulse oximeter with open standards
Nonin Medical, Inc. has launched a wireless fingertip pulse oximeter. The Onyx II, Model 9560 fingertip pulse oximeter enables patients to accurately monitor vital signs and remotely connect with their clinicians. 3 June 2008

Quest Diagnostics collaborates with Google to provide diagnostic test results online
Doctors can securely provide diagnostic data with a brief explanation of test results to a patient's Google Health account. The system is expected to empower patients and physicians to collaborate more closely in making more well-informed healthcare decisions. 3 June 2008

Medtronic awarded $250m in patent lawsuit against Boston Scientific
Medtronic, Inc. has been awarded $250 million in damages by a US District Court that found that Boston Scientific Corporation has infringed three patents on angioplasty catheters owned by Medtronic. 3 June 2008

The InfraReDx LipiScan coronary imaging systemFirst use of infrared laser imaging system to analyse coronary artery plaque
Physicians at a hospital in Michigan have successfully used the InfraReDx LipiScan coronary imaging system in a patient undergoing a cardiac catheterisation. The system detects how much fat and other substances are contained in a plaque. 2 June 2008

US verification program for Internet pharmacies
LegitScript LLC has launched an Internet pharmacy verification and information service. The service, which is free to consumers and pharmacies in the US, includes information on whether an online pharmacy meets standards of quality and safe business practices. 2 June 2008

Endoscopic probe can detect whether polyp in colon is benign
An endoscopic probe that can tell whether or not a cell living within the human body is veering towards cancer development may revolutionize how future colonoscopies are done, say researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. 2 June 2008

New endoscopic device improves detection of polyps in colon
A multi-institutional study has shown that a new device, the 'Third Eye Retroscope' developed by Avantis Medical Systems, improves the ability of physicians to visualize abnormalities in the colon. 2 June 2008

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