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November 2008


Draeger DrugTest 5000 rapidly detects addictive drugs from saliva
The Dräger DrugTest 5000 can detect up to six different drug classes from samples of saliva within minutes. The system is compact, simple and hygienic to use. It also has data management capabilities to ensure sample documentation is easy to create. 26 November 20008

Staffordshire hospital modernises radiotherapy department with Varian RapidArc linear accelerator
Cancer patients will receive faster, more advanced cancer treatments as part of a major project to modernize the University Hospital radiotherapy department serving North Staffordshire in central England. 26 November 2008

Dickson launches recorder for independent monitoring of ultra-low freezers
Dickson has launched an Ultra-Low Recorder for validating freezer temperatures for storage of essential materials with critical requirements for ultra-low temperatures. 26 November 2008

Toshiba develops novel biosensor array with individually coded microparticles
Cambridge Research Laboratory of Toshiba Research Europe Ltd has developed a novel, label-free biosensor platform that is expected to significantly shorten the time taken to screen molecules for biomedical applications, saving days or even weeks of research time. 26 November 2008

Philips announces breakthrough in point-of-care testing using nanotechnology
Philips’ new Magnotech technology uses magnetic nanoparticles to measure target molecules. The ease of use and accuracy of this new technology could speed up the diagnosis of life-threatening diseases and bring complex in-vitro diagnostic tests out of the laboratory to the patient’s bedside and at home. 25 November 2008

Philips acquires Indian x-ray manufacturer in further expansion in emerging markets
This deal follows recent healthcare technology acquisitions in India, China and Brazil. 24 November 2008

Marillion Pharmaceuticals licenses Bracco Imaging's novel targetted prostate and breast cancer treatments
Bracco’s treatment for hormone-resistant prostate and advanced (metastatic) breast cancers has unique targeting capability that enables it to home in on tumour cells and spare normal tissues.  24 November 2008

Clinical Data launches genetic test for arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy
The company also announced plans to make its databases of genetic mutations associated with inherited cardiac conditions, such as ARVC, available to the public. 24 November 2008

PerkinElmer realigns business to focus on human and environmental health
PerkinElmer’s Human Health Business will be based on developing diagnostics, tools and applications to fight illness, provide better medical insight and more rapidly create critical new therapies. It will include the company’s Genetic Screening, Bio-discovery and Medical Imaging operating units. 24 November 2008

ArQule and Daiichi-Sankyo in strategic partnership to develop novel anti-cancer compounds. 24 November 2008

Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry uses MathWorks parallel computing tools for cancer research
The Institute studies the relationship between the structure and activity of macromolecular protein complexes, which requires processing of vast amounts of data. 24 November 2008

Evonik industries licenses ERGO genomics platform for production of specialty chemicals from microbial genomes. 24 November 2008

Neurostimulation provides sustained leg pain relief and improved quality of life
New data from a study published in the journal Neurosurgery show that spinal cord stimulation (neurostimulation therapy) provides sustained, significant improvement in otherwise intractable, chronic leg pain, quality of life and functional capacity out to 24 months of therapy. 20 November 2008

Illumina launches the HumanCytoSNP-12 BeadChip to screen for genetic abnormalities
The HumanCytoSNP-12 BeadChip contains nearly 300,000 genetic markers per sample that target all known cytogenetic abnormalities found in genes and disease pathways linked to mental retardation, autism, and other common chromosome anomalies. 20 November 2008

Houston doctor launches online auction for teleradiology services
Telerays is a web-based auction approach to contracting out teleradiology services where facilities that need radiology interpretation services put the work up for bid to be awarded to the lowest bidder. 20 November 2008

Canadian Supreme Court upholds selection patents
The Canadian Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to uphold selection patents earlier this month helps keep the biotechnology sector competitive as it seeks international investment during these difficult economic times, says BIOTECanada, an intervener in the case. 20 November 2008

Invitrogen launches microarray to study non-coding RNA
Invitrogen's NCode Human and Mouse non-coding RNA microarrays consist of both non-coding RNA and messenger RNA (mRNA) content on the same array. Non-coding RNA represents a new frontier of molecular genetic, molecular biological, physiological and cell biological research. 20 November 2008

Cabernet Pharmaceuticals and Lilly in alliance to develop patient-tailored therapeutic drugs. 20 November 2008

Developer of revolutionary non-invasive blood glucose monitor relocates to UK
US company Sensys Medical, the developer of  groundbreaking non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology, has announced that it is relocating its world headquarters to the UK. The technology is set to revolutionise the way in which diabetics monitor and manage their condition. 20 November 2008

