Ingen Technologies signs distribution agreement for oxygen flow meters in Saudi Arabia

November 2008

Ingen Technologies, Inc. has signed a three-year exclusive distribution agreement with Batterjee Medical Services to distribute its Oxyview and OxyAlert respiratory assist products within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The first 500 Oxyview units were delivered on October 30, 2008, and another 50,000 units are expected in December 2008. Mr. Scott Sand, Chief Executive, said, “The annualized sales estimates from this Agreement could represent as much as $7 to $12 million in new sales and represents a major push into the respiratory market estimated at $4 billion.”

Batterjee Medical Services is a part of the AM Batterjee Group of companies, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The company is affiliated with the family-owned chain of hospitals throughout the Middle East, a private medical University, and services and products throughout Saudi Arabia and the GCC. There are 386 Hospitals in Saudi Arabia serving a population of more than 23 million people.

There is  a well financed social healthcare environment in the country. All Saudi Arabians receive healthcare insurance. With a total combined population of more than 80 million people in the gulf region, hundreds of hospitals and a need to modernize the medical product inventory, the AM Batterjee Group has committed to selling Oxyview and OxyAlert into a very modernized healthcare delivery system.

Chronic respiratory diseases represent a public health challenge in both industrialized and developing countries. According to recent studies performed in Saudi Arabia, COPD was found to be the second leading cause of hospitalizations (17.2%) among patients with respiratory disorders. Men are twice affected as women and the age group mostly involved is 46-65 years.

“Ingen Technologies is now starting to gain some momentum with its respiratory product line. We are very close to finalizing several other export possibilities in Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. We will make these announcements when the contracts are final,” stated Thomas Neavitt, CFO.

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