CNSystems receives FDA approval for CNAP blood pressure monitor

10 November 2008

Austrian company CNSystems Medizintechnik AG, has received US FDA approval to market its CNAP Monitor 500 in the United States.

The CNAP Monitor 500 measures non-invasive and continuous blood pressure in real-time and can predict responsiveness to fluid administration.

In the perioperative setting, detecting blood pressure drops and their cause in time is crucial for peri- and postoperative outcome. However, until recently only invasive methods provided quality information to the clinician.

CNSystems says that CNAP provides reliable blood pressure monitoring comparable to invasive techniques and adds valuable information about fluid responsiveness of the patient non-invasively. This allows spreading the highest level of blood pressure monitoring to all perioperative settings where close blood pressure monitoring is indicated, but the risk and discomfort of invasive measurement is not justified.

“CNAP has been very well received amongst Europe’s anesthesiologists in only a short time,” commented Dr Juergen Fortin, CEO of CNSystems, “and we are confident that the same will be true in the USA where the perioperative market for continuous non-invasive blood pressure control is even more promising, with an estimated sales potential of €150 million per year (approx. $190 million pa).”

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