First successful use of Sorin's new pediatric oxygenator and arterial filter

29 September 2008

The Sorin Group (MIL:SRN) has announced the first successful uses in the US of its newest pediatric devices for cardiovascular surgery. The Dideco KIDS D101 Paediatric Oxygenator and the Dideco KIDS D131 Pediatric Arterial Filter have now been successfully used by Children’s Medical Center Dallas during dozens of cardiac surgery procedures for pediatrics.

The Dideco KIDS D101 oxygenator provides pediatric patients with a dedicated artificial lung for short-term use during surgery. Designed to minimize hemodilution and reduce foreign surface area exposure, the D101 is specially proportioned to the pediatric patient. Its low surface area results in a more balanced oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer, and the innovative D101 design has the low priming volume of 87 mls while addressing the cardiopulmonary bypass needs of pediatric patients.

“With this new addition, our pediatric family of perfusion systems is optimized for an extremely large range of patients, delivering unprecedented clinical flexibility for perfusionists and improved safety for their patients,” said Michel Darnaud, President, Cardiopulmonary Business Unit and Intercontinental, Sorin Group.

Ronald Gorney, PA-C, CCP, the chief perfusionist at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, used the D101 in the open-heart, modified Fontan operation. Gorney and the surgical team were the first in the nation to use the Dideco D101 oxygenator. “The Dideco oxygenator is advanced in its ability to keep the patient alive by replacing lung function,” he said. “Because the device is specific to the pediatric patient, it is an ideal component to cardiovascular surgery for children.”

One of every 100 babies in the US is born with a heart defect. Many die in infancy. But with advances in cardiac technology and life-saving devices like the Dideco D101 and D131, young patients with heart defects have a very hopeful future.

The Dideco KIDS D131 Pediatric Arterial Filter is designed to remove potentially harmful gaseous emboli, aggregated blood constituents and particulate debris greater than 40 microns from the arterial line. Gorney recently used the D131 on a patient weighing 19.4 kg. “Because their size is matched to the patient, incorporating the D101 and D131 in a recent atrial septal defect surgery provided an alternative to a blood transfusion”, Gorney said. “It is often requested that the operating physician avoid blood transfusions, and using devices designed specifically for pediatric patients makes it possible”, he continued.

The Sorin Group’s family of FDA-cleared pediatric oxygenators and arterial filters help physicians and surgical teams realize a better solution in cardiac surgery for children.

The Dideco KIDS D101 Pediatric Oxygenator and the Dideco KIDS D131 Pediatric Arterial Filter is distributed in the United States by Sorin Group USA, Inc.

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