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September 2008

SCM Microsystems' ehealth terminal approved for German eHealth card program
SCM Microsystems, Inc. has announced that its ehealth200 BCS terminal has been approved by the gematik, the German healthcare organization overseeing the implementation of Germany's ehealth card program. 29 September 2008

First successful use of Sorin's new pediatric oxygenator and arterial filter
The Sorin Group has announced the first successful uses in the US of its newest pediatric devices for cardiovascular surgery at the Children’s Medical Center Dallas. 29 September 2008 Italiano

Demand for urinary incontinence devices in Europe growing due to patient demand
The European urinary incontinence market is facing challenges such as lack of sufficient clinical safety studies and price pressures due to intense competition. However, rising awareness among the target patient population and the introduction of innovative devices and techniques are sustaining market expansion. 29 September 2008

BSI launches new fast track program for medical device CE marking
Quality management systems registrar BSI has launched a new fast track program, called CE-45, that expedites the review process in which most reviews are completed in 45 working days for medical devices headed to the European markets. 29 September 2008

Gifu Castle JapanInternational Diabetes Federation launches diabetes awareness campaign
The International Diabetes Federation is calling on groups and individuals worldwide to get involved in activities to raise awareness of diabetes leading up to World Diabetes Day on November 14. The theme for this year’s campaign is “Diabetes in Children and Adolescents.” 29 September 2008
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Philips in partnership with University of Urbino to develop magnetic nanoparticle contrast agents for blood cells
Philips Research and the University of Urbino (Urbino, Italy) have signed a research agreement to study the encapsulation of magnetic nanoparticle contrast agents inside living blood cells to prolong the retention time of these agents in the blood. 29 September 2008

First Bernhard Dräger Award for advanced treatment of acute respiratory failure
The Award winner is Dr Hermann Heinze, from Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital for a project to study improving respiration therapy using non-invasive monitoring. 29 September 2008

Cerus and German Red Cross collaborate in red blood cell system development
The German Red Cross in the Baden-Württemberg–Hessen region of Germany will provide expertise and personnel towards system development and regulatory approval for Cerus' Intercept blood system for red blood cells in exchange for royalties on sales. 28 September 2008

GE Healthcare gains FDA approval for diagnostic imaging agent for detecting neuroendocrine tumours
GE Healthcare's AdreView is a molecular imaging agent that provides high quality images that allow physicians to detect tumours, both at the time of initial diagnosis and at later examinations when relapse or recurrence is suspected. 28 September 2008

Gyrus ACMI launches lightweight digital nephroscope
Gyrus ACMI, a subsidiary of Olympus, has launched the Smith Digital Percutaneous Nephroscope which features an ultra-miniature 1 mm CMOS imaging sensor. 28 September 2008

Parachute accident victim implanted with mini neurostimulator to treat chronic pain
St Jude Medical has announced the first patient implant of its Eon Mini neurostimulator. Weighing just 29 gms it is designed to treat chronic pain of the trunk or limbs and pain from failed back surgery. 27 September 2008

Likvor announces instrument to treat normal pressure hydrocephalus
Swedish startup company Likvor AB has announced a new instrument that can measure the pressure, flow and conductance of cerebro spinal fluid (CSF). It facilitates more accurate diagnosis of idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus. 27 September 2008

Salient Surgical Technologies launches flexible electronic surgical sealing device
Salient Surgical Technologies, Inc. has introduced the Aquamantys malleable bipolar sealer with light, which uses radiofrequency energy to seal wounds and significantly reduce bleeding in hard-to-reach anatomy during joint-replacement surgery. 27 September 2008

Report: Medical Nanotechnology Markets
Nanotechnology has reached critical mass. Nowhere is this more evident than in medicine. Rising medical costs, demands for less-invasive procedures and pressures for immediate feedback of medical conditions, all point to nanotechnology as offering a new approach in healthcare. According to US National Science Foundation estimates, by 2015 the annual global market for nano-related goods and services will top $1 trillion, thus making it one of the fastest-growing industries in history. Read more ...