Violent video games have physiological effects on teenage boys
Swedish Researchers studying heart rate and other parameters in boys playing video games found heart rate variability was affected to a higher degree when the boys were playing games focusing on violence. 18 November 2008

Portuguese scientists discover new mechanism regulating formation of blood vessels
This finding has implications for wound healing including chronic wounds, such as those found in diabetic patients and those suffering from morbid obesity. 18 November 2008

Celgene Cellular Therapeutics receives FDA clearance for first placenta-derived stem cell clinical study
Celgene Cellular Therapeutics has received US FDA clearance for a clinical trial using PDA001, an immunomodulatory therapy utilizing human placenta-derived stem cells obtained via CCT’s proprietary processes. A multi-centre clinical trial will begin with a group of with Crohn’s disease patients. 18 November 2008

First demonstration of telomerase activator enhancing antiviral function of immune cells in HIV patients
Geron Corporation has announced the publication of preclinical data on TAT2, a small molecule telomerase activator. The studies show that human CD8+ T-cells from HIV-infected donors exposed to TAT2 exhibited increased telomerase activity, resulting in retardation of telomere shortening, an increase in T-cell proliferation, and enhancement of critical antiviral functions against HIV-1. 18 November 2008

Ingen Technologies signs distribution agreement for oxygen flow meters in Saudi Arabia
Ingen Technologies, Inc. has signed a three-year exclusive distribution agreement with Batterjee Medical Services to distribute its Oxyview and OxyAlert respiratory assist products within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 18 November 2008

Global Therapeutics initiates trial of stent with RNA therapeutic agent to prevent artery closure
Global Therapeutics has announced initiation of the world’s first clinical trial of a drug eluting stent that uses an antisense RNA therapeutics agent aimed at silencing one of the genes (c-myc) responsible for causing arteries to reclose after stenting (restenosis). 18 November 2008

Rediscovered Everest breathing device leads to breakthrough in care of COPD patients
The new technology is based on a closed-circuit oxygen device invented over 50 years ago by the British rocket scientist Tom Bourdillon, who hoped that it would help him become to first person to climb to the top of Mount Everest. 13 November 2008

Blue-enriched light improves general health of office workers
Research carried out at the Surrey Sleep Centre at the University of Surrey in partnership with Philips Lighting has revealed that changing traditional white-light lighting to blue-enriched white light had positive effects on the work, fatigue, alertness and sleep of office workers. 12 November

Illumina announces breakthrough human genome sequencing studies
Illumina (NASDAQ: ILMN) has announced the sequencing results of the first Yoruban human genome. The study, published in the 6 November 2008 issue of Nature was completed by Illumina scientists and collaborators at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and generated greater than 30x average coverage of the genome. 12 November 2008

The Honda walkin-assist deviceHonda unveils walking-assist device with body support
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has unveiled its second experimental walking assist device that helps support bodyweight to reduce the load on an individual's legs while walking, going up and down stairs, and in a semi-crouching position. 12 November 2008

BioReliance introduces new protein array platform
BioReliance has introduced a new protein-array platform that offers greater sensitivity, reduced testing time and reliable results. The platform, brand-named ReliArray, can simultaneously screen for four non-human pathogens in animal serum. 12 November 2008

Signature Genomic Laboratories makes Genoglyphix microarray visualization program available to full-service clients. 12 November 2008

Nanogen partners with Menarini to market molecular diagnostic kits in Europe
Under the agreement, Menarini will commercialize CE marked IVD infectious disease kits based on Nanogen’s proprietary MGB technology. 12 November 2008

Masimo launches first non-adhesive pulse oximetry sensor for extremely low birth weight babies
Masimo's new SofTouch disposable pulse oximetry sensor is designed  for the fragile skin and size of extremely low birth weight infants  (<500 grams-1,000 grams). 12 November 2008

UK Royal Commission calls for more safety measures for nanotechnology materials
A new report by the UK's Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP) says that there is an urgent need for more testing, extending existing governance arrangements and creating new arrangements to control the development of nanomaterials. 12 November 2008

Statin drugs reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease
A long-term study in the Netherlands has found that older men and women who took statin drugs had a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The study was part of the Rotterdam Study, a long-term prospective study of factors that determine the occurrence of common diseases of the elderly, such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. 12 November 2008

New route for development of a malaria vaccine
Researchers from Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, the Netherlands and LUMC, Leiden, the Netherlands have discovered a potential new route for genetically modifying the malaria parasite and developing a new malaria vaccine. 12 November 2008

New chemical key could unlock hundreds of new antibiotics
Researchers at The University of Warwick and the John Innes Centre, UK, have found a novel signalling molecule that could be a key that will open up hundreds of new antibiotics, unlocking them from the DNA of the Streptomyces family of bacteria. 12 November 2008

