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July 2008

Scottish study shows smoking ban reduces hospital admissions for heart attacks
NHS Health Scotland, the national health improvement agency, has found a 17% fall in admissions for heart attacks just one year after a national smoking ban came into force. 31 July 2008

Robotic magnetic levitation system for handling pathology lab samples
A robotic sample management system has been shown to carry out complex pathology sample transport operations rapidly and with a high level of reliability. It includes a new transport system based on magnetic levitation railway technologies, a new laboratory information system and a special selective analyser. 30 July 2008

Abbott invests further US$20M in Ibis Biosciences' biosensor platform
The investment will allow Ibis to further develop the Ibis T5000 Biosensor System, which offers a unique solution for rapid identification and characterization of infectious agents, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. 30 July 2008

Philips introduces HD15 ultrasound system for smaller healthcare facilities
The HD15 ultrasound system is a new platform designed to deliver an advanced level of image clarity for a broad range of applications for everyday use in small hospitals, clinics and private practices. 30 July 2008

Agfa and GE demonstrate interoperability of globally distributed PACS
CT scans were shared over the internet, at the UK Radiological Congress (UKRC) In Birmingham, between Agfa and GE PACS with interaction with systems in France and the US. 30 July 2008

NICE clarification boosts UK treatment options for prostate cancer
The UK's National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) has opened the way for National Health Service patients with prostate cancer to have continued access to cryotherapy, which was threatened by earlier NICE guidance published in February. 30 July 2008

Three Novalis Tx radiosurgery platforms ordered by Danish cancer hospital
Varian Medical Systems and BrainLAB AG have announced that one of Scandinavia’s leading cancer centres has ordered three Novalis Tx radiosurgery platforms which combine the most advanced technologies from both companies to offer superior non-invasive radiosurgery for patients. 30 July 2008

EKOS introduces sonic system for dissolving vascular blood clots
EKOS Corporation has launched the EkoSonic Endovascular System (EkoSonic ES) with rapid pulse modulation (RPM) for the dissolution of vascular blood clots. 30 July 2008

Osmetech receives FDA clearance for warfarin sensitivity test
Molecular diagnostics company Osmetech plc has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food & Drug Administration for its eSensor Warfarin sensitivity test to be used as an aid in the identification of patients at risk for increased sensitivity to the widely used blood-thinning drug, warfarin. 30 July 2008

Undiagnosed diabetes puts half a million lives at risk in UK
Health charity Diabetes UK has warned that more than half a million people in the UK may face a future of ill health because they have Type 2 diabetes but don't know it. 30 July 2008

Devlin launches infection-control keyboard in multiple languages
UK company Devlin has responded to growing demand in Europe for infection-control products with the launch of its CleanKey infection- control keyboard in six European languages. 30 July 2008

Agfa HealthCare appoints new head of IT division
Agfa HealthCare has appointed Dr Volker Wetekam as its new Executive Vice President for its global HealthCare IT division. He moves from Siemens Medical Solutions and will be responsible for Agfa's imaging informatics and enterprise IT business, which covers PACS, cardiovascular, hospital and clinical information systems. 30 July 2008

Light Sciences Oncology raises $40 million financing
The company has raised $40.1 million in a Series C round of financing and plans to use the funds in the continued development of Light Infusion Therapy technology. 30 July 2008

Asahi Intecc and MediGuide collaborate on guide-wire technology for cardiology
Asahi Intecc and MediGuide have signed a collaboration agreement for the development and marketing of an innovative guide wire (G-Wire) using an integrated, sub-millimetre magnetic tracking sensor for the interventional cardiology market. 30 July 2008

GE restructures business
GE has restructured its operations into four divisions from six, with healthcare now joined with Aviation, Transportation and Enterprise Solutions in the GE Technology Infrastructure 'segment'. 29 July 2008

Benefits of minimally invasive technology debated at UK parliamentary meeting
A cross section of members of parliament, clinicians and patient groups came together in London last week to debate the benefits of minimally invasive technology (MIT) at a parliamentary reception. 22 July 2008

Patient monitoring built in to dementia care home
Birch Abbey, a care home for dementia patients in the English seaside resort of Southport, is being rebuilt with a broad range of care services and features, including integrated patient monitoring technology. 22 July 2008

Philips launches affordable compact patient monitors for emerging markets
Philips has launched the SureSigns VM3 series of portable, compact patient monitors aimed at smaller clinics in developing countries. 22 July 2008

Northumbria Healthcare Trust takes ultrasound to Kilimanjaro Medical Centre
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, a group of ten hospitals in Northeast England, has taken a Siemens Acuson P10 ultrasound scanner to the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) in Tanzania to perform obstetric scanning during a healthcare link project. 17 July 2008

Rentschler focuses on biotechnology
Rentschler will invest another 14 million in the expansion of Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH at its Laupheim, Germany site and has sold Rentschler Pharma to to Riemser Arzneimittel. 17 July 2008

Agfa HealthCare integrates OrthoView into IMPAX
Agfa HealthCare and Southampton, UK based Meridian Technique Ltd have signed an agreement to integrate Meridian's orthopaedic digital planning solution, OrthoView, into Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX for Orthopaedics solution. 17 July 2008

Global action against neglected tropical diseases
The WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on Neglected Tropical Diseases (STAG-NTD) has released a report of its recommendations to the World Health Organization (WHO) on action to take over neglected tropical diseases resulting from its meeting in April. 16 July 2008