Enigma Diagnostics awarded £1.8 million to develop rapid DNA test for infectious diseases
Enigma Diagnostics will develop a 'gold-standard' portable, rapid, automated DNA analysis (PRADA) molecular test system for the diagnosis of infectious diseases in decentralised and point-of-care settings such as GP surgeries. 23 September

RapidArc image-guided radiotherapy treating tumours of the head and neck
Cancer treatment centres in the United States and the Netherlands are now treating head and neck cancer using RapidArc radiotherapy technology from Varian Medical Systems. 23 September 2008

Cranfield University to develop drug-delivery monitor for critical care
Cranfield University and Sphere Medical Holding PLC are to receive an investment of £322,000 from the UK Technology Strategy Board to develop a novel drug sensor which will improve the care of critically ill patients by ‘personalising’ their medication. 23 September 2008

UK technology board invests £15m in medical device and telecare R&D
The UK Technology Strategy Board has awarded grants of £5 million for nine projects to research and develop telecare products and a further £10 million for 22 projects developing new medical devices. The projects will bring together the best UK expertise from industry, the health and care professions and universities. 23 September 2008

Computer modelling provides breakthrough in psoriasis management
LEO Pharma has unveiled a ground-breaking computer-modelling tool designed to help those involved in the assessment, planning and provision of psoriasis treatment in primary care to balance optimum outcomes with the growing need for cost control. 23 September 2008

Online health record of limited use for diabetic patients
An online personal health record system that allowed people with diabetes to check their lab results and get guidance about medication proved to be of only limited use in improving their health outcomes, according to a new American study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. 23 September 2008

Picis launches critical care information system
Picis has launched eView for Critical Care Manager, part of the company's CareSuite family of software for intensive care units. The new product is designed to consolidate clinical information for the entire intensive care unit (ICU) patient census and present it in a concise, web-based view to help clinicians identify patients requiring attention. 23 September 2008

New technology for manufacturing radioisotopes for cancer diagnostic imaging
Newly-developed technology at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands could prevent global shortages of radio isotopes for cancer diagnosis. 18 September 2008

Informing patients of the advantages of  interventional radiology and minimally invasive surgery
The Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) ran a Patient Awareness Programme at its annual meeting this week to bridge the gap between the potential of interventional radiology and patients' knowledge of it. 18 September 2008 Deutsch Francais

SunTech Medical blood pressure monitor chosen by GE for cardiac stress ECG systems
GE Healthcare will offer the SunTech Tango+ blood pressure monitor with its CASE cardiac assessment system for exercise testing and CardioSoft exercise stress testing. 18 September 2008 Deutsch Espanol Francais Italiano

Cryopreservation can restore fertility for women cancer victims Advances in cryopreservation are increasing hope of restoring fertility for women after diseases such as ovarian cancer that lead to destruction of reproductive tissue. 18 September 2008

War against malaria in the tropics failed partly due to poor advice
The war against malaria in tropical countries was fought and lost in the 20th Century on the basis of faulty intelligence, a ‘dodgy dossier’ which argued that the same methods used to tackle the disease in temperate countries would also work in the tropics. 18 September 2008

NuGEN and Hamilton increase sample throughput for gene expression analysis
NuGEN Technologies, Inc. and the Hamilton Company have assembled an automated, total target preparation solution that increases the throughput in processing large sets of clinical samples for global gene expression analysis. 18 September 2008

RapidArc radiotherapy technology now treating tumours of the head and neck
Doctors at cancer treatment centres in the United States and the Netherlands are now treating head and neck cancer using RapidArc radiotherapy technology from Varian Medical Systems. 17 September 2008

Sigma-Aldrich launches breakthrough genome-editing tools
Sigma-Aldrich has launched its CompoZr platform of zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) reagents. The reagents are expected to provide researchers with the ability to target and precisely manipulate the genome of living cells, resulting in cell lines or whole organisms with defined gene deletions, insertions, or corrections. 17 September 2008

Merck Serono and Ablynx in agreement to research and develop nanobodies
Merck Serono, a division of Merck KGaA, has entered into an agreement with Ablynx, to co-discover and co-develop Nanobodies against two targets in oncology and immunology. 17 September 2008

Agendia and Ferrer in sales agreement for cancer diagnostic services in European markets
Agendia BV and Ferrer inCode have announced an agreement that will give Ferrer exclusive rights to sell two of Agendia's signature cancer diagnostic services in Germany, France, Italy, and Portugal. 17 September 2008

Genetic testing can help predict treatment response in colorectal cancer
Genetic testing can identify a group of patients with advanced colorectal cancer who are likely to survive on average twice as long if treated with the drug cetuximab, new results have shown. 17 September 2008

Brain scans show optimal times for multitasking
Multitasking has become an increasingly necessary part of our daily lives, but it is a notoriously inefficient way of working. However, a new brain imaging study finds that there are optimal times when we are better suited to multitask. 17 September 2008