New genetic test for baldness launched by HairDX
PharmaGenoma, Inc. and its subsidiary HairDX, LLC have unveiled the next generation of its genetic screening test for male pattern baldness, which can tell a man who tests positive for the high risk genetic variant that he has approximately a 70% chance of going bald. 12 November 2008

Health Robotics announces contract for its CytoCare and IV Station robots with Arabian Health Care Supply Corporation
Italian company Health-Robotics has signed an exclusive 5-year strategic partnership with Arabian Health Care Supply Corporation (AHCSC-OLAYAN), the leading medical device provider within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

New technologies and ehealth will add $1.4 Billion to US diabetic care market
New technology-enabled monitoring solutions and services will reshape the diabetic care market and earn $1.4 billion in product and service revenues by 2013, according to a new report from Parks Associates. 11 November 2008

Healthy bones program reduces hip fractures by 37%
Proactive measures can reduce hip fracture rates by an average of 37.2% — and as much as 50% — among those at risk, according to a study conducted by Kaiser Permanente Southern California. 10 November 2008

Philips introduces advanced light therapy device to avoid winter blues
Royal Philips Electronics has introduced the goLITE BLU, a new therapy light designed as a safe, effective solution to help beat the effects of short winter daylight, which may include lethargy, lowered mood, problems sleeping, carbohydrate cravings and weight gain. 10 November 2008

CNSystems receives FDA approval for CNAP blood pressure monitor
Austrian company CNSystems Medizintechnik AG, has received US FDA approval to market its CNAP non-invasive and continuous blood pressure monitor 500 in the United States. 10 November 2008

Kinaxo and Boehringer Ingelheim to collaborate in drug discovery
Kinaxo Biotechnologies GmbH, a spin-off of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, has entered into a two-year collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim to study drug mode of action and target identification. 9 November 2008

Musgrove Hospital extends cardiac procedures with new imaging system
Musgrove Hospital in Southwest England has installed a floor-mounted AXIOM Artis zee interventional cardiac imaging system from Siemens for coronary angiography, angioplasty and cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT). 9 November 2008

Radiometer adds NT-proBNP and Troponin T to its cardiovascular point-of-care portfolio
Radiometer has added assays for NT-proBNP and Troponin T to the panel of cardiovascular markers that can be assessed at the point of care using its new AQT90 FLEX POC immunoassay platform. 9 November 2008

Leica releases first inverted routine microscope with LED light source
Leica has released a new microscope, the DM IL LED, the first inverted routine microscope to combine high quality Leica HC optics with state-of-the-art LED illumination. 9 November 2008

UK leads worldwide sales of Siemens Ysio digital radiography system
The Siemens Ysio product team in the UK has achieved the highest number of sales worldwide of the new digital radiography (DR) system with wireless detector. 9 November 2008

People with chronic diseases are often unaware of their health status
A screening of 65,000 people across the US showed that many people, despite knowing that they have a chronic disease, such as diabetes or asthma, may not understand the extent or seriousness of their health problems. 5 November 2008

Elsevier expands eclinical solutions in Europe
Elsevier is increasing its efforts to provide interactive clinical reference and clinical decision support (CDS) tools to new markets in Europe. It has launched DoctorConsult — the German language version of MD Consult. 5 November 2008

Nonin Medical showcases first pulse oximeter pre-certified by Continua Health Alliance
Meeting Continua's guidelines for medical devices enables simple 'plug and play' integration, resulting in streamlined communications to help consumers and healthcare providers better manage personal health and wellness. 5 November 2008

Time magazine recognizes Touch Bionics' i-Limb hand as a 2008 top invention
The i-Limb Hand developed by Scottish company Touch Bionics has been recognized by Time Magazine as one of the Top 50 inventions of 2008. 5 November 2008

Alzheimer Research Forum releases overview of Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
The Alzheimer Research Forum (Alzforum), an authoritative Web resource, is releasing a six-part series on the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI), the largest study ever to fill a central knowledge gap in the Alzheimer disease field. 2 November 2008

First minimally invasive hernia repair through vagina
Surgeons at the University of California (UC) San Diego Medical Center have performed what is believed to be the world’s first hernia repair using the vagina as the path to the surgical site. 2 November 2008

Sectra and DIPS co-operate to provide IT systems for Norwegian hospitals. 1 November 2008

Médecins Sans Frontières prevented from treating refugees in Italy
Médecins Sans Frontières medical teams have been forced to stop providing medical care to refugees at the harbour of the Italian island of Lampedusa after the Italian Interior Ministry refused to sign a new Memorandum of Understanding. 1 November 2008

Welch Allyn and ZOLL Medical Corporation announce strategic alliance. 1 Nov 2008

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