Quest Diagnostics collaborates with Google Health to provide diagnostic test results online

3 June 2008

Patients and doctors in the US have a new way to share diagnostic laboratory data online, thanks to a collaboration between Quest Diagnostics and Google.

More than 100,000 physicians in the US who use Quest Diagnostics' family of Care360 connectivity products will be able to securely provide diagnostic data with a brief explanation of test results to a patient's Google Health account. Google Health allows users to store, organize and manage their medical records and personal health information online.

The new product is expected to empower patients and physicians to collaborate more closely in making more well-informed healthcare decisions based on diagnostic information.

Quest Diagnostics Incorporated provides diagnostic testing, information and services, serving half of all physicians and hospitals in the US and analyzing test results for more than 500,000 patients every day.

"Diagnostic testing is the foundation of a patient's health record and a key driver of the healthcare decisions physicians make on behalf of their patients," said Stephen Suffin, MD, interim chief laboratory officer and corporate medical director, clinical pathology, Quest Diagnostics.

"Using Google Health, physicians will be able to more efficiently share important diagnostic data with their patients. As patients become better informed and proactive in managing their health care, they may be more likely to practice preventive care, adopt healthful behaviours and practice other measures that promote improved medical outcomes."

The collaboration will enable physicians who use Quest Diagnostics' Care360 patient-centric physician portal to securely transfer, at a patient's request, diagnostic data in a HIPAA-compliant format into the patient's protected Google Health Account. Using Google's secure technology platform, patients will be able to use their account to access current and historical diagnostic laboratory records that include brief electronic messages from their physicians about test results.

Quest Diagnostics and Google established their collaboration because the companies share the same vision of giving patients greater access to personal health information so they can make more informed decisions about their care. The companies first announced their collaboration in February 2008, when Google announced a pilot of Google Health with a large delivery system. The product is now publicly available to all US users.

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