Gyrus ACMI launches lightweight digital nephroscope

28 September 2008

Gyrus ACMI, a subsidiary of Olympus, has launched the Smith Digital Percutaneous Nephroscope which features an ultra-miniature 1 mm CMOS imaging sensor.

The fully integrated distal CMOS imaging sensor and dual LED illumination eliminate the need for bulky external video accessories and allow for one simple connection for true 'plug & play' digital technology. By decreasing the number of components and associated maintenance costs, the Smith Digital Nephroscope can reduce the cost of ownership.

Integrated digital technology makes the Smith Digital Nephroscope much lighter ,at 470g, than traditional fibre optic percutaneous nephroscopes, which can be as heavy as 935 g. During a long procedure, the lighter weight design makes a considerable difference in surgeon fatigue in comparison with standard endoscopes. The ergonomic handle facilitates handling with the non-dominant hand while using the dominant hand for instrument manipulation.

“Olympus' expertise and deep knowledge of opto-digital technology, which will now be available in Gyrus ACMI products as a result of our recent acquisition, will position us to apply our expanded portfolio of digital video endoscopy technology across the ever-advancing field of urology,” said Mark Gumz, President and Chief Executive Officer, Olympus Corporation of the Americas.

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