Progress in appendix removal through mouth
An appendectomy using endosurgical instruments passed through the mouth and then through the stomach wall, with closure of the stomach incision (the gastrotomy) from inside the stomach was demonstrated in a NOSCAR conference. 16 July

New cardiovascular score developed to improve heart attack and stroke detection
QRisk2 is an equation developed to help doctors identify those most at risk of developing CVD and for the first time, simultaneously takes into account extra risk from ethnicity, social deprivation and other clinical conditions such as family history of heart disease or diabetes. 16 July 2008

Varian ranked first in oncology IT vendors
Varian Medical Systems was ranked the leading supplier in its class in an independent study released by KLAS, a research firm that specialises in monitoring and reporting on the performance of healthcare vendors. 16 July 2008

BD gains EU approval for Clostridium difficile diagnostic test
BD Diagnostics has gained EU approval for its GeneOhm Cdiff molecular assay for the rapid diagnosis of patients with Clostridium difficile infection (CDI). The test combines high assay sensitivity with a rapid turnaround time of less than two hours. 16 July 2008

t+ Medical acquires Vivatec Ltd
Oxford-based telecare company t+ Medical has acquired preventative telecare supplier Vivatec Ltd. The purchase of Vivatec will allow t+ Medical to expand by offering an integrated patient monitoring solution covering medical devices, communication technology and nurse call centres. 16 July 2008

Positioning technology enables bronchoscopy to give 3D images of complex lung structures
A new type of bronchoscopy uses positioning technology to generate 3D images of the far reaches of complex lung structures. Called electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy, it is expected to help pulmonologists better diagnose lung cancer, pneumonia and various pulmonary infections. 15 July 2008

Allium Medical expands stent distribution in Europe
Allium Medical Group has signed exclusive distribution deals for both its ureteral and biliary stents with MenkeMed for the German and Austrian markets and Ecce Dutoit for the Belgian, Dutch and Luxemburgian (Benelux) markets. 14 July 2008

First installations of Draeger's new wireless patient-worn monitors
Draeger's new Infinity M300 patient monitor has been installed at major hospitals in the United States and Germany. It provides the performance of a full-size patient monitor, packaged in a compact patient-worn telemetry device. 14 July 2008

The in-home patient device of the Intel Health Guide systemIntel receives FDA clearance for personal health system
The Intel Health Guide combines an in-home patient device that has interactive tools for personalised care management and can integrate patient-monitoring devices, and an online interface allowing clinicians to monitor patients and remotely manage care. 14 July 2008

Vivacta gears up for pilot manufacture of piezofilm assays
Vivacta is gearing up for pilot manufacture of its highly sensitive, disposable piezofilm sensors for point of care (PoC) diagnostics by acquiring an extra 6,000 sq ft of space within its existing facility. 10 July 2008

Biotronik releases CRT pacemaker with advanced algorithm for RVsense triggering
The Stratos LV cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker incorporates RVsense Triggering which helps assure that resynchronization therapy is delivered continuously, and expanded wideband IEGM Snapshot memory. 10 July 2008

Report: Nanobiotechnology
The report starts with an introduction to various techniques and materials that are relevant to nanobiotechnology. It includes some of the physical forms of energy such as nanolasers. Some of the technologies are scaling down such as microfluidics to nanofluidic biochips and others are constructions from bottom up. Applications in life sciences research, particularly at the cell level sets the stage for the role of nanobiotechnology in healthcare in subsequent chapters. 9 July 2008

WHO launches checklist for safer surgery
The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a new safety checklist for surgical teams to use in operating theatres, as part of a major drive to make surgery safer around the world. 7 July 2008

Honda walking assist device tested in rehabilitation training
The compatibility and effectiveness of the device will be evaluated during rehabilitation training at Kasumigaseki-Minami Hospital, Japan to help people relearn to walk safely and efficiently. 7 July 2008

SPO Medical launches pulse oximetry system with European language support
SPO Medical has released its PulseOx 7500 pulse oximetry system with support for a graphical user interface and report generation in multiple languages, including French, Italian, German and Spanish (FIGS) along with English. 7 July 2008

First data from study of occipital nerve stimulation to control chronic migraine
Data from a multi-centre study using neurostimulation of the occipital nerves as a potential approach to treating medically refractory chronic migraines was presented at the annual scientific meeting of the American Headache Society (AHS) in June. 7 July 2008

TB Alliance and Novartis collaborate to develop new drugs to fight TB
The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (TB Alliance) and the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD) will collaborate to develop new medicines for TB, including drug-resistant strains and faster TB drug regimens that treat all forms of TB, are easier for patients to complete, and can be used safely in patients with HIV/AIDS. 7 July 2008

Self-powered sensor for monitoring injured knees
A sensor that can monitor progress during knee operations and generates power from body movement has been developed by a researcher at Southampton University. 5 July 2008

Colonoscopies to check for bowel cancer under used in Germany
Under 2% of persons aged over 55 in Germany use colonoscopies for early detection of cancer, even though the statutory health insurance funds have covered the costs since 2002. 5 July 2008

Damaged muscle regenerated by protien cdk9-55
A new understanding of the role played by the protein cdk9-55 in muscle regeneration and differentiation may lead to novel therapies to rebuild muscle tissue damaged by disease, injury and aging. 5 July 2008

Minimally invasive prostate cancer treatments underused in US and Europe
A survey by Millennium Research Group (MRG) of over 140 US and European-based urologists suggests that several minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment options are underused in both the US and Europe. 4 July 2008

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