UK medical technology industry body announces new chief executive
The Executive of the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) has announced the appointment of Peter Ellingworth as its new Chief Executive. He replaces John Wilkinson, who left to take over as Director General of EUCOMED earlier this year. 12 September 2008

US National Cancer Institute signs up to Thomson Reuters'BIOMARKERcenter.
The National Cancer Institute's Developmental Therapeutics program and the associated Biomarker Program will integrate BIOMARKERcenter into its programme to investigate novel chemical and biological agents for their potential to improve cancer therapeutics. 12 September 2008 Francais Español

Fairway Medical Technologies wins US Navy contract to develop battlefield blood-borne pathogen detector
Fairway Medical Technologies has received a $900,000 contract from the US Department of the Navy to apply its pulsed laser optoacoustic technology to the real-time detection of blood borne pathogens and biological warfare agents under battlefield conditions. 12 September 2008

Report: Molecular Diagnostics. Technologies, Markets and Companies
This best-selling report
describes and evaluates the molecular diagnostics technologies that will play an important role in practice of medicine, public health, pharmaceutical industry, forensics and biological warfare in the 21st century. Aimed at chief executives and chief development officers, it is the most comprehensive and up-to-date one-stop source of information on technical and commercial aspects of molecular diagnostics. It includes profiles of 250 companies more ...

Report: Top 20 cancer therapy brands
Cancer therapy brand sales totalled over $30 billion in the seven major markets in 2007, growing by 20.1% since 2006. The high growth of this market makes it attractive to companies keen to emulate the blockbuster status achieved by several brands. However, with several impending patent expiries due, companies will need to work hard to maximize their return throughout the lifecycle of their brands. more ... 9 September 2008

Report: Antidiabetics — switching to new antidiabetics drives market growth
Datamonitor expects the antidiabetics market in the seven major markets is expected to grow from $18 billion in 2007 to $29 billion in 2017 at a rate of 5% CAGR. Significant unmet needs remain in diabetes fuelling a large pipeline. The epidemiological growth of the market, driven by the obesity epidemic and improved diagnosis rates, is further driving the market. 9 September 2008

The Heart Guard cardiographEarly warning system for cardiac patients
Latvian company Integris Ltd, has developed an inexpensive, real-time heart activity monitor for personal use. The device is small enough to be worn continuously and can monitor both heart activity and the patient's physical activity and alerts the patient of abnormalities. 9 September 2008

Data analysis methods for classification of patient samples shown to be worthless
Computer-based methods that have been used for 25 years for classifying patient samples are worthless, according to researchers at Uppsala University, Sweden. 9 September 2008

A fluorescent drug (in red) binding to an adenosine receptor on the surface of living cellsLaser fluorescence technology highlights cell surface protein receptors in real time
Researchers at The University of Nottingham have developed laser fluorescence technology that enables observation of protein activity on living cell surfaces for the first time. 9 September 2008

Protein microchip breakthrough could lead to rapid detection of diseases and drug discovery
A new method for attaching active proteins to biological microchips that could lead to rapid detection of disease and identification of new drugs has been developed by Scientists at the University of Manchester. 8 September 2008

Urinary abnormality successfully treated with robot-assisted surgery
Robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery has been successfully used to repair abnormal openings between the bladder and vagina known as fistulas, it is reported in the online version of the Journal of Urology. 8 September 2008

Diagnostic imaging tests across Europe disrupted by isotope shortage
The closure of three European nuclear reactors producing medical isotopes is causing a worldwide shortage of the isotopes and limiting European hospitals to between 20% and 40% of their usual nuclear medicine activities, the European Association of Nuclear Medicine has warned. 8 September 2008 *corrected*

Variant of mad cow disease may be transmitted by blood transfusions The risk of transmitting bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, commonly known as 'mad cow disease') by blood transfusion is surprisingly high, according to a nine-year study in sheep conducted at the University of Edinburgh. 6 September 2008

New guidance on insulin pumps gives UK school kids with diabetes freedom from injections
New UK guidance on the use of insulin pump therapy from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) looks set to revolutionise the way children manage their diabetes in the country. 6 September 2008

Medicsight's colonography analysis software receives Brazilian regulatory approval
Medicsight PLC, the London-based developer of computer-aided detection and medical image analysis software has received approval from the Brazilian regulatory agency, Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria (ANVISA), for its ColonCAD software. 3 September 2008